Best Mac & Cheese in Vermont (2018)


While the exact origin of mac & cheese is unknown, the earliest recorded recipe dates back to 1769. According to Smithsonian, it likely made its way from France to the United States via Thomas Jefferson, who later served the dish at a state dinner in 1802. It quickly became a staple American comfort food and a college dorm room staple when Kraft began selling their boxed version in 1937. Today, mac & cheese is enjoying a bit of a renaissance, nowhere more so than in Vermont. Thanks to a $2.2 billion dairy industry, Vermont has plenty of local cheese that chefs across the state are using to put their own interesting twists on the classic dish.

  • Our House Bistro

    Our House Bistro

    Our House Bistro is known for what they call “Twisted Comfort Food,” and that includes over two dozen types of mac and cheese. The Traditional comes with cavatappi pasta in a house cheese sauce, while some of the more unique offerings come topped with poutine, coconut shrimp, a fried egg, french fries or buffalo chicken. For something truly twisted, try the Thai-inspired Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac.
    Photo courtesy of Our House Bistro

  • Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen

    Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen

    Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen has an entire menu of mac & cheese with half a dozen varieties available throughout the day. The Traditional Mac comes with Vermont cheddar sauce, trottole pasta and a butter cracker crumb, while the Maine Lobster Mac features lobster meat, brandy and scallions. For something a little different, try the Sugar Shack Mac with Vermont maple syrup and smoked bacon, or the Coconut Curry Shrimp Mac with pan-seared shrimp, scallions and a coconut red curry sauce.
    Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen

  • Vermont Country Deli

    Vermont Country Deli

    Macaroni and cheese is a signature menu item at the Vermont Country Deli in Brattleboro. Available by the half-pound, this mac is made with a rich and creamy cheese sauce, Vermont cheddar cheese and a golden mozzarella crust.
    Photo courtesy of Vermont Country Deli

  • Ye Olde Tavern

    Ye Olde Tavern

    Ye Olde Tavern’s take on mac and cheese involves Vermont cheddar, lobster and applewood-smoked bacon for the ultimate classic comfort dish.
    Photo courtesy of Ye Olde Tavern

  • The Daily Planet

    The Daily Planet

    One of The Daily Planet’s “lite bites” is their Cajun Mac & Cheese, made with a blend of Vermont cheeses, cavatappi pasta and creole spice. Guests can make a meal of it by ordering it topped with bacon, chicken or lobster.
    Photo courtesy of The Daily Planet / Facebook

  • Big Fatty's BBQ

    Big Fatty's BBQ
    White River Junction

    Big Fatty’s in White River Junction is known in Vermont for its ‘que and several homemade sauces. Whether you’re ordering pork spare ribs, brined BBQ chicken, pulled pork or Texas-style brisket, be sure to order their house-made mac & cheese as a side, made with Cabot Creamery cheddar cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Big Fatty's BBQ / Facebook

  • Two Brothers Tavern

    Two Brothers Tavern

    Classified as a main course at Two Brothers Tavern, the Vermont mac and cheese is made with Vermont aged Cabot cheddar, cream from Monument Farms (located just two miles down the road) and elbow macaroni.
    Photo courtesy of Two Brothers Tavern

  • J. Morgan's Steakhouse

    J. Morgan's Steakhouse

    A guest favorite at J. Morgan’s Steakhouse is the lobster mac & cheese–cavatappi pasta tossed in a velvety five cheese blend with Vermont slab bacon and the fresh picked meat of a whole Maine lobster. It’s topped with garlic bread crumbs and baked to a golden brown.
    Photo courtesy of J. Morgan's Steakhouse

  • Worthy Kitchen

    Worthy Kitchen

    Worthy Mac from the Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock starts with cavatappi pasta tossed in a sauce made from roasted garlic cream and aged Plymouth cheddar. It’s topped with chives and crushed cheesy treats for crunch.
    Photo courtesy of Worthy Kitchen

  • Prohibition Pig

    Prohibition Pig

    Prohibition Pig takes their craft mac & cheese seriously. It’s made with Vermont baby Swiss and two types of Cabot cheddar (clothbound and sharp). Diners can order as-is or topped with chopped pork, local bacon, black truffles or house pickled jalapeños.
    Photo courtesy of Prohibition Pig


The top 10 winners in the category Best Mac & Cheese in Vermont are as follows:

  1. Our House Bistro - Winooski
  2. Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen - Barre
  3. Vermont Country Deli - Brattleboro
  4. Ye Olde Tavern - Manchester
  5. The Daily Planet - Burlington
  6. Big Fatty's BBQ - White River Junction
  7. Two Brothers Tavern - Middlebury
  8. J. Morgan's Steakhouse - Montpelier
  9. Worthy Kitchen - Woodstock
  10. Prohibition Pig - Waterbury

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Erica Houskeeper ( and Tara Pereira (Vermont Fresh Network (VFN)were chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the state food scene.

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants!

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