Square 1682, Sable Kitchen Bar, Proof on Main top hotel bars

10 winners make great list for travelers to keep handy

The votes are in and you've chosen the Best Hotel Bar from our 20 nominees.  Hotel Palomar patrons have sent Square 1682 and Sable Kitchen & Bar into the top two spots, with Proof on Main, at the buzz-generating 21 Museum Hotel in Louisville rounding out the top three.  Seven other winners fill slots four through ten.  

  • Square 1682, Hotel Palomar

    Philadelphia is one of the oldest drinking towns in America, and no doubt our nation’s earliest residents would have liked Square 1682. It offers cocktails from all-star bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout.
    Photo courtesy of Square 1682

  • Sable Kitchen & Bar, Hotel Palomar

    Thirsty for a glass of fine whiskey or a tasty cocktail? Then make your way to Sable Kitchen & Bar, which has a vast menu of both, including dozens and dozens of single malt Scotches. It’s run by the talented and creative Mike Ryan.
    Photo courtesy of Hotel Palomar Chicago, a Kimpton Hotel

  • Proof on Main, 21c Museum Hotel

    If you’re going to Louisville, you’ll want to stay at the hip 21C Museum Hotel. This Kentucky establishment has not only its own art galleries but also a great bar with a nice collection of–you guessed it–bourbons.
    Photo courtesy of Proof on Main

  • Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen, Serrano Hotel

    Whether you’re visiting San Francisco or are a Bay Area resident, Jasper’s is a great spot for a drink. The mood is relaxed, and head bartender Kevin Diedrich’s cocktails are delicious. There are even Negronis on tap, as well as a long list of craft beers.
    Photo courtesy of Eric Wolfinger

  • The Spare Room, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

    While there are many fine hotel bars in Los Angeles, it’s hard to top The Spare Room in the Hollywood Roosevelt. It has delicious cocktails, punches by the bowlful, board games and even a pair of bowling lanes.
    Photo courtesy of Thompson Hotels

  • Vesper Bar, The Cosmopolitan

    Finding a drink in Vegas is easy. Finding a great drink is a bit tougher. But the cocktails at the Vesper Bar inside The Cosmopolitan are always delicious. The house specialty is, naturally, the Vesper, a classic vodka-and-gin concoction made famous by James Bond.
    Photo courtesy of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

  • J-Bar, Hotel Jerome

    Whether or not you ski Aspen’s famous trails, you’ll want to end the day at Hotel Jerome, with a glass of The J-Bar’s famous Aspen Crud. The concoction includes house-made ice cream and bourbon.
    Photo courtesy of Hotel Jerome

  • P.O.V. Roof Terrace, W Hotel
    Washington, D.C.

    No matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’ll like the cocktails and the view (it’s across from the White House) at this 11th-floor rooftop bar.  P.OV. was also set up by acclaimed New York mixologist Sasha Petraske.
    Photo courtesy of W Hotel Washington DC

  • Bradstreet Crafthouse, Graves 601 Hotel

    Tucked inside the hip Graves 601 Hotel in downtown Minneapolis is an island of serenity. The Bradstreet Crafthouse, true to its name, offers dozens of delicious and meticulously made classics.
    Photo courtesy of Graves 601

  • Proof & Provision, Georgian Terrace Hotel

    If you’re in Atlanta, stop by the luxurious Georgian Terrace Hotel and head downstairs to this subterranean joint, which features a menu of delicious bar snacks and fine elixirs.
    Photo courtesy of Preferred Hotel Group

A combination of talented bartenders, terrific ambience, bar menus, lively and intriguing patrons, and sheer enthusiasm by loyal patrons all factored into the wins.

Many thanks to Noah Rothbaum of Liquor.com for compiling the list of worthy nominees and a big CHEERS to our 10 winners!  Please join us in checking out these popular hotel bars during your travels . . . there's a cocktail waiting for you.  

The 10 Best Hotel Bars are as follows:

1. Square 1682, Hotel Palomar - Philadelphia

2. Sable Kitchen & Bar, Hotel Palomar - Chicago

3. Proof on Main, 21c Museum Hotel - Louisville 

4. Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen, Serrano Hotel - San Francisco

5. The Spare Room, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - L.A.

6. Vesper Bar, The Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas

7. J-Bar, Hotel Jerome - Aspen 

8. P.O.V. Roof Terrace, W Hotel - Washington, D.C.

9. Bradstreet Crafthouse, Graves 601 Hotel - Minneapolis

10. Proof & Provision, Georgian Terrace Hotel - Atlanta

Congratulations again to these 10Best winners!  

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