Get the Party Started at Buenos Aires' 10 Best Dance Clubs

It's official: Buenos Aires is one of Latin America's party capitals! There are plenty of dance clubs (known as boliches) where you can dance your heart out till the early hours of the morning. It doesn’t matter what you feel like grooving to or what atmosphere you’re seeking, you’ll almost certainly find it in Buenos Aires.

Are you looking for some megaclub action? Go for the electronica at palatial Alsina or the pop and techno at gay mecca Amerika. What about if you want to splash some cash on VIP fun? Try Pacha or Asia de Cuba.

Do you want to learn and try out some local moves? Try tango dancing at tango dance clubs (known as milongas) like funky La Catedral or live music experience Buenos Ayres Club. Or do you feel like some Caribbean heat from up north? Go salsa dancing at Azúcar.

Then when you're done dancing, have a real Buenos Aires experience and head to one of the late-night pizzerias with other BA party people for a slice of local pizza. Then get yourself home to rest before doing it all over again. Luckily, taxis are plentiful at all hours of the day and night in Buenos Aires, but just in case it can be a good idea to carry the phone number of one of the city's taxi companies with you.

With a portrait of Carlos Gardel peering down from the stage and a large sculptural heart soaring above on the opposite wall, this funky, informal "cathedral" is dedicated to local tango. Located in the little-visited neighborhood of Almagro,...  Read More


Azúcar is one of the few Buenos Aires dance clubs where Latin and Caribbean rhythms prevail. Here you can dance the night away to salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton, and catch one of Azúcar's Caribbean flavored dance shows. The crowd tends...  Read More

Puerto Madero

Located beside the water in Puerto Madero, Asia de Cuba is a stylish restaurant and nightclub. Every day of the week diners come to enjoy the slick, Eastern themed ambiance over sushi and sake as well as Argentine inspired dishes. Then at 1 am...  Read More


When in Buenos Aires, La Viruta tango club is an obligatory stop for beginning and advanced dancers alike. It is popular amongst locals and visitors of all ages, who come for the early classes and the later milonga sessions that go until 3:30 in...  Read More

If you like electronica, Crobar is a large Palermo area dance club where you are sure to get it from a changing lineup of international and local DJs. On Fridays, the music on tap is techno and electronica and they actively encourage a younger...  Read More


Pacha Buenos Aires is a place that is made for dancing; it serves up plenty of techno, trance and house music starting at 1 am. Particularly on Saturday nights, international DJs come to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning...  Read More


If you like loud and proud, then Amerika will be your favorite dance club in Buenos Aires. This large gay club in Almagro has three levels of dance floors (and strobe lights) and plays a good mix of pop, house, techno and cumbia music. The crowd...  Read More

A casual spot with a trendy, alternative vibe, Niceto Club encourages guests to dance the night away. As a pivotal fixture on the BA nightlife scene, Niceto stages diverse live bands in the "early" spot (before 1am!). From African drumming to...  Read More

Located in the neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Ayres Club is a relatively small but well-known live music and dance venue that attracts both locals and tourists every night of the week. The decor is a simple but attractive mix of red and black...  Read More


Alsina attracts party people and electronica lovers of all ages. Outside, Alsina is an attractive, historical palace from the 19th century located in downtown Buenos Aires, but inside it has been outfitted for the modern age with a great sound...  Read More


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