Get Your Drink On with Buenos Aires' 10 Best Bars

When you’re ready to go out, Buenos Aires’ bars are where it’s at. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a lively place to warm up before dancing up a storm, or a chill bar to while the night away sipping trendy cocktails with a killer soundtrack. From casual watering holes to the ultimate in hip drinking destinations, Buenos Aires has you covered.

Cocktail lovers in particular will be smitten with Buenos Aires, as cocktails are currently enjoying a renaissance in the city. It’s easy to find classic cocktails like a Manhattan and international favorites like a Pisco Sour, but the more creative concoctions will have you licking the bottom of your glass and coming back for more. Think of cocktails made with absinthe, flavored with passion fruit or decorated with sugar beads and mounds of spices. You could go to a great cocktail bar every night of the week, like Doppelgänger and Victoria Brown, and still not scratch the surface.

Buenos Aires is also a wine-loving city, with Malbec especially holding locals’ attention. There are many cool bars where you can discover new wines and appreciate the wonders of the grape from dusk until dawn. Buenos Aires’ subway (the subte) closes before 11 pm, but there are plenty of taxis and buses available all night.



Smack in the middle of Buenos Aires' Palermo Viejo party zone, this fashionable, super cool, cocktail-fueled, pre-club hangout is often the place to be on the weekends – and even during the week for that matter. During the summer, the slickly...  Read More



Verne Club is a winning cocktail bar inspired by French science fiction writer Jules Verne. The tentacles on the menu and behind the bar channel Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," but there's no kitsch here. Verne Club is eminently...  Read More



One of the city's great bars, 878 was once a speakeasy of sorts. It still has no sign, though the bouncer and sometimes a gaggle of smokers on the sidewalk mark the location. (In their absence, ring the bell.) Inside, patrons find themselves in...  Read More



With a name that means something along the lines of "weird world," Mundo Bizarro revels in its quirkily retro, slightly underground vibe. Starting with the flashing neon sign out front, Mundo Bizarro is not a place to be ignored. Inside, black...  Read More



Omm feels like an old friend – a place to return to again and again. Small and intimate, this low-key bar is a calm change of pace to the sea of Palermo bars surrounding it. It has dim lighting, a candle on every table and non-obtrusive tunes...  Read More



Located in Buenos Aires' upscale Recoleta neighborhood, the gastrobar Gran Bar Danzon stands out for a reason. Trendy patrons and a slick atmosphere make this the perfect spot for learning all about Argentine wines; try working through the list...  Read More



Located in Recoleta near the Sofitel Hotel, Florería Atlántico is actually a secret retro-inspired bar that is not so secret. By name it appears to be a flower shop but when you first step inside there are more wines for sale than flowers;...  Read More



When you're looking for a cool place to have a drink in Buenos Aires, Victoria Brown is definitely up there with the best of them. This smooth bar has great cocktails, speakeasy-inspired decor and a chill vibe. The place can get packed though,...  Read More

San Telmo


A class act through and through, Doppelgänger is the place to go for great, classic cocktails in Buenos Aires. Their list is quite extensive, meaning it will probably take you a while to decide on a cocktail, much less read about them all. With...  Read More



Buenos Aires doesn't specialize in outdoor drinking spots, but Milion is the pick of the bunch in central BA. Fashioned out of a beautiful old French style mansion and secreted away on the residential streets of Recoleta and the Barrio Norte,...  Read More


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