Best Poke in Hawaii (2019)


The word poke (rhymes with ‘okay’) means “to cut crosswise into pieces.” This favorite seafood dish on the islands is made with chopped seafood, typically Ahi tuna, marinated in sesame oil and soy sauce and mixed with fresh onion. Today, poke shops and grocery stores around the state serve numerous varieties with different seafoods (like octopus, salmon or mussels) and toppings.

  • Kahiau Jerky Poke & Provisions

    Kahiau Jerky Poke & Provisions

    The mission of Kahiau Jerky Poke & Provisions is to highlight locally sourced ingredients while offering fresh food to the local community. The menu comprises six poke options, including a tofu option for vegetarians.
    Photo courtesy of Kahiau Jerky Poke & Provisions

  • Ahi Assassins Fish Co.

    Ahi Assassins Fish Co.

    All the fish used to make poke at Ahi Assassins Fish Co. in Honolulu is caught locally. From the menu of nearly half a dozen varieties, the guest favorite is the Lunatic – a spicy ahi poke with no mayo.
    Photo courtesy of Ahi Assassins Fish Co

  • Aloha Cones

    Aloha Cones

    Founded in 2003, Aloha Cones specializes in “sushi in a bowl.” The poke bowls come with fresh sashimi grade Ahi on a bed of sushi rice, cucumbers, daikon radish and crab salad.
    Photo courtesy of Aloha Cones

  • Island Vintage Coffee

    Island Vintage Coffee
    Multiple Locations

    In addition to providing the world with gourmet Kona coffee, Island Vintage Coffee pairs a cup of joe with a poke bowl, made with wild-caught Hawaiian Ahi. They even offer vegan and shoyu spicy tofu poke bowls for non-fish-eating travelers.
    Photo courtesy of Island Vintage Coffee

  • Kaohu Store

    Kaohu Store

    The fresh poke bar at Kaohu Store is known for serving some of the best poke on Maui. Fish is always fresh, never frozen. You won’t be lacking for choice, but a local favorite is the Spicy Ninja Poke.
    Photo courtesy of Kaohu Store

  • Poke Market

    Poke Market
    Big Island

    At Poke Market on the Big Island, diners enjoy upscale poke bowls with several varieties to choose from. While all are tasty, Poke Market wins rave reviews for its salmon shiitake poke.
    Photo courtesy of Mariah G Williams

  • Ishihara Market

    Ishihara Market

    A popular spot for take-out, this historic market serves several varieties of poke – fresh, delicious and perfect for a picnic lunch.
    Photo courtesy of Kateri Tennberg via Instagram

  • Poke on Da Run

    Poke on Da Run

    This poke shop on Oahu’s leeward side is known for their giant poke bowls, made with freshly cut and seasoned fish, white rice and a sprinkle of furikake. Lovers of fusion food should try the poke nachos, served on a bed of wonton chips.
    Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

  • Fresh Catch

    Fresh Catch

    Fresh Catch specializes in island style seafood, and that includes poke made fresh daily. Diners can choose from half a dozen styles, including more unusual varieties like shrimp poke and kimchi tako poke.
    Photo courtesy of Fresh Catch

  • Pono Market

    Pono Market

    The lunch counter at family-owned Pono Market on Kauai is a popular spot to pick up the fixings for a poke picnic.
    Photo courtesy of @ca_boi250 via Instagram


The top 10 winners in the category Best Poke in Hawaii are as follows:

  1. Kahiau Jerky Poke & Provisions - Honolulu
  2. Ahi Assassins Fish Co. - Honolulu
  3. Aloha Cones - Honolulu
  4. Island Vintage Coffee - Multiple Locations
  5. Kaohu Store - Maui
  6. Poke Market - Big Island
  7. Ishihara Market - Kauai
  8. Poke on Da Run - Oahu
  9. Fresh Catch - Honolulu
  10. Pono Market - Kauai

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning poke spots!

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