Best SkyMall Holiday Gift (2014)


With the holiday season upon us, it's time to think about shopping and gift lists. USA TODAY 10Best Editors nominated 20 products for Best SkyMall Holiday Gift, and our readers voted their favorites to the top. SkyMall is, of course, the company which curates the best in travel and lifestyle products and makes them all available in the in-flight catalog found on domestic airlines, as well as at

  • Biometric Fingerprint iWallet

    Biometric Fingerprint iWallet

    A great gift for frequent travelers, the Biometric Fingerprint iWallet holds up to 20 bills and four credit cards or IDs protected by four layers of security. The innovative wallet can be tethered to a smart phone so a proximity alarm will sound if the devices are separated.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Jennifer Adams Home Seasonal Candle Bundle

    Jennifer Adams Home Seasonal Candle Bundle

    Perfect for gift-giving season, the Jennifer Adams Home Seasonal Candle Bundle includes two long-lasting wax candles (warming Black Fig and refreshing Cozy Linen Twill) in glass containers that will add a touch of elegance to any room.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Pringo Portable Photo Printer

    Pringo Portable Photo Printer

    The Pringo Portable Photo Printer lets photographers take photos and print them on the spot. It's small and lightweight enough to carry anywhere, and it even provides mobile printing from a smartphone.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Beer Pouch Hoodies

    Beer Pouch Hoodies

    Perfect for sporting events, outdoor adventures, tailgating or lounging in the backyard, the Beer Pouch Hoodie keeps the body warm and the beer (or soda) ice cold.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Dynamic Artwork Frames

    Dynamic Artwork Frames

    This ideal gift for parents showcases a 'masterpiece' by their budding young artist while storing up to 50 more behind it for future display. The wooden frame, available in cherry or black, can be hung horizontally or vertically to add a pop of unique color to a home or office.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • NetChef


    The NetChef brings cooking videos, apps, websites and thousands of websites right to the kitchen counter with an easy-to-use touch screen and wireless internet connectivity. A built-in unit converter and kitchen timer make it an excellent gift for both new and experienced cooks.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Polaroid CUBE Action Camera

    Polaroid CUBE Action Camera

    The Polaroid CUBE is designed to capture moments on the go, with a capacity for up to 90 minutes of video. Water resistant, shock-proof and mountable to nearly everything, the CUBE is a perfect gift for travelers, parents, athletes ... anyone!
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Dog Breed Toaster

    Dog Breed Toaster

    Dog-lovers will adore the Dog Breed Toaster which adorns each piece of bread with a silhouette of one of a dozen dog breeds. It's also functional, with adjustable heat settings, frozen/reheat functions and a pop-up handle.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • The Bacon Jams Sampler 3-Pack

    The Bacon Jams Sampler 3-Pack

    A gift for the bacon lover who has everything, the Bacon Jams Sampler 3-Pack contains 8-ounce jars of three flavors of spreadable bacon goodness: All Original, Black Pepper and Red Chile & Garlic.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder

    Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder

    By day, the Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder lures colorful hummingbirds to the window, and by night, its solar-powered LED decorates the yard with a jewel-like color show.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

The Biometric Fingerprint iWallet took top honors, and with its multiple layers of security, it certainly makes an excellent gift for any frequent traveler.

Two other products in the top five, the Pringo Portable Photo Printer and the Beer Pouch Hoodies, also make great options as gifts for people on the move, but sometimes the best gifts are the ones you come home to. Rounding out the top five are the Jennifer Adams Home Seasonal Candle Bundle and the Dynamic Artwork Frames.

The full list of winners in the 'Best SkyMall Holiday Giftl' category in our USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice contest is as follows:

  1. Biometric Fingerprint iWallet
  2. Jennifer Adams Home Seasonal Candle Bundle
  3. Pringo Portable Photo Printer
  4. Beer Pouch Hoodies
  5. Dynamic Artwork Frames
  6. NetChef
  7. Polaroid CUBE Action Camera
  8. Dog Breed Toaster
  9. The Bacon Jams Sampler 3-Pack
  10. Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Keep this list handy as you start making your holiday shopping list (or wish list). SkyMall also constantly curates their merchandise and new finds are available throughout the year.


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