Best Online Pet Supplies (2020)


We shop online for ourselves. Why not shop for our furry friends too? We asked a panel of pet experts to nominate their favorite online retailers for pet supplies – everything from healthy meals for cats and dogs to toys, treats and bedding. Shop from anywhere and have what you need delivered.

  • Cat Person

    Cat Person

    Cat Person makes high-quality, high-protein meals made for cats. This cat food is always grain-free and low-carb with straightforward ingredients, available as paté, dry food, treats or shreds in broth. Shipping is always free for the meal plans.
    Photo courtesy of Cat Person

  • Smalls


    Smalls food for cats is made with quality, high-protein ingredients and natural moisture to keep cats healthy and hydrated. Take a short quiz about your cat’s habits and needs, pick their favorite flavors and get food delivered straight to your door.
    Photo courtesy of Smalls

  • PetPlate


    PetPlate delivers fresh-cooked and nutritious meals for your dog in pre-portioned cups. This dog food is designed by vets and made by chefs in a USDA kitchen with human-grade ingredients.
    Photo courtesy of PetPlate

  • Chewy


    Chewy has set out “to be the most trusted and convenient online destination for pet parents (and partners), everywhere.” They do this by offering everything you need for your pets – food, treats, toys and supplies – from more than 2,000 different brands.
    Photo courtesy of Chewy

  • Nom Nom

    Nom Nom

    Nom Nom believes you shouldn’t feed your dog or cat anything that you wouldn’t eat yourself. That’s why they deliver individually portioned meals made from restaurant quality ingredients right to their bowl. Formulated by their on staff vet nutritionist and prepared by their in house team, these meals are made to keep your pets at their best.
    Photo courtesy of Nom Nom

  • The Farmer's Dog

    The Farmer's Dog

    The Farmer’s Dog sends fresh, pre-portioned pet food straight to your door. Their healthy recipes are formulated by vet nutritionists to be complete and balanced for all dogs, while using whole, human-grade ingredients. Since their founding in 2014, they’ve delivered over 50 million meals, replacing highly-processed, burnt brown balls with real food.
    Photo courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

  • Hauspanther


    The folks at Hauspanther really love two things: cats and design. The Hauspanther collection features the latest design finds specifically for cats and their humans. Shoppers will find toys, scratchers, cat trees, dishes and litter boxes, as well as cat-centric fashion and accessories for people.
    Photo courtesy of Hauspanther

  • The Anxious Pet

    The Anxious Pet

    Visit The Anxious Pet to take a Pet Anxiety Quiz and get personalized recommendations for your pup. These veterinarian-designed calming solutions help calm the mind, sooth joint pain or ease sleep so your pet can live its best life.
    Photo courtesy of The Anxious Pet

  • Wild One

    Wild One

    Wild One offers a full collection of stylish pet essentials for four-legged friends and their people. Everything is designed with a function-first perspective, from adjustable dog leashes and water-resistant beds to toys and grooming kits.
    Photo courtesy of Wild One

  • Muttropolis


    Muttropolis was born in 2002 from a love of dogs. While the store started out as a brick and mortar shop in Solano Beach, California (you’ll still find the flagship there), it’s now mostly online, catering to pet owners around the country with pet clothes, beds, grooming gear, toys, treats and leashes.
    Photo courtesy of iStock / gollykim

The top 10 winners in the category Best Online Pet Supplies are as follows:

  1. Cat Person
  2. Smalls
  3. PetPlate
  4. Chewy
  5. Nom Nom
  6. The Farmer's Dog
  7. Hauspanther
  8. The Anxious Pet
  9. Wild One
  10. Muttropolis

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning online stores!

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