Best SkyMall Product for Families (2014)


After four weeks of voting, our readers have spoken.  The winners in the 'Best SkyMall Product for Families' contest category for 10Best Readers' Choice are as follows:

  • Cabana Islander

    Cabana Islander

    This recreational haven seats six and has a portable cooler attached. What's not to love?

  • Solar e Charger

    Solar e Charger

    There's nothing worse than not being able to find a plug for your child's device when they're in the middle of a movie and having a battery crisis (and a soon-to-occur meltdown).  This device spares a parent all the drama.

  • Cam-O-Bunk


    Campers can increase available space in a tent or cabin with this ingenious item.  The cam-o-bunk makes hitting the great outdoors a far more pleasant option.

  • World's Largest Write-on Map

    World's Largest Write-on Map

    What a brilliant way to show kids the world, literally. Let them mark off the place they've visited and open up a conversation about previous trips and dreams for the future.

  • Smart AC Powerstrip

    Smart AC Powerstrip

    Our expert absolutely loves this product which powers multiple devices in the car. Some planes still use this style of adapter, too. She calls it a "lifesaver."

  • Self-watering planters

    Self-watering planters

    Our expert actually owns a set of these.  She says they're easy to install, keep planters which would otherwise dry out quickly nice and wet, and prevents you from having to call in a favor from the neighbors while on vacation.

  • USA License Plates game

    USA License Plates game

    Beat road-trip blues by using this game to help identify out-of-state license plates. It's amazing how this keeps kids quiet and busy!

  • iPad Entertainment Center

    iPad Entertainment Center

    A solution for young kids who drop iPads, this item prevents mom or dad from pulling the car over or awkwardly reaching into the backseat area to fish it off the floor.

  • Inflatable Paddleboard

    Inflatable Paddleboard

    Stand-up paddleboarding is all the rage, but the boards are enormous. This one is much easier to take on a road trip, plus the kids will love floating on it,

  • Ciao! Baby High Chair

    Ciao! Baby High Chair

    Pull this highchair up to a park's picnic table with no problem.  Our expert loved its portability and light weight.  

  1. Cabana Islander
  2. Solar e Charger
  3. Cam-O-Bunk
  4. World's Largest Write-on Map
  5. Smart AC Powerstrip
  6. Self-watering planters
  7. USA License Plates game
  8. iPad Entertainment Center
  9. Inflatable Paddleboard
  10. Ciao! Baby High Chair

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Katie Dillon

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