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Business travel should be - as much as absolutely possible - about ease, efficiency and comfort.  And our readers have said as much, with their votes for Best SkyMall Product for Business Travel, in our latest Readers' Choice contest.  SkyMall is, of course, the company which curates the best in travel products and makes them all available in the in-flight catalog found on domestic airlines, as well as at

Cabeau Evolution's travel pillow took top honors, and this makes perfect sense.  Those who fly for business are often required to take very early and/or late flights to get to and from territories, appointments and events.

  • Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

    Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

    The portable and compact Evolution Travel Pillow offers excellent neck support on the go, whether your business travels take you on the road, in a plane or even poolside for some leisure time between seminars.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • World's Lightest Carry On

    World's Lightest Carry On

    This 20-inch carry-on bag weighs in at only 4 pounds - 66 percent lighter than other bags of a comparable size. A durable polyester exterior reinforced with aluminum tubing and fiberglass rods means the bag will withstand the rigors of frequent travel.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Pocketed Impervious Carry-On

    Pocketed Impervious Carry-On

    This durable, hard-sided carry-on features an exterior pocket for easy access to reading materials, boarding passes, laptop or passport
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Laptop Beverage Holder

    Laptop Beverage Holder

    A laptop and cup of coffee are the two critical elements for many a business traveler. The Laptop Beverage Holder clamps on to your laptop or tray table, so you'll always have a convenient and secure place for your beverage of choice.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Under Seat Rolling Carry On

    Under Seat Rolling Carry On

    This compact carry-on wheels through the airport and slides under the seat - no need to heft it into an overhead bin. A padded front pocket will accommodate a 15" laptop.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • TSA Friendly Laptop Carry On

    TSA Friendly Laptop Carry On

    This impervious carry-on fits a 15-inch laptop in an exterior, easy-to-access pocket that makes passing through airport security a breeze. The polycarbonate composite shell will endure all the abuses of frequent travel.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

    Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

    With an adjustable padded nose bridge to custom fit your nose and a silky soft interior, The Midnight Magic Sleep Mask helps the busy business traveler catch a few zzz in planes, trains or bright hotel rooms.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • ChargerLeash Charge & Sync Smart Cable

    ChargerLeash Charge & Sync Smart Cable

    The innovative ChargerLeash pairs your portable device with any USB charger, and when your device gets disconnected, you'll be alerted with an audible alarm. No more lost chargers left behind in hotel rooms!
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • PocketPlug Case

    PocketPlug Case

    The PocketPlug Case offers the convenience of a case and a charger in one. The two charger prongs fold flat when not in use, and the case itself is designed to enhance the audio quality of the phone's speaker.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

  • Portable Security Door Device

    Portable Security Door Device

    The lightweight Portable Security Door Device fits easily into a medium-sized purse or backpack, and it offers the peace of mind of a secure hotel or bathroom door for business travelers who need privacy and security.
    Photo courtesy of SkyMall

Four carry-on bags landed in the top six spots, clearly indicating that the right luggage means everything to a business traveler.  "World's Lightest Carry On," which took second place, is likely very popular with female travelers, but honestly, who doesn't like a lighter load?  

The full list of winners in the 'Best SkyMall Product for Business Travel' category in our USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice contest is as follows:

  1. Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow
  2. World's Lightest Carry On
  3. Pocketed Impervious Carry-On
  4. Laptop Beverage Holder
  5. Under Seat Rolling Carry On
  6. TSA Friendly Laptop Carry On
  7. Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask
  8. ChargerLeash Charge & Sync Smart Cable
  9. PocketPlug Case
  10. Portable Security Door Device

The next time you're buying a gift for a frequent traveler, this is a great list to consult.  SkyMall also constantly curates their merchandise and new finds are available throughout the year.  

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