Best New Travel App (2017)


Each year, travel gets easier and easier thanks to a host of new apps that make planning, booking and experiencing travel much more convenient. We rounded up 20 of our favorite apps released over the past 18 months, then asked our readers to vote for their favorites. The results are in!

  • Cool Cousin

    Cool Cousin

    With the new Cool Cousin app for iPhone (Android version on the way), travelers can get recommendations from locals who share similar interests. The app is currently available in a handful of cities, including London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Barcelona.
    Photo courtesy of Cool Cousin

  • Google Trips

    Google Trips

    Google Trips automatically creates half- or full-day itineraries filled with suggestions for things to see and do. For travelers already out on the town, the 'magic wand' feature pulls up a fresh set of nearby attractions. The app also gathers reservation info from Gmail and Inbox, putting all that important information in one place.
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  • PlanChat


    Anyone's who's helped plan a group trip knows it can be complicated. PlanChat makes it easier with a private chatroom for trip planning, polls where group members can vote on logistical details (fly or drive?), a map for adding hotels, restaurants and attractions, and the ability to split bills instantly.
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  • Walc


    Instead of trying to follow a top-down map with street names that may or may not be familiar, Walc offers turn-by-turn navigation using visible cues (go left at the Starbucks) crowdsourced by the Walc community. The app also offers nearby recommendations for restaurants, attractions and other travel services.
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  • Lola


    Installing Lola is like having a personal travel agent at your fingertips. The app instantly connects users to a team of travel consultants ready to help research destinations, book flights and reserve hotel rooms. Lola is currently available on newer iPhone models.
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  • DealRay


    Budget travelers on the lookout for cheap airfare will find their task much easier with DealRay. For a monthly fee, this app scours the internet for the best airfare deals and sends them out to members, making it possible to save money on great fares before they disappear.
    Photo courtesy of DealRay

  • Jambo


    With Jambo, business travelers can network from anywhere in the world. App users can meet nearby business professionals with shared interests or browse a list of nearby networking events.
    Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

  • AwardAce


    AwardAce helps demystify the world of miles and points by searching and comparing flights by miles redemption rates across 27 different loyalty programs.
    Photo courtesy of AwardAce

  • SideStory


    Leave the beaten path behind with SideStory, a startup that connects travelers with cultural 'insiders' who serve as guides for hyper local experiences in food, art, design, fashion and photography. SideStory is currently available in London.
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  • Day One 2.0

    Day One 2.0

    Day One 2.0, the latest iteration of the Day One Journal released in early 2016, makes it easy to record thoughts and memories from the road. Available on the iPhone and iPad, the app automatically tracks location, time, date, weather information and photo EXIF date for each entry, and entries can be shared through Twitter or email.  
    Photo courtesy of Day One

The top 10 winners in the category Best New Travel App are as follows:

  1. Cool Cousin
  2. Google Trips
  3. PlanChat
  4. Walc
  5. Lola
  6. DealRay
  7. Jambo
  8. AwardAce
  9. SideStory
  10. Day One 2.0

Congratulations to all these amazing winning apps. Make sure to download them for care-free travel in 2017!

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