Makers in the USA: Best Home & Garden (2016)


"Home" means many things to many different people. Whether you rent a modern studio apartment or live in a centuries old family estate, the space you call home will be enhanced by the creations of these 10 makers in the USA, nominated by a panel of expert in the makers movement and voted to the top by 10Best and USA TODAY readers.

  • If You Give a Girl a Saw

    If You Give a Girl a Saw

    If You Give a Girl a Saw began when Janine Stone set out on a quest to construct a weatherproof shoe storage solution for her studio apartment. It was love at first cut, and Janine has been woodworking ever since. Her items, handmade in San Luis Obispo, include headboards, tables, breakfast trays and wall hangings made with wood sourced from locally owned lumberyards.
    Photo courtesy of If You Give a Girl a Saw / Etsy

  • Garner Blue

    Garner Blue
    Hand-Dyed Indigo Textiles

    Lisa "Lou" Garner, owner of Garner Blue, uses natural and reclaimed materials – river rocks, sticks, wood blocks and up-cycled cassette tapes – to create the patterns on her line of small-batch, indigo-dyed textiles. The Garner Blue collection includes wearables as well as items for the home, like throw pillow covers, napkins, watercolor art and swaddle blankets.
    Photo courtesy of Garner Blue / Etsy

  • Paper & Clay

    Paper & Clay
    Small Batch Ceramics

    Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, maker Brit McDaniel designs and hand-makes ceramic pieces meant to be both beautiful and functional. Paper & Clay uses materials sourced locally whenever possible and always within the U.S., and McDaniel even hand-mixes her own glazes to create her own unique color palette. 
    Photo courtesy of Paper and Clay / Etsy

  • Erin Flett

    Erin Flett
    Hand-Printed Textiles

    Designer Erin Flett's aesthetic features bold colors and hand-drawn, organic shapes – characteristics that are evident in her line of textiles, hand-printed inside an old cotton mill in Maine on custom canvas woven in North Carolina. Items for the home include pillows, napkins, aprons and wall art.
    Photo courtesy of Erin Flett / Etsy

  • fig + moss

    fig + moss
    Apothecary Goods

    Megan Taber, founder of fig+moss, draws inspiration from the wild landscape of the Sierra Nevada Mountains when crafting her line of eco-friendly apothecary goods. Ingredients for her soy wax candles, smudge sticks, essential oils and skincare products come from her organic garden, as well as other fair trade sources whenever possible.
    Photo courtesy of FIG + MOSS / Etsy

  • Bean and Bailey

    Bean and Bailey
    Slip Cast Porcelain

    Southern duo Anderson Bailey and Jessie Bean make small-batch and functional porcelain pots from the Bean and Bailey studio in Chattanooga. Pieces include hanging planters, stacking bowls and asymmetrical vases.
    Photo courtesy of Bean and Bailey / Etsy

  • Redraven Studios

    Redraven Studios
    Porcelain Tabletop & Home Goods

    Amy Hamley, a maker inspired by her time living in Western Pennsylvania, started Redraven Studios in 2008. Her handmade porcelain keepsakes include dinnerware, planters, serveware and decorative items for the home.
    Photo courtesy of Redraven Studios / Etsy

  • The ZEN Succulent

    The ZEN Succulent
    Modern Terrariums

    Mother and daughter duo Megan and Margaret George are the driving force behind The ZEN Succulent – a Raleigh-based business creating one-of-a-kind modern terrariums from succulents, air plants and Japanese marimo balls.
    Photo courtesy of The ZEN Succulent

  • The Contents Co.

    The Contents Co.
    Small Batch Apothecary Goods

    Simplicity is the point of inspiration for the apothecary goods made in small batches by Charleston-based The Contents Co. Raw, natural materials are ethically sourced and blended in-house to maximize the therapeutic properties of each botanical. The Contents Co. creates candles, scented mists, bath salts and fragrance sprays.
    Photo courtesy of The Contents Co. / Facebook

  • IN.SEK Design

    IN.SEK Design
    Home Accessories

    From IN.SEK Design's studio in NYC, run by Ashira Isreal, come boxes made from concrete and fallen tree wood and planters, trivets, cups, soap dishes and pet bowls made from concrete. The name IN.SEK means the in-between, and inspiration for products comes from exploring the space between architecture and art.
    Photo courtesy of IN.SEK DESIGN / Etsy

The top 10 winners in the category Makers in the USA: Best Home & Garden are as follows:

  1. If You Give a Girl a Saw - Woodwork
  2. Garner Blue - Hand-dyed indigo textiles
  3. Paper & Clay - Small batch ceramics
  4. Erin Flett - Hand-printed textiles
  5. fig + moss - Apothecary goods
  6. Bean and Bailey - Slip cast porcelain
  7. Redraven Studios - Porcelain tabletop & home goods
  8. The ZEN Succulent - Modern terrariums 
  9. The Contents Co. - Small batch apothecary goods
  10. IN.SEK Design - Home accessories

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Suzy Ekman (Makers Market), Erin Godbey (Makers Collective), Dayna Isom Johnson (Etsy) and Sid Orlando (Kickstarter) were chosen based on their expertise of the makers movement.

Other nominees in this category included Brooklyn Candle Studio, Floyd, Gramovox, Juniper Ridge, Moonbird Pottery, Peg & Awl, P. F. Candle Co., Lindbergh Candle Co., Pigeon Toe and ThePresent & Today.

Congratulations to all our winning makers!

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