Best Pepperoni Roll in West Virginia (2017)


Step into just about any bakery or convenience store in the Mountain State, and you'll likely find a fresh batch of a much-beloved food item, the pepperoni roll. This sandwich-like snack consists of a soft yeast bread roll with pepperoni slices baked inside.

  • The Donut Shop

    The Donut Shop

    The Donut Shop in Buckhannon specializes in two things, donuts and pepperoni rolls. Unlike other rolls in the state, The Donut Shop's pepperoni rolls use shredded pepperoni instead of sliced (and they don't skimp on it either) and melted cheese.
    Photo courtesy of derek rose / Flickr

  • Dragon Mart

    Dragon Mart

    Dragon Mart, a small convenience store in the town of Cameron, has earned a reputation for serving some of the best pepperoni rolls in the valley.
    Photo courtesy of Dragon Mart / Facebook

  • Boggs Pizza and Grill

    Boggs Pizza and Grill

    The town of Middlebourne gets their pepperoni roll fix at Boggs Pizza and Grill. Some enthusiasts drive miles for these warm and tasty morsels.
    Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

  • Pasco's Pizza

    Pasco's Pizza
    New Martinsville

    At Pasco's Pizza, the pepperoni rolls are called buns instead, but they're still some of the best around, with quite a loyal fan base.
    Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

  • Tomaro's Bakery

    Tomaro's Bakery

    Located in the historic Glen Elk section of Clarksburg, Tomaro's Bakery has become famous for its pepperoni rolls. Those who can't make it into the shop to have them fresh can order them online for delivery anywhere in the U.S.
    Photo courtesy of Tomaro's Bakery / Facebook

  • Colasessano's Pizza

    Colasessano's Pizza

    Hungry diners can order hot and fresh pepperoni rolls from Colasessano's Pizza in Fairmont, or purchase frozen or fresh-baked rolls to go. They come with cheese only, sauce and cheese, or meat sauce, provolone and peppers.
    Photo courtesy of Colasessano's Pizza

  • Country Club Bakery

    Country Club Bakery

    Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro, the man who invented the pepperoni roll, opened the Country Club Bakery 1927, and they've been serving fresh-baked rolls ever since.
    Photo courtesy of Country Club Bakery / Facebook

  • D'annunzio's


    D'annunzio's in Clarksburg has a loyal following of fans who'll drive out of their way to pick up some fresh-baked pepperoni rolls from this popular bakery.
    Photo courtesy of justgrimes / Flickr

  • Home Industry Bakery

    Home Industry Bakery

    Everything at Home Industry Bakery is made from scratch daily in their Clarksburg kitchen, including their popular pepperoni rolls.
    Photo courtesy of Home Industry Bakery

  • Terra Cafe

    Terra Cafe

    Terra Cafe, one of Morgantown's top spots for pepperoni rolls, makes their award-winning variation from scratch daily.
    Photo courtesy of Terra Cafe

The sandwich was first crafted by Giuseppe Argiro, who came from Italy to work in the West Virginia coal mines near Clarksburg. Giuseppe noticed that many immigrant miners would eat a slice of bread with some pepperoni on top for a quick lunch, and he decided to try baking the pepperoni right into the bread. A legend was born.

10Best and Sandwich America set out to find the best pepperoni rolls in the state, and to do so, 10Best editors joined forces with a local West Virginia food writer with a passion for pepperoni rolls and The Food Channel to nominate 20 worthy shops across the state. For the past four weeks, our readers have been voting for their favorites. The results are in.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Pepperoni Roll in West Virginia are as follows:

  1. The Donut Shop - Buckhannon
  2. Dragon Mart - Cameron
  3. Boggs Pizza and Grill - Middlebourne
  4. Pasco's Pizza - New Martinsville
  5. Tomaro's Bakery - Clarksburg
  6. Colasessano's Pizza - Fairmont
  7. Country Club Bakery - Fairmont
  8. D'annunzio's - Clarksburg
  9. Home Industry Bakery - Clarksburg
  10. Terra Cafe - Morgantown

Congratulations to all our winning pepperoni roll bakeries!

Editors' Note: The list of winners was corrected on March 7, 2017 after a nominee was removed for violation of the Official Rules.

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