Best Walleye Sandwich in South Dakota (2017)


Walleye, the state fish of South Dakota, has a flaky white flesh and a sweet, mild flavor. Anglers from around the nation come to South Dakota in search of this prized fish, and during the summer season, it hits the fry pan in restaurant kitchens across the state.

  • Drifters Bar & Grille

    Drifters Bar & Grille
    Fort Pierre

    Diners at Drifters Bar & Grille in Fort Pierre can get their walleye sandwich fix two ways. Walleye sliders are made from beer-battered walleye garnished with poppyseed coleslaw and zingy jalapeño aioli, while the popular walleye tacos come with all of the above, plus pineapple pico de gallo.
    Photo courtesy of Drifters Bar & Grille

  • RiverCenter Cafe

    RiverCenter Cafe

    Pierre is home to some of the best walleye fishing in the state, so it's no surprise that the restaurant at the Ramkota Pierre serves a stellar version of the walleye sandwich. Seasoned with Cajun spices, this sandwich often makes an appearance on the daily lunch special board.
    Photo courtesy of RiverCenter Cafe

  • Bay Leaf Cafe

    Bay Leaf Cafe

    Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bay Leaf Cafe serves a winning walleye sandwich, served grilled, fried or Cajun-style on a grilled roll. The sandwich comes with a choice of side.
    Photo courtesy of Bay Leaf Cafe / Facebook

  • Brown Rock Café

    Brown Rock Café

    The Brown Rock Cafe at Cadillac Jack in Deadwood serves their sandwich with grilled or fried fresh walleye garnished with a lemon basil aioli, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted hoagie roll.
    Photo courtesy of Brown Rock Sports Cafe

  • The Landing Restaurant and Lounge

    The Landing Restaurant and Lounge

    The wildly popular walleye sandwich from The Landing in Yankton uses South Dakota made or grown ingredients whenever possible, including locally baked buns, heirloom tomatoes from a nearby hobby farm and cheese from a dairy in Dimock.
    Photo courtesy of The Landing Restaurant and Lounge

  • McNally's Irish Pub

    McNally's Irish Pub
    Sioux Falls

    Hungry seafood lovers dining at McNally's Irish Pub can sink their teeth into a hearty sandwich made with herb-crusted walleye, lettuce, tomato and house-made tartar sauce on a toasted Kaiser roll.
    Photo courtesy of McNally's Irish Pub

  • Callaway's

    Sioux Falls

    The guest-favorite walleye sandwich from Callaway's in Sioux Falls is made from a beer-battered walleye filet, topped with American cheese and garnished with tartar sauce.
    Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

  • Minervas

    Multiple Locations

    While you won't find a walleye sandwich on the regular menu at Minervas, it does make an appearance as a special from time to time. This iteration includes a lightly breaded walleye filet, citrus aioli, lettuce and tomato.
    Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

  • Watertown Brewing Co.

    Watertown Brewing Co.

    While Watertown Brewing Co. doesn't have walleye in sandwich form on their normal menu, this fish-centric sandwich does make an appearance as a special. It's beer-battered and fried, and served with a choice of side.
    Photo courtesy of Watertown Brewing Co. / Facebook

  • Lunkers Restaurant

    Lunkers Restaurant

    Lunkers version of the walleye sandwich features a lightly breaded and golden fried fish filet topped with American cheese.
    Photo courtesy of Lunkers Restaurant / Facebook


Often lightly breaded and fried, walleye finds its way onto many a menu in the form of a sandwich, often served no-frills with lettuce, tomato and a bit of tartar sauce.

10Best and Sandwich America set out to find the best walleye sandwich in the state. To do so, 10Best editors joined forces with the South Dakota Department of Tourism and The Food Channel to nominate 14 worthy restaurants across the state. For the last four weeks, our readers have been voting daily for their favorites, and the results are in.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Walleye Sandwich in South Dakota are as follows:

  1. Drifters Bar & Grille - Fort Pierre
  2. RiverCenter Cafe - Pierre
  3. Bay Leaf Cafe - Spearfish
  4. Brown Rock Café - Deadwood
  5. The Landing Restaurant and Lounge - Yankton
  6. McNally's Irish Pub - Sioux Falls
  7. Callaway's - Sioux Falls
  8. Minervas - Multiple Locations
  9. Watertown Brewing Co. - Watertown
  10. Lunkers Restaurant - Watertown

Congratulations to all our winning sandwich shops in South Dakota!

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