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Native to Montana, huckleberries thrive at elevations over 3,500 feet and dot the state’s high-altitude valleys and hills. These blueberry-like morsels are not cultivated commercially, so they must be foraged in the wild. They’re highly sought after and often find their way into a range of baked goods, including pies. Due to the rare nature of the berry, huckleberry pies are often served seasonally, and often mixed with other fruits within a flaky crust. 

  • Glacier Highland
    West Glacier

    No trip to Glacier Highland in West Glacier would be complete without a slice of famous huckleberry pie for dessert.
    Photo courtesy of Glacier Highland / Facebook

  • Willows HuckleberryLand
    Hungry Horse

    The pies from Willows HuckleberryLand are made with 100 percent Montana huckleberries, so they’re bursting with fresh berry flavor.
    Photo courtesy of Willows HuckleberryLand

  • Rock 'n Roll Bakery
    East Glacier Park

    At the Rock 'n Roll Bakery in East Glacier, all-butter double-crust pies are baked from scratch daily. The huckleberry pie is one of the bakery’s best sellers.
    Photo courtesy of Rock 'n Roll Bakery / Facebook

  • Looking Glass Restaurant
    East Glacier Park

    Looking Glass Restaurant, formerly known as Luna’s, makes their famous huckleberry pie with a graham cracker crust, a thin layer of cream cheese and fresh local huckleberries.
    Photo courtesy of Looking Glass Restaurant

  • Two Sisters Cafe

    At Two Sisters Cafe, huckleberry pies are made from Grandmother Chut’s family recipe, brought to Montana from Glenwood, Alabama. The cafe has been serving Glacier National Park visitors for over 26 years.
    Photo courtesy of Two Sisters Cafe

  • Carolyn's Cafe
    Hungry Horse

    Diners with a sweet tooth can get their huckleberry pie fix two ways at Carolyn’s Cafe in Hungry Horse, traditionally or fried.
    Photo courtesy of Carolyn's Cafe / Facebook

  • The Huckleberry Patch
    Hungry Horse

    Those in the mood for made-from-scratch huckleberry pie will find just that at The Huckleberry Patch in Hungry Horse. Guests can purchase whole pies and even get them shipped for an out-of-state pie fix.
    Photo courtesy of The Huckleberry Patch

  • Loula's Cafe

    Diners with a sweet tooth are in luck. Loula's Cafe in Whitefish serves six varieties of huckleberry pie–everything from a traditional version to huckleberry-peach, huckleberry-raspberry and a mixed berry pie.
    Photo courtesy of Loula's Cafe / Facebook

  • Grateful Bread Bigfork Cafe & Bakery

    The huckleberry pie from Grateful Bread Bigfork Cafe & Bakery is made from scratch using an all-butter crust and hand-picked Montana huckleberries. A guest favorite is the huckleberry, raspberry and peach pie.
    Photo courtesy of Grateful Bread Bigfork Cafe & Bakery

  • Mountain Mama's Coffee House & Bakery
    West Yellowstone

    Mountain Mama’s Coffee House and Bakery makes their huckleberry pies from scratch each morning. All ingredients are 100 percent natural, and the popular pies are always made from 100 percent locally sourced Montana huckleberries.
    Photo courtesy of Mountain Mama's Coffee House & Bakery

The top 10 winners in the Best Huckleberry Pie in Montana category are as follows:

  1. Glacier Highland - West Glacier
  2. Willows HuckleberryLand - Hungry Horse
  3. Rock 'n Roll Bakery - East Glacier Park
  4. Looking Glass Restaurant - East Glacier Park
  5. Two Sisters Cafe - Babb
  6. Carolyn's Cafe - Hungry Horse
  7. The Huckleberry Patch - Hungry Horse
  8. Loula's Cafe - Whitefish
  9. Grateful Bread Bigfork Cafe & Bakery - Bigfork
  10. Mountain Mama's Coffee House & Bakery - West Yellowstone

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Lynn Donaldson (, Nicole Gonzalez (Visit Montana) and Donnie Sexton were chosen for their knowledge of the food scene in the state.

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants!

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Lynn Donaldson

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