Cold Spring Pizza named best in New York

You don't have to go to the Big Apple to get a winning pie

In 1905, an Italian immigrant by the name of Gennaro Lombardi opened America’s first pizzeria in Little Italy in New York City. This single pizza shop selling pies for five cents a piece triggered a culinary movement, and today, New York City alone has some 400 pizzerias, with hundreds more scattered around the state. You can get pizza just about anywhere on the planet these days, but New York has its own distinct style. Typically hand-tossed with a dough made from high-gluten bread flour, New York-style pizza comes with a thin layer of tomato sauce, a sprinkling of grated mozzarella cheese and a host of other toppings. Slices are often large and wide–best eaten folded in half from the crust. And while you can get great pizza outside the Big Apple (as some of our winners prove), local legend credits the mineral content in New York City’s water for the texture and flavor of the crust. 

  • Cold Spring Pizza
    Cold Spring

    Family owned since 1972, Cold Spring Pizza serves hot pizza by the slice with a range of styles from traditional to contemporary. Classics include Margherita and fresh tomato with garlic, while adventurous pizza lovers can opt for the tater tot bacon cheddar and ranch pizza. No matter the choice, dough is made fresh daily in house.
    Photo courtesy of Cold Spring Pizza

  • Apizza Regionale

    Apizza Regionale takes inspiration from the Italian approach to regional cooking by sourcing ingredients from growers and producers in New York State and Italy. The dough is made from stoneground flour and fresh yeast, fermented for up to 48 hours wood-fired in an oven imported from Naples. Tomatoes are hand milled and everything from the mozzarella to the sausage are made in-house daily.
    Photo courtesy of Apizza Regionale

  • Denino's Pizzeria
    New York City

    Originally opened in 1937, Denino’s Pizzeria is known around New York City for its award-winning thin crust pizza. Signature options include Denino’s White Pie with fresh onions, garlic, olive oil and cheese, as well as Denino’s “M.O.R.” Pie with meatball, fresh onion and ricotta cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Denino's Pizzeria

  • Juliana's Pizza

    Juliana’s Pizza, a neighborhood pizzeria in Brooklyn, serves New York-style pies with thin crusts and house-made, locally and internationally sourced toppings. Each pie goes into a coal-fired oven that’s been on operation for half a century.
    Photo courtesy of Biz Jones for Juliana's

  • Slices Pizza

    Pizzas at Slices come in three round sizes or as a square Grandma pie. Crust can be traditional, whole wheat or gluten-free, and toppings cover all the classics, plus specialty items like buffalo chicken, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes or pineapple.
    Photo courtesy of Slices Pizza / Facebook

  • Mama's Boy Pizza

    Everything at Mama’s Boy Pizza in Tannersville is made in house, from the pizza dough to the sauces to the meatballs (made with grass-fed beef from a local farm). Pies come topped with an uncooked tomato crudo to add freshness to the finished product. Instead of the typical wedge shaped slices, Mama’s slices their pizzas family-style into easy-to-share strips.
    Photo courtesy of Jenn Morse / Mama's Boy Pizza

  • Bleecker Street Pizza
    New York City

    New York City's Bleecker Street Pizza is regionally famous for its Nona Maria Pie, made from an old family recipe with fresh mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce, aged Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and fresh basil on a thin Tuscan-style crust.
    Photo courtesy of Davis Staedtler / Flickr

  • Roberta's
    New York City

    Diners at Roberta’s can choose between eight different gourmet pizza options, like the Rosso (tomato, oregano and garlic) or the Beastmaster (tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, pork sausage, onion, capers and jalapeños), or build their own with classic Italian toppings like soppressata, anchovy, mushrooms or pancetta.
    Photo courtesy of Roberta's

  • Pizzeria Posto

    Opened in 2012, Pizzeria Posto has quickly gained acclaim for its excellent wood-fired pizzas topped with classic Italian ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fragrant basil, fennel sausage, soppressata, Gaeta olives and Grana Padano cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Pizzeria Posto / Facebook

  • Joe's Pizza
    New York City

    A Greenwich Village favorite since it opened in 1975, Joe’s Pizza is still owned and operated by Joe Pozzuoli of Naples, Italy. Pizzas here are unpretentious and served by the slice or full size with a variety of toppings. Joe’s also bakes up Sicilia-style square pizzas.
    Photo courtesy of Olivier Bruchez / Flickr

The top 10 winners in the category Best Pizza in New York are as follows:

  1. Cold Spring Pizza - Cold Spring
  2. Apizza Regionale - Syracuse
  3. Denino's Pizzeria - New York City
  4. Juliana's Pizza - Brooklyn
  5. Slices Pizza - Saugerties
  6. Mama's Boy Pizza - Tannersville
  7. Bleecker Street Pizza - New York City
  8. Roberta's - New York City
  9. Pizzeria Posto - Rhinebeck
  10. Joe's Pizza - New York City

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Amy Bandolik (Food Tour), Richard FrisbieMaria Lisella (10Best Local Expert), Dara Pollak (The Skinny Pig) and Stephanie Vermillion (The Wanderlost Way) were chosen based on their knowledge and experience of the state food scene.

Congratulations to all these winning pizzerias!

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