Best Lobster in Maine (2018)


No one does lobster quite like Maine, where summertime means heading to the local lobster shack for a steamed lobster or lobster roll with the fresh picked meat tossed in warm butter or mayo. At many of Maine’s best seafood eateries, lobster is pulled fresh from the sea daily; some let diners pick their own lobsters from a tank. Many offer waterfront views of working wharfs and fishing piers.

  • Quoddy Bay Lobster

    Quoddy Bay Lobster

    This family owned fish market and takeout restaurant in Eastport sits right on a working pier. Hungry guests can order steam lobsters with melted butter, lobster cakes, seafood chowder with fresh picked lobster meat or a Quoddy Bay Lobster Roll with mayo or melted butter.
    Photo courtesy of Quoddy Bay Lobster / Facebook

  • The Highroller Lobster Co.

    The Highroller Lobster Co.

    A relative newcomer to the Maine lobster scene since opening in 2015, The Highroller Lobster Co. uses fresh Maine lobster and brioche rolls from Southside Bakery in their popular lobster rolls. Other menu items for lobster lovers include lobster grilled cheese, lobster cheese crisp tacos, lobster bisque and even a lobster pop on a stick warmed in butter or fried in a cornbread batter.
    Photo courtesy of The Highroller Lobster Co.

  • Robert's Maine Grill & Raw Bar

    Robert's Maine Grill & Raw Bar

    At Robert’s Maine Grill, diners have plenty of lobster options to choose from. Steamed Maine lobster makes an appearance on the menu, as well as a jumbo lobster stuffed with clam and seasonal veggies and baked. There’s also a classic lobster roll with mayo or hot butter, or a comforting bowl of lobster mac & cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Robert's Maine Grill & Raw Bar

  • Erica's Seafood

    Erica's Seafood

    Diners at Erica’s Seafood can choose a live lobster right from the tank that comes steamed with butter and sides. The menu also features lobster rolls, Crabster rolls (a mix of lobster and crab) and seafood chowder with lobster meat. The restaurant is open seasonally from Mother’s Day Weekend to Columbus Day.
    Photo courtesy of Erica's Seafood

  • Wharf Gallery & Grill

    Wharf Gallery & Grill

    Open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, the Wharf Gallery & Grill serves their fresh Maine lobster three ways: a lobster roll, lobster grilled cheese sandwich or a lobster dinner with a choice of two sides.
    Photo courtesy of Wharf Gallery & Grill

  • Thurston's Lobster Pound

    Thurston's Lobster Pound

    Thurston’s, a seasonal lobster pound in Maine, sits on a dock overlooking a bay where guests can watch lobster boats returning with the day’s catch. Crew members carry the lobsters up to the Thurston’s tank where one will be selected for you. Lobsters are served steamed with drawn butter or hand picked in a lobster roll with mayo on a grilled bun.
    Photo courtesy of LBoris0217 / Flickr

  • Bite into Maine

    Bite into Maine
    Multiple Locations

    With three locations around the state, Bite into Maine specializes in both traditional and non-traditional lobster rolls. Diners can choose from six varieties, including a Maine-style roll with mayo and fresh chives, Picnic roll with coleslaw, hot butter and celery salt, and rolls with wasabi, curry or chipotle mayo.
    Photo courtesy of Bite into Maine

  • Five Islands Lobster Co.

    Five Islands Lobster Co.

    Situated along an active fishing wharf on Sheepscot Bay, Five Islands Lobster Co. specializes in fresh lobster pulled straight from the water and never tank-stored. Five Islands also cooks up fried seafood baskets and local mussels, and for dessert, they serve locally made Annabelle’s Ice Cream.
    Photo courtesy of Allagash Brewing / Flickr

  • five fifty-five

    five fifty-five

    Portland’s five fifty-five restaurant puts a decadent spin on lobster with their truffled lobster “mac & cheese” featuring butter-poached lobster, a blend of artisanal cheeses, black truffles and a drizzle of white truffle oil.
    Photo courtesy of five fifty-five

  • Pemaquid Seafood

    Pemaquid Seafood

    Lobster comes with waterfront views of a working wharf at Pemaquid Seafood, whether you’re ordering a Maine lobster dinner (single, twin or triple) served with drawn butter, corn on the cob, slaw and a dinner roll, or a lobster roll that comes in two sizes.
    Photo courtesy of Pemaquid Seafood

The top 10 winners in the category Best Lobster in Maine are as follows:

  1. Quoddy Bay Lobster - Eastport
  2. The Highroller Lobster Co. - Portland
  3. Robert's Maine Grill & Raw Bar - Kittery
  4. Erica's Seafood - Harpswell
  5. Wharf Gallery & Grill - Corea
  6. Thurston's Lobster Pound - Bernard
  7. Bite into Maine - Multiple Locations
  8. Five Islands Lobster Co. - Georgetown
  9. five fifty-five - Portland
  10. Pemaquid Seafood - Pemaquid

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Margaret Hathaway (Food Lovers’ Guide to Maine), Taylor Hicks (State Plate), Pamela Laskey (Maine Foodie Tours) and Hilary Nangle (MaineTravelMaven.comwere chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the state food scene.

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants, lobster pounds and seafood shacks!

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