Nashville Nightmare Wins Best Haunted Attraction!


Haunted Overload, Hobb's Grove, Dark Hour Haunted House and Factory Of Terror also winners

Halloween means costumes, horror movies, haunted houses, and a celebration of all things scary. 'Tis the season for terror, and 10Best set out on a mission to find the best haunted attractions in the U.S.

  • Nashville Nightmare

    Nashville Nightmare stages four haunted houses inside it's 50,000 square foot facility: Night Terrors, Horror High, Fairy Tale Hell and Industrial Undead. The acting and costume quality are both top notch, and the haunts engage all the senses – including the sense of smell – to frighten.
    Photo courtesy of Nashville Nightmare

  • Haunted Overload
    Lee, N.H.

    Haunted Overload in New Hampshire does an excellent job of providing various levels of scares, so everyone can enjoy. Their Day Haunt allows visitors to walk through the actor-free environments in the light of day – perfect for younger children. Fright Night Lite offers the chance to enjoy all the special effects at night, but without monsters. They pull out all the stops for Haunted Overload, a fully immersive (and terrifying) haunted trail through the New England woods.
    Photo courtesy of Haunted Overload

  • Hobb's Grove
    Sanger, Calif.

    Thrill seekers at Hobb's Grove have their choice of three scare zones: The Forest, a winding trail through the darkness; The House, filled with sinister specters and other unruly occupants; and The Hayride, a scary and fun ride through the night. An old-time midway offers a safe zone of sorts, equipped with fire pits, entertainment and concessions.
    Photo courtesy of Hobb's Grove

  • Dark Hour Haunted House
    Plano, Texas

    A relative newcomer to the scene, having debuted in 2013, Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, Texas uses Broadway-worthy sets, professional actors and technology to deliver serious scares. This haunt offers 30,000 square feet for visitors to explore, beginning in the cemetery of Coven Manor and continuing into the decaying estate itself.
    Photo courtesy of Laura Kilpatrick / Dark Hour Haunted House

  • Factory Of Terror
    Canton, Ohio

    Canton's Factory of Terror has thrice won the Guinness World Record for Longest Indoor Haunted Attraction. This year, the haunt offers 150,000 square feet of fright, with five full attractions measuring over a mile in length. In addition to the five scare zones, visitors can choose from six escape rooms
    Photo courtesy of Factory Of Terror

  • The Shallow Grave
    Winter Haven, Fla.

    The Shallow Grave debuted in 2013 and quickly became a favorite among haunt enthusiasts, thanks in large part to its practice of sending guests through in small groups of six at a time to ensure no one spoils the scares. The 2016 haunt is divided into two themed areas, Vengeance Blood Moon and Pavor Nocturnus
    Photo courtesy of The Shallow Grave

  • Fear Fair
    Seymour, Ind.

    Fear Fair, located in Seymour, Indiana, is a perennial favorite among horror movie fans thanks to its frightening series of tableaux paying homage to pop culture's creepiest moments, including Fallout, Mad Max and Frankenstein's Army in 2016. Fear Fair encompasses 50,000 square feet of scare zones.
    Photo courtesy of Fear Fair

  • Netherworld
    Norcross, Ga.

    Atlanta's Netherworld earned a nomination for Best Haunted Attraction for its incredible sets, animatronics, special effects and make-up created by professionals in the film and television industry. Thrill-seekers come from around the country to experience this warehouse-sized haunt divided into two themed areas: Monsters and Vault 13 Meltdown. This year marks Netherworld's 20th anniversary.
    Photo courtesy of Netherworld

  • RISE Haunted House
    Hammond, La.

    Haunted house enthusiasts will find plenty of scares at RISE Haunted House in Louisiana, especially within the Dark Souls Unleashed walk-through labyrinth. What really sets RISE apart, however, is Operation Deadly Assault, a thrilling and unique zombie paintball hayride through the backwoods of Hammond.
    Photo courtesy of RISE Haunted House

  • House of Horrors
    Cheektowaga, N.Y.

    The House of Horrors & Haunted Catacombs near Buffalo, N.Y. comprises six different haunted attractions, including a Zombie Apocalypse Shooting Gallery. This recently revamped haunt offers more than 50,000 square feet of scare space, making it one of the largest in New York.
    Photo courtesy of House of Horrors

These 10 haunted houses, selected by 10Best Local Experts and the Haunted Attraction Association and voted to the top by our readers, offer the best actors, set designs, special effects and value for money out there.

"While Halloween will always have all the traditional haunted houses, hayrides and other favorites, we are seeing more and more attractions offer some level of interactivity for guests and an increase in personal experiences that get customers more involved in their events," says John R. Eslich, President of the Haunted Attraction Association, on what's trending in 2016. "Specifically, we are seeing new products such as laser tag within attractions and an explosion of problem solving and scavenger hunting activities."

The top 10 winners in the category Best Haunted Attraction are as follows:

  1. Nashville Nightmare - Nashville
  2. Haunted Overload - Lee, N.H.
  3. Hobb's Grove - Sanger, Calif.
  4. Dark Hour Haunted House - Plano, Texas
  5. Factory Of Terror - Canton, Ohio
  6. The Shallow Grave - Winer Haven, Fla.
  7. Fear Fair - Seymour, Ind.
  8. Netherworld - Norcross, Ga.
  9. RISE Haunted House - Hammond, La.
  10. House of Horrors -Cheektowaga, N.Y.

Additional nominated haunted attractions included The 13th Gate, Enigma Haunt, Field of Screams, Fright Kingdom, Ghostly Manor, Headless Horseman, Shocktoberfest, Terror Behind the Walls, Wisconsin Fear Grounds and Woods of Terror.

Congratulations to all our winning haunted attractions!

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