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Halloween means costumes, horror movies, haunted houses and a celebration of all things scary. 'Tis the season for terror, and 10Best set out to find the best haunted attractions in the U.S. These 10 haunted houses, selected by 10Best Local Experts and editors and voted the best by 10Best readers, offer the best actors, set designs, special effects and value for money out there.

  • The Lewisburg Haunted Cave

    The Lewisburg Haunted Cave
    Lewisburg, Ohio

    Located 80 feet below ground in a real limestone cave, the world’s longest walk-through haunt is made even more creepy thanks to some 30,000 live bats.
    Photo courtesy of Michael Burge / The Lewisburg Haunted Cave

  • Containment Haunted House

    Containment Haunted House
    Lithia Springs, Ga.

    One of Atlanta’s favorite haunts, Containment Haunted House encompasses 26 shipping containers linked together into a terrifying maze of unusual scares.
    Photo courtesy of Containment Haunted House

  • Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie

    Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie
    Pataskala, Ohio

    Visitors brave enough take on the haunts at Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie, located outside of Columbus, will be touched, grabbed and shoved during the self-proclaimed "darkest show on Earth." While there isn't an official age restriction, the gruesome nature of the scenes paired with an obsession for chainsaws means this one is certainly not fit for children.
    Photo courtesy of Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie

  • Kersey Valley Spookywoods

    Kersey Valley Spookywoods
    Archdale, N.C.

    Kersey Valley Spookywoods is celebrating 33 years of haunts in 2018. Eerie sets and creepy costumed characters set the scene for terror.
    Photo courtesy of Justin Reich / Kersey Valley Spookywoods

  • Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

    Queen Mary's Dark Harbor
    Long Beach, Calif.

    Dark Harbor gets its extreme factor from its setting - the iconic Queen Mary, drenched in legend and oozing with a sordid past. Regarded as one of the most haunted places on Earth, the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is a thrill-seekers’ delight, blurring the lines of history and hysteria. All in all, passengers aboard the Queen Mary this Halloween have six blood-curdling mazes, multiple stages and one-of-a-kind hauntexperiences to explore.
    Photo courtesy of Queen Mary

  • Haunted Overload

    Haunted Overload
    Lee, N.H.

    Haunted Overload in New Hampshire does an excellent job of providing various levels of scares, so everyone can enjoy. They pull out all the stops for Haunted Overload, a fully immersive (and terrifying) haunted trail through the New England woods.
    Photo courtesy of Haunted Overload

  • Netherworld Haunted House

    Netherworld Haunted House

    Atlanta's Netherworld earned a nomination for Best Haunted Attraction for its incredible sets, animatronics, special effects and make-up created by professionals in the film and television industry. Thrill-seekers come from around the country to experience this warehouse-sized haunt divided into two themed areas: The Awakened and Subject: Unknown.
    Photo courtesy of Netherworld

  • Nashville Nightmare

    Nashville Nightmare
    Madison, Tenn.

    Nashville Nightmare stages four haunted houses inside it's 50,000 square foot facility: Night Terrors, Horror High, Fairy Tale Hell and Industrial Undead. The acting and costume quality are both top notch, and the haunts engage all the senses.
    Photo courtesy of Nashville Nightmare

  • The Massacre on Marshall Road

    The Massacre on Marshall Road
    El Paso, Texas

    This haunted attraction in El Paso opened in 2012 and describes itself as “the abyss of ultimate terror. It’s not recommended for the faint of heart.
    Photo courtesy of The Massacre on Marshall Road


    Dade City, Fla.

    This Tampa Bay independent horror park returns for its fourth year to petrify area residents with three brand new attractions for 2018: Rage 3D, Demons Revenge and Zombie Paintball Assault. Deadwoods, Blackpool Prison and Infected: Ground Zero will make their return and challenge guests to become a part of the story, with a truly interactive experience.
    Photo courtesy of SCREAM-A-GEDDON

The top 10 winners in the Best Haunted Attraction category are as follows:

  1. The Lewisburg Haunted Cave - Lewisburg, Ohio
  2. Containment Haunted House - Lithia Springs, Ga.
  3. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie - Pataskala, Ohio
  4. Kersey Valley Spookywoods - Archdale, N.C.
  5. Queen Mary's Dark Harbor - Long Beach, Calif.
  6. Haunted Overload - Lee, N.H.
  7. Netherworld Haunted House - Atlanta
  8. Nashville Nightmare - Madison, Tenn.
  9. The Massacre on Marshall Road - El Paso, Texas
  10. SCREAM-A-GEDDON - Dade City, Fla.

10Best Editors teamed up with Christine Barger, a.k.a. The Haunt Girl, to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. 

Congratulations to all these winning Halloween haunts!

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