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Points, miles, sign-up bonuses, black-out dates – the world of rewards travel can be mind boggling to the uninitiated. Luckily, a host of travel gurus have been filling the webosphere with loads of useful advice on how to leverage loyalty and frequent flyer programs to make the most of your travel budget.

  • DansDeals


    While DansDeals isn't exclusively about points and miles – Dan also highlights discounts from Amazon and other retailers – the blog does include comprehensive updates on credit card offers and airline frequent flyer programs.
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  • Million Mile Secrets

    Million Mile Secrets

    Daraius Dubash and Emily Jablon, the pair behind Million Mile Secrets, have quite literally earned and redeemed millions of loyalty points and frequent flyer miles between the two of them. This makes them valuable authorities on how busy travelers pressed for time can travel the world for a fraction of what they'd normally pay.
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  • LoyaltyLobby


    For travelers feeling a bit befuddled by the ever changing landscape of loyalty programs, LoyaltyLobby offers answers. John Ollila, founder of the blog, has been traveling non-stop since 2004 and flies as many as 250,000 miles per year. John and the LoyaltyLobby team share knowledge about how to leverage loyalty points for free flights, free hotels and free upgrades.
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  • One Mile at a Time

    One Mile at a Time

    Ben Schlappig is self-admittedly obsessed with all things aviation, including the use of loyalty miles and award points to "elevate the travel experience." Readers at One Mile at a Time will find tips and tutorials on booking award flights, updates on the best loyalty programs and credit card offers, and guides to how loyalty programs and airline alliances function.
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  • The Points Guy

    The Points Guy

    Brian Kelly, a.k.a. The Points Guy, has been traveling since childhood, and he brings that passion to his website dedicated to all things points, miles and travel. Aside from practical advice on credit cards, travel deals and points valuation, The Points Guy also blogs about quirkier travel anecdotes, like weird hotel guest requests and adrenaline-fueled activities in Hawaii. 
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  • Frequent Miler

    Frequent Miler

    Greg, the founder of Frequent Miler, is a master of "manufacturing spend" – technique that allows travelers to increase reward card spending while getting money back. He earns loads of miles without even stepping foot on a plane, and he teaches his readers how to do the same.
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  • Miles to Memories

    Miles to Memories

    In 2007, Shawn Coomer and his wife and daughter embarked on an 18-month trip around the world that would be the inspiration behind Miles to Memories. The blog helps equip others with the knowledge and tips needed to travel for the least amount of money possible, with posts on topics ranging from the pitfalls of manufactured spend to targeted credit card offers.
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  • Renés Points

    Renés Points

    Avid Delta flyer René often holds Diamond Medallion elite status with his airline of choice, He also blogs at Renés Points about how frequent flyers and occasional travelers alike can maximize their points and upgrades. René keeps his readers updated with the latest mileage run possibilities for Delta flyers needing a few more qualifying miles for that next status bump.
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  • Miles Momma

    Miles Momma

    According to Miles Momma, "Free is always the best." We agree! Miles Momma keeps readers up to date with the best offers for earning free miles and points that can be saved up toward free or cheap vacations. The blog includes advice on meeting minimum spend requirements on new cards, tracking awards points and earning points while shopping online.
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  • Deals We Like

    Deals We Like

    Jennifer Yellin launched Deals We Like in 2011 as a place where savvy travelers could find tips on making the most of their miles and points. The blog highlights hotel, airline and credit card offers, and takes the guesswork out of selecting an appropriate co-branded or rewards card for a traveler's specific needs.
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10Best editors picked some of the most helpful blogs as nominees for the category Best Miles-and-Points Blog, and then we asked our readers to vote for their favorites. 

The top 10 winners in the category Best Miles-and-Points Blog are as follows:

  1. DansDeals
  2. Million Mile Secrets
  3. LoyaltyLobby
  4. One Mile at a Time
  5. The Points Guy
  6. Frequent Miler
  7. Miles to Memories
  8. Renés Points
  9. Miles Momma
  10. Deals We Like

Congratulations to all these worthy winning blogs!

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