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When you're a wine club member, the wine comes to you. Wine subscriptions are an easy and convenient way to sample new wines, including varietals and vineyards you might not find at your local wine store. We asked a panel of wine industry experts to nominate their favorite wine clubs, and our readers voted for their favorites.

  • invests in independent winemakers, so customers get insider prices to exclusive wines. Customers, known as Angels, deposit a monthly membership fee into an Angel account, which can be used to order wine from indie winemakers at any time.
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  • Wine of the Month Club

    Wine of the Month Club

    Wine of the Month Club is one of the oldest mail order wine clubs in the country. Customers can choose from a dozen different club packages, ranging from classic and limited series to themed cases (California, Napa, Bordeaux, rosé or pinot noir).
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  • Underground Cellar

    Underground Cellar

    Customers of the Underground Cellar can mix and match bottles into cases that ship for free. Every purchase includes a guaranteed upgrade, where bottles are swapped for something more expensive for free. Every purchase also included complimentary storage of up to 500 bottles in Underground Cellar’s Napa Valley wine cellar.
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  • Plonk Wine Club

    Plonk Wine Club

    Plonk Wine Club wants to get you out of your wine rut by introducing you to off-beat varieties, like Xarelo-lo and Teroldego, from organic, limited-production and hard-to-find wines from around the world. Tasting notes are included in each shipment.
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  • Firstleaf


    The Firstleaf experience starts with a short quiz to determine your wine preferences and begin a custom tasting profile. Customers rate their wines after each shipment with a thumbs up or down to further refine that tasting profile.
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  • Winc Wine Club

    Winc Wine Club

    With Winc, wine lovers get great wines hand-selected to their tastes and delivered to their doorstep. The longer you’re a member the better Winc learns your palate to deliver better and better wines. Boxes include four bottles a month and include red, white or both.
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  • Through The Grapevine Natural Wine Club

    Through The Grapevine Natural Wine Club

    Through the Grapevine focuses on small-production, natural wine producers who hand-pick their organic grapes, produce less than 5,000 cases per year and don’t doctor their wines in the cellar. Choose between three or six bottles, shipped every other month, and skip any shipments you don’t want.
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  • Primal Wine Club

    Primal Wine Club

    The mission of Primal Wine Club is to bring the best natural wines from around the world right to their customers’ doors. Choose between red, white or mixed packs in a three or six-bottle monthly subscription, each with wines made in small batches from organic or biodynamic grapes.
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    Unlike most other wine clubs, VINEBOX ships their wines by the glass. Customers receive nine seasonal wines highlighting new regions and wine styles. Full-sized bottle credits mean members can stock up on new favorites.
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  • Wine Access

    Wine Access

    Wine Access specializes in hard-to-find wines, from first growth estates in France to Napa icons with long waiting lists. Six-bottle allocations are shipped four times per year, with shipping included. Each package includes a video walking you through each wine’s unique story.
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The top 10 winners in the category Best Wine Clubs are as follows:

  2. Wine of the Month Club
  3. Underground Cellar
  4. Plonk Wine Club
  5. Firstleaf
  6. Winc Wine Club
  7. Through The Grapevine Natural Wine Club
  8. Primal Wine Club
  10. Wine Access

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

Congratulations to all these winning wine clubs!

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