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Craft breweries are opening in record numbers in the United States, hundreds each year. USA TODAY 10Best wants to find the best new breweries in the country, ones founded in the past three years (since the beginning of 2016), so we asked a panel of beer experts to nominate their favorites. For the past four weeks, 10Best readers have been voting for their favorites, and the results are in.

  • Wild Leap Brew Co.

    Wild Leap Brew Co.
    LaGrange, Ga.

    The former home of Westbrook Service & Tire Co. in historic downtown LaGrange, Georgia is today home to Wild Leap Brew Co. The brewery gets its name from the leap of faith the two founders took when leaving successful careers to follow their passion for beer. Offerings include Alpha Abstraction Double IPA, Chance IPA, Prize Inside Cracker Jack Stout, Local Gold Blonde Ale and Truck Chaser Creamsicle Double IPA.
    Photo courtesy of Glenn Whittington / Wild Leap Brew Co.

  • Eagle Park Brewing Company

    Eagle Park Brewing Company

    Brothers Max and Jack Borgardt founded Eagle Park Brewing in their garage. Today, you’ll find them in the new Milwaukee tap room pouring a wide range of beers – DDH Set List American IPA, Naughty Water barleywine, Loop Station Golden Ale, Berry Nib imperial stout and Mr. Boombastic sour among them.
    Photo courtesy of Eagle Park Brewing Company

  • Bonesaw Brewing Co.

    Bonesaw Brewing Co.
    Glassboro, N.J.

    Rich DiVerniero, the “Bonemaster” at Bonesaw Brewing Co., brewed his first beer in the late 80s. Today, the New Jersey brewery he owns with his brother-in-law, Dave Doe serves a wide range of styles of beer from brewmaster AJ Stoll. Guests of the new facility might sip on a Cascara Sour Wheat, Silver Queen Cream Ale, DVQ Nitro Double Vanilla Cream Ale or Definition West Coast IPA.
    Photo courtesy of Lori DiVerniero / Bonesaw Brewing Co.

  • Brink Brewing Co.

    Brink Brewing Co.

    This new brewery in the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati brews up well over a dozen varieties of craft beer – everything from J-Boy IPA and Populace Pilsner to Berlin Wall sour and Father G’s Bees brown ale made with maple syrup. The brewery hosts food trucks most nights of the week.
    Photo courtesy of Innovatory Photography / Brink Brewing Co.

  • Original Pattern Brewing Company

    Original Pattern Brewing Company

    Original Pattern, an employee-owned brewery and taproom in Oakland, California, has already pulled in awards from some of the nation’s top festivals. Beer offerings chance frequently depending on what’s brewing but might include Brightside kölsch, Saisonette Belgian saison, Haze-a-Tron hazy IPA, Sunset English brown or Devil’s Puzzle barleywine.
    Photo courtesy of Original Pattern Brewing Company

  • Stonecloud Brewing Company

    Stonecloud Brewing Company
    Oklahoma City

    Stonecloud Brewing Company was founded in Oklahoma City as a way to celebrate “progressive, neo-American beer styles.” Expect to sip juicy, hop-forward beers and experimental barrel-aged sours alongside more traditional styles. Year round offerings include a pilsner, IPA, Belgian wit and an imperial coffee stout.
    Photo courtesy of Stonecloud Brewing Company

  • Masthead Brewing Company

    Masthead Brewing Company

    Masthead Brewing Company in Cleveland is known for their ever evolving lineup of juicy New England IPAs and an award-winning Midwest Red IPA, as well as their Neopolitan-style pizzas served in their 300-seat taproom.
    Photo courtesy of Masthead Brewing Company

  • Cinderlands Beer Co.

    Cinderlands Beer Co.

    Cinderlands Beer Company celebrates the self-made attitude of Pittsburgh in their brewery and scratch kitchen. Opened in 2017 in Lawrenceville, the brewery produces a few types of beer, including their self-proclaimed “dad beer,” the Tracks Again pilsner, as well as a pair of sours and an IPA.
    Photo courtesy of Joanna Warden / Cinderlands Beer Co.

  • Ancillary Fermentation

    Ancillary Fermentation
    Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

    Ancillary Fermentation isn’t a conventional brewery; it’s a “pop-up fermentation experience” celebrating the experimental side of craft beer. Each month, the brewers host a pop-up taproom to launch a single beer in a location somewhere in the Triangle.
    Photo courtesy of Spencer Bland / Ancillary Fermentation

  • Zillicoah Beer Co.

    Zillicoah Beer Co.
    Woodfin, N.C.

    This new North Carolina brewery specializes in open-fermented farmhouse beers. Located just outside Asheville, the tasting room pours a range of saisons, bretts and American wild ales alongside more traditional styles.
    Photo courtesy of Sheila Mraz / Zillicoah Beer Co.

The top 10 winners in the category Best New Brewery are as follows:

  1. Wild Leap Brew Co. - LaGrange, Ga.
  2. Eagle Park Brewing Company - Milwaukee
  3. Bonesaw Brewing Co. - Glassboro, N.J.
  4. Brink Brewing Co. - Cincinnati
  5. Original Pattern Brewing Company - Oakland
  6. Stonecloud Brewing Company - Oklahoma City
  7. Masthead Brewing Company - Cleveland
  8. Cinderlands Beer Co. - Pittsburgh
  9. Ancillary Fermentation - Raleigh-Durham, N.C.
  10. Zillicoah Beer Co. - Woodfin, N.C.

A panel of experts (listed below) partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning breweries who are off to a great start.

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