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Halloween is all about wild and wacky costumes, scary movies, haunted houses and celebrating all things spooky. So, 10Best went on the hunt for the best haunted attractions across the United States. These haunted houses offer the best actors, set designs, special effects and value for money. 

  • Cutting Edge Haunted House

    Cutting Edge Haunted House
    Fort Worth, TX

    More than just a haunted house, Cutting Edge Haunted House begins its entertainment the moment guests enter the parking lot. Located in a historic area of Fort Worth, Texas, known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” this 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant takes visitors on a 55-minute haunted experience with its twisting corridors, live actors, special effects, and a human maze. Come experience this multi-themed, multi-storied haunted attraction.
    Photo courtesy of Getty Images / stsmhn

  • Erebus Haunted Attraction

    Erebus Haunted Attraction
    Pontiac, Mich.

    Erebus offers four floors of thrills and chills featuring Hollywood-quality special effects. Measuring more than half a mile, it’s one of the world’s largest haunted attractions.
    Photo courtesy of Erebus

  • Shocktoberfest

    Sinking Spring, Pa

    Shocktoberfest, located near Reading, Pennsylvania, and about an hour from Philadelphia, welcomes you to its “30 Years of Tears” anniversary celebration in 2021. In addition to its famous Zombie World Theme Park, where guests can view zombies in a safe and controlled habitat (you believe that, don’t you?), they can explore the Monster Midway with its games, food, brews, and live entertainment. Spooktoberfest offers a family-friendly Halloween experience for children 12 and under, and they may wear their costumes!
    Photo courtesy of Shocktoberfest

  • Field of Screams

    Field of Screams
    Mountville, Penn.

    At Field of Screams, four scare zones provide the thrills: Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, FrightMare Asylum and Nocturnal Wasteland, while an entertainment area offers live music, games and giveaways between thrills. The haunt hosts a one-night-only blackout event for even more intense scares.
    Photo courtesy of Field of Screams

  • Haunted Overload

    Haunted Overload
    Lee, N.H.

    Haunted Overload in New Hampshire does an excellent job of providing various levels of scares, so everyone can enjoy. They pull out all the stops for Haunted Overload, a fully immersive (and terrifying) haunted trail through the New England woods.
    Photo courtesy of Artifact Images

  • The Dent Schoolhouse

    The Dent Schoolhouse
    Cincinnati, OH

    Visit Cincinnati's scariest haunted house in September and October and learn the story of the killer faculty and murderous janitor that live in the Dent Schoolhouse! Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021, visit the public school that opened in 1894 and experience the true story of Charlie the janitor in this 25-minute tour. Each year brings new details, sets, and technology to the Dent Schoolhouse, and over fifty actors will be present to terrorize guests each night.
    Photo courtesy of The Dent Schoolhouse

  • Fear Fair

    Fear Fair
    Seymour, Ind.

    Fear Fair, a short drive from Louisville in Seymour, Indiana, is a 50,000+ square foot walk through your darkest nightmares. With incredibly detailed sets, confrontational actors in movie-quality makeup and costumes, and state-of-the-art use of robotics, visitors can expect a heart-pounding experience through their deepest fears. Experience four major attractions packed into a 30-minute attraction – a depraved prison where the inmates are in control, a cursed Egyptian Pharoah’s tomb, the darker side of New Orleans, and an ancient catacomb home to a dark cult.
    Photo courtesy of Fear Fair

  • Kersey Valley Spookywoods

    Kersey Valley Spookywoods
    Archdale, NC

    Started by a dare in 1985, after over three decades of growth and a year-round team of artists and builders, Kersey Valley Spookywoods now covers nearly eighty acres on an abandoned farm outside Greensboro, North Carolina. Its eerie sets and creepy costumed characters set the scene for terror when you arrive on their property. Special effects – light, sound, smell, and others – add to the haunted farmhouse and other spooky attractions.
    Photo courtesy of Kersey Valley Spookywoods

  • Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses

    Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses
    Ulster Park, N.Y.

    New York's Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is an immersive experience that changes each Halloween season. The attractions continually evolve with unusual monsters, amazing illusions, costumes, makeup, animatronics and frightening detail. 
    Photo courtesy of Headless Horseman

  • Wisconsin Feargrounds

    Wisconsin Feargrounds
    Waukesha, Wis.

    About thirty minutes west of Milwaukee, visit the Wisconsin Feargrounds and meet the leader of the tortured souls that reside there – Sketchy the Clown. Being a good host, Sketchy wants to make sure all the clowns that visit every October are comfortable in his Chambers. He doesn’t care for intruders and guarantees that some who show up…will never leave.
    Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Feargrounds


The top 10 winners in the Best Haunted Attraction category are as follows:

  1. Cutting Edge Haunted House - Fort Worth, TX
  2. Erebus Haunted Attraction - Pontiac, Mich.
  3. Shocktoberfest - Sinking Spring, Pa
  4. Field of Screams - Mountville, Penn.
  5. Haunted Overload - Lee, N.H.
  6. The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, OH
  7. Fear Fair - Seymour, Ind.
  8. Kersey Valley Spookywoods - Archdale, NC
  9. Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses - Ulster Park, N.Y.
  10. Wisconsin Feargrounds - Waukesha, Wis.

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning haunted attractions!

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