Best Polish Boy in Ohio (2017)


Not to be confused by the po' boy in Louisiana, this Polish Boy is a Cleveland original. It's hard to pinpoint the exact origins of this Ohio sandwich, but however it popped into existence, it's since been lauded by chefs and food writers from around the country. 

  • The Pit BBQ Grille

    The Pit BBQ Grille

    The signature Polish Boy from The Pit BBQ Grille in Columbus comes topped with fresh-cut fries, slaw and barbecue sauce, while the Polish Girl has pulled pork as well.
    Photo courtesy of The Pit BBQ Grille

  • Mabel's BBQ

    Mabel's BBQ

    Chef Michael Symon's take on the famous Cleveland sandwich is a Polish Girl made with a hot cheddar kielbasa, chopped pork belly and slaw.
    Photo courtesy of Mabel's BBQ

  • Banter Beer and Wine

    Banter Beer and Wine

    Photo courtesy of Banter Beer and Wine

  • JoJo's Famous Chili Dogs

    JoJo's Famous Chili Dogs

    Aside from a classic Polish Boy, JoJo's Famous Chili Dogs in Toledo also serves burgers, sandwiches, wings and coney dogs with a range of toppings.
    Photo courtesy of JoJo's Famous Chili Dogs / Facebook

  • Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

    Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

    The Polish Boy at Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace is called the Po' Boy Dog, and it comes with hand-cut fries, slaw and a drizzle of barbecue sauce. Lara's Pittsburgh Princess, a similar option, has slaw, fresh-cut fries and malt vinegar instead of the more traditional BBQ sauce.
    Photo courtesy of Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace

  • Seti's Polish Boys

    Seti's Polish Boys

    For many Clevelanders, the term 'Polish Boy' is synonymous with Seti's, a food truck specializing in grilled sausage sandwiches. The Seti's Best Polish Boy is made from a beef Polish sausage, topped with slaw, fries and sauce in a steamed deli bun.
    Photo courtesy of Seti's Polish Boys

  • Hot Sauce Williams

    Hot Sauce Williams

    Hot Sauce Williams is one of Cleveland's more legendary Polish Boy spots, and their variation is a messy, finger-licking experience thanks to the restaurant's signature hot sauce poured over the top of the sandwich.
    Photo courtesy of stu_spivack / Flickr

  • Little Polish Diner

    Little Polish Diner

    At the Little Polish Diner in Parma, the Polish Boy is a little different. It still starts with a smoked kielbasa sausage, but it's topped with sauerkraut on a hoagie bun.
    Photo courtesy of Little Polish Diner

  • Al & B's Barbeque

    Al & B's Barbeque

    Al & B's Barbeque has both a Polish Boy and a Polish Girl – the same but with smoked pork shoulder added to the mix – on its sandwich menu.
    Photo courtesy of stu_spivack / Flickr

  • Kim's Wings

    Kim's Wings

    Don't let the name fool you. Kim's Wings has a menu much broader than chicken, one that includes a Polish Boy and Polish Girl, as well as seafood, sandwiches, ribs and desserts.
    Photo courtesy of stu_spivack / Flickr

Originally a simple kielbasa (Polish sausage) on a bun, the Polish Boy has evolved to include a generous topping of french fries, cole slaw and barbecue sauce – a finger-licking-good handheld meal.

10Best and Sandwich America asked a local Ohio food writer and The Food Channel to nominate 20 worthy restaurants across the state as nominees for Best Polish Boy in Ohio, and for the last four weeks, our readers have been voting daily for their favorites.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Polish Boy in Ohio are as follows:

  1. The Pit BBQ Grille - Columbus
  2. Mabel's BBQ - Cleveland
  3. Banter Beer and Wine - Cleveland
  4. JoJo's Famous Chili Dogs - Toledo
  5. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace - Columbus
  6. Seti's Polish Boys - Cleveland
  7. Hot Sauce Williams - Cleveland
  8. Little Polish Diner - Parma
  9. Al & B's Barbeque - Cleveland
  10. Kim's Wings - Cleveland

Congrats to all our winning polish boy restaurants!

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