Best Salmon in Alaska (2018)


Fish farming is illegal in Alaska state waters, and that means salmon served in restaurants across the state is wild-caught and among the healthiest and freshest available. The state’s five species of salmon–king, silver, chum, pink and red–are caught and served throughout the year and are a dietary staple for many Alaskans.

  • The Cookery

    The Cookery

    Alaskan sockeye salmon is a star on The Cookery’s menu. Get it with braised Alaskan kale, potatoes and a mustard BBQ sauce, or with Alaskan zucchini, kale ragout and beet coulis. Lighter appetites can try it on a local greens and wheatberry salad with pickled rhubarb and peach BBQ sauce.
    Photo courtesy of The Cookery

  • Deckhand Dave's

    Deckhand Dave's

    The sockeye salmon tacos from Deckhand Dave’s are made with panko-crusted wild Alaskan salmon in a soft corn tortilla topped with red cabbage slaw, cherry tomato pico de gallo, avocado cream and fresh cilantro.
    Photo courtesy of Deckhand Dave's

  • La Baleine Café

    La Baleine Café

    Salmon is easy to find on the menu at La Baleine Café in Homer. The salmon BLT features local fish and avocado, while the house-made ramen noodle bowl comes topped with sockeye salmon. The eggs Benedict come with house-smoked salmon as well.
    Photo courtesy of La Baleine Café

  • Alaska Fish House

    Alaska Fish House

    Salmon features prominently on the menu at the Alaska Fish House in Ketchikan. Local silver salmon gets battered, fried and served as fish and chips, while the smoked salmon chowder is a popular way to warm up on a cold day.
    Photo courtesy of Alaska Fish House

  • The Saltry Restaurant

    The Saltry Restaurant
    Halibut Cove

    The Saltry Restaurant in Halibut Cove pickles and smokes their Kenai Riveer sockeye salmon in-house. Diners can enjoy it as a smoked salmon salad sandwich or as a main dish with mushrooms and roe.
    Photo courtesy of The Saltry Restaurant

  • 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern

    229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern
    Denali National Park & Preserve

    The menu at 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern changes to highlight the best local, freshly harvested and sustainable ingredients, and that’s true of the Alaskan salmon as well, which features frequently.
    Photo courtesy of 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern / Alaska

  • Bear Tooth Grill

    Bear Tooth Grill

    The menu at Bear Tooth Grill in Anchorage changes with the season, but salmon almost always features. Try it in a warming seafood and chorizo stew or as a main with whole grain mustard beurre blanc, an arepa and seasonal veggies.
    Photo courtesy of Bear Tooth Grill

  • Jack Sprat

    Jack Sprat

    The wild Alaskan salmon served at Jack Sprat in Girdwood comes with garlic and herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, leeks, carrots and fried capers.
    Photo courtesy of Jack Sprat

  • Seven Glaciers Restaurant

    Seven Glaciers Restaurant

    Seven Glaciers in Girdwood highlights seasonal produce and local proteins on their menu. Alaskan salmon is served with an herb aioli, smoked salmon potato salad and fennel.
    Photo courtesy of Seven Glaciers Restaurant

  • Lavelle's Bistro

    Lavelle's Bistro

    Among the many seafood offerings at Lavelle's Bistro in Fairbanks is a moist and tender potato-crusted salmon served with a lemon beurre blanc.
    Photo courtesy of Lavelle's Bistro

The top 10 winners in the Best Salmon in Alaska category are as follows:

  1. The Cookery - Seward
  2. Deckhand Dave's - Juneau
  3. La Baleine Café - Homer
  4. Alaska Fish House - Ketchikan
  5. The Saltry Restaurant - Halibut Cove
  6. 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern - Denali National Park & Preserve
  7. Bear Tooth Grill - Anchorage
  8. Jack Sprat - Girdwood
  9. Seven Glaciers Restaurant - Girdwood
  10. Lavelle's Bistro - Fairbanks

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Maya Wilson (Alaska from Scratch) and Claire Neaton and Emma Laukitis (Salmon Sisters) were chosen for their knowledge of the seafood scene in thee state.

Congratulations to all these winning restaurants!

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Maya Wilson

Maya Wilson

Maya Wilson

Claire Neaton and Emma Laukitis a.k.a. Salmon Sisters

Claire Neaton and Emma Laukitis a.k.a. Salmon Sisters

Claire Neaton and Emma Laukitis a.k.a. Salmon Sisters