Things to do in Buenos Aires


Get Your Bearings in Buenos Aires

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Caution: A popular scam in tourist areas involves someone spilling something sticky on you and then offering to help clean it up, while an accomplice relieves you of your wallet in the process. Be vigilant.

Hot Tips: Book well in advance during the annual Tango Festival or other big B.A. events and Argentinian summer holidays.

Hot Tips: Argentinian meat tends to be very tender, and so is usually well cooked. If you like your steak rare, make sure to tell your waiter "undercooked" or "sangre" (bloody), as an order for rare will usually come out as closer to well done!

Be Sure to Sample: Asado and medialuna.

Caution: Many bars and clubs are open until the early morning. Finding a taxi home at this time may be a challenge due to the large number of people all going home at the same time.

Best Local Souvenir: Mate cup, leather goods, tango shoes, bottle of Malbec.

Things to do in Buenos Aires