Best Private Lights Display (2014)


'Tis the season of sparkling lights and power strips. USA TODAY 10Best has teamed up with Inside Edition to bring you the best private lights displays in the country.

  • Hunter from Midlothian, Va.

    Hunter from Midlothian, Va.

    Hunter and his father Buck pull out all the stops to decorate their Midlothian, Va. home during the holidays. The display, which the pair start assembling in September for a Thanksgiving launch, features more than 178,000 lights (15,000 added in 2014), 34 inflatables, 42 blow molds, 50 strobe lights, three snow machines and a fog machine. A large part of the yard is synchronized to music with a radio station.
    Photo courtesy of Hunter Bottoms

  • James from Corpus Christi, Texas

    James from Corpus Christi, Texas

    The Mazoch Family Christmas Display is a labor of love – one James began building more than 10 years ago with a custom-built moving nativity scene. Since then, the family has added over four other themed displays to the collection, each hand built. James's son Daniel estimates the display includes 40,000 lights and requires roughly three quarters of a mile of extension cords. The family's greatest joy is watching the first cars line up as the lights turn on each evening.
    Photo courtesy of James Mazoch

  • Hayden from Madison, Miss.

    Hayden from Madison, Miss.

    Hayden and his family set out to provide a free and family-oriented holiday event to enrich the community of Madison, Miss. The Richardson Light Show features more than 200 inflatables, 100,000 Christmas lights and a 20-foot animated tree to bring joy and entertainment to guests while reminding them of the meaning behind the holiday.
    Photo courtesy of Hayden Richardson

  • James from Spokane, Wash.

    James from Spokane, Wash.

    James and his wife Karrie painted and cut out some 55 Disney characters to complement the 9,000 lights on their Spokane, Wash. home. The couple, both Disney lovers who met in the fourth grade, spend over 40 hours on their display in an effort to give a Disneyland-like experience to those who many never get to visit the California theme park.
    Photo courtesy of James King

  • Chris from Billings, Mont.

    Chris from Billings, Mont.

    The Billings North Pole, Chris's holiday display in Billings, Mont., invites guests to stroll paths amid the lights and visit Santa's house for a photo op with the bearded man himself, who stands on the front porch dancing and waving. There are plenty of animated displays and Christmas houses filled with magic to be seen, as well as candy canes, chocolate and gifts for the little ones.
    Photo courtesy of Chris Troop

  • Joey and Tyler from Coventry, R.I.

    Joey and Tyler from Coventry, R.I.

    The Crazy Christmas Extravaganza, a holiday collaboration between Joey and Tyler of Coventry, R.I., comprises more than 100,000 lights, 300 blow molds and a 30-foot castle. It takes the pair about two months to get the display in shape for visitors, and each year for the past 10 years, the two have collected donations for charity and non-perishables for a local food pantry.
    Photo courtesy of Carl Horrocks

  • Jack from Ambler, Penn.

    Jack from Ambler, Penn.

    Jack (of Ambler, Penn.) stopped counting the number of lights in his Light up a Life display several years ago when he reached 150,000. The annual display, which features a 12-foot Ferris wheel, photo op area and a walking path winding through the lights, takes Jack more than six weeks to assemble - and that's with plenty of help from his friends. In 2014, Jack hopes to raise $20,000 in donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Villa, two charitable organizations servicing Southeastern Pennsylvania.
    Photo courtesy of Jack Yoast

  • Chris from Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Chris from Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Snow doesn't often fall in Scottsdale, but it does at Chris's house as part of his holiday light show featuring 250,000 lights. Visitors can roast marshmallows on an open fire, sip hot chocolate, see the Island of Misfit Toys and walk through the Christmas Mine Shaft with Santa's Toy Shop and Gift Lift Station. Santa visits on the display on Christmas Eve.
    Photo courtesy of Chris Birkett

  • Kimberlee from Lowell, Ind.

    Kimberlee from Lowell, Ind.

    Kimberlee and her husband Daniel started decorating when their daughter Chrissie was little, adding a little each year since. This year, Chrissie is 19 and the decorations are bigger than ever, including nightly holiday movies projected on the garage that people can tune their radio to and watch and a Santa mailbox for kids to drop off their letters. Visitor donations go toward coats and canned goods benefiting area churches.
    Photo courtesy of Kimberlee Dvorak

  • Sharon from Dexter, Maine

    Sharon from Dexter, Maine

    Several years ago, Sharon's 87-year-old father built her a 1927 Ford Model TT from parts, and each year, the Dexter, Maine resident decorates it for different seasons. For the winter holidays, the antique car gets adorned with a tree covered in 300 twinkling white lights and a wreath on the front bumper, lit with a flood light.
    Photo courtesy of Sharon Mulcahy

We asked America to send in photos of their best holiday lights, and then turned it over to USA TODAY 10Best readers to vote for their favorite from the 20 finalists. After three days of intense voting, Hunter and his father Buck have won a $5,000 gift card from USA TODAY for their spectacular Midlothian, Va. holiday display, which includes more than 178,000 lights.

The top ten winners spanned the country, from Washington to Mississippi and Texas to Montana, so chances are, there's a display near you.

The winners of 'Best Private Lights Display' category in our USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice contest are as follows:

  1. Hunter from Midlothian, Va.
  2. James from Corpus Christi, Texas
  3. Hayden from Madison, Miss.
  4. James from Spokane, Wash.
  5. Chris from Billings, Mont.
  6. Joey and Tyler from Coventry, R.I.
  7. Jack from Ambler, Penn.
  8. Chris from Scottsdale, Ariz.
  9. Kimberlee from Lowell, Ind.
  10. Sharon from Dexter, Maine

Congratulations to all our winners. Many of these displays run through the end of the year, so get out and enjoy some holiday cheer!


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