Best Sports Tradition (2018)


Sports and tradition have long gone hand in hand, and many of the country's top teams–collegiate and professional alike–have their own unique traditions both on and off the field.

  • Rolling Toomer's Corner

    Rolling Toomer's Corner
    Auburn Tigers

    Anytime the Auburn Tigers win a football game, fans descend upon the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue–a spot known as Toomer's Corner for the Toomer's Drugs on the corner–to celebrate. Toilet paper in hand, fans throw toilet paper on just about every stationary object in sight.
    Photo courtesy of Albert Cesare/Montgomery Advertiser via USA TODAY Sports

  • March On

    March On
    Army Black Knights & Navy Midshipmen

    According to Dwight D. Eisenhower, “The Army and the Navy are the best of friends in the world 364 ½ days a year, but on one Saturday afternoon, we’re the worst of enemies.” He's talking about the Army-Navy game, when the Cadets and Midshipmen take turns marching onto the field–a spectacular sight from the stands.
    Photo courtesy of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

  • Midnight Yell

    Midnight Yell
    Texas A&M Aggies

    Aggie Football enjoys some of the most passionate fans in the sport. So passionate, in fact, that some 30,000 of them gather in the student section of Kyle Field at midnight to practice yells for the following day's home game. 
    Photo courtesy of Ensign beedrill / Wikimedia Commons

  • The Grove

    The Grove
    Ole Miss Rebels

    While tailgating has become a tradition at many major sporting events, no one does it quite like the Ole Miss Rebels. Each game day, fans converge on The Grove, a 10-acre grassy area shaded by oak trees, dressed in blue and red in what has become one of the best tailgating sites in the country.
    Photo courtesy of Ken Lund / Flickr

  • Raider Nation

    Raider Nation
    Oakland Raiders

    Anyone who's seen a game at the Oakland Coliseum will be familiar with the Halloween-like costumes worn by the Raider Nation fan base. The stadium is nicknamed The Black Hole, and the often bizarre and scary costumes, designed to intimidate, match the sentiment. Only time will tell if the tradition follows the Raiders to their new home in Las Vegas.
    Photo courtesy of Oakland Raiders

  • Sooner Schooner

    Sooner Schooner
    Oklahoma Sooners

    During the 1889 land run, pioneers came to Oklahoma in covered wagons. Today, after each OU score, a similar wagon known as the Sooner Schooner races across Owen Field, pulled by a pair of white ponies named Boomer and Sooner.
    Photo courtesy of Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

  • Script Ohio

    Script Ohio
    Ohio State Buckeyes

    Script Ohio, the quintessential formation of the Ohio State University Marching Band, made its debut in 1936. Since then, it's been a fan favorite, especially when the "i" dotter – typically a fourth or fifth-year sousaphone player – high fives the drum major, takes position and bows to both sides of the stadium.
    Photo courtesy of beru8ra / Flickr

  • Jump Around

    Jump Around
    Wisconsin Badgers

    Since the homecoming game in 1998, Wisconsin Badgers fans pep themselves up by jumping around to "Jump Around" by the House of Pain before the fourth quarter of each football game.
    Photo courtesy of Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

  • Cowbell

    Mississippi State Bulldogs

    Team pride at Mississippi State takes the form of a cowbell. According to local legend, a Jersey cow wandered onto the field during a home game that the Bulldogs went on to win, thus becoming a good luck charm. Soon students began bringing cowbells to outdoor athletic events–football in particular–to carry on the good luck.
    Photo courtesy of Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE

  • Planting of the Flaming Spear

    Planting of the Flaming Spear
    Florida State Seminoles

    Before every FSU football game, fans watch as Florida State mascot Chief Osceola rides his horse named Renegade onto the field and plants a flaming spear into the turf. The tradition is described as a way to get the team fired up while also paying tribute to the Seminole tribe.
    Photo courtesy of John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We asked 10Best readers to vote for their favorite tradition in sports from a pool of 20 nominees, and the results are in. 

The top 10 winners in the category Best Sports Tradition are as follows: 

  1. Rolling Toomer's Corner - Auburn Tigers
  2. March On - Army Black Knights & Navy Midshipmen
  3. Midnight Yell - Texas A&M Aggies
  4. The Grove - Ole Miss Rebels
  5. Raider Nation - Oakland Raiders
  6. Sooner Schooner - Oklahoma Sooners
  7. Script Ohio - Ohio State Buckeyes
  8. Jump Around - Wisconsin Badgers
  9. Cowbell - Mississippi State Bulldogs
  10. Planting of the Flaming Spear - Florida State Seminoles

Congratulations to all these winning sports traditions!

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