Buenos Aires' 10 Best Restaurants: From Steak to Ceviche

Eating out is one of Buenos Aires’ consummate pleasures. Whether you’re out dining with friends, with your partner or by yourself, the Argentine capital has many excellent places to eat.

Here you’ll find more than your fair share of places to stick your knife and fork into a great cut of steak and enjoy the beef Argentina is well known for. Other tasty local favorites to try include plates heaped with pasta, thick slices of mozzarella-topped pizza, hearty stews and golden pastries called empanadas filled with anything you can imagine: beef, chicken, tuna, mozzarella and tomato, swiss chard, creamed corn, Roquefort cheese and spinach.

Otherwise, let Buenos Aires tempt you with its more cosmopolitan side. You’ll find many great internationally-inspired restaurants in Buenos Aires featuring cuisines such as French, Peruvian, Mexican, Japanese, Spanish, American, Middle Eastern and even vegetarian. Fusion food is also amply represented in the city with restaurants like the Peruvian-Japanese phenomenon Osaka.

Wine lovers can rejoice in Buenos Aires too. For wherever you go and whatever you eat in the city, food is more often than not accompanied by a good bottle of wine: most likely a Malbec or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Are you getting hungry yet? Head to one of our top 10 restaurant choices in Buenos Aires.


Barrio Norte

Serving consistently superb and high-quality cuisine from Iberia, with Mediterranean and Argentine accents, this upmarket Barrio Norte restaurant is popular with suited and booted sorts – and affluent visitors to the Argentine capital. Wine from the enormous cellar is a highlight (there's little these guys don't have) as is the selection of fresh seafood (which is actually hard to find in BA), served in an atmosphere of classic fine dining. Here food is artfully presented; apart from the noteworthy seafood, you'll find good meats, pastas and risotto. The service at Oviedo is among the city's best: subtle, swift and smart, clad in bow ties.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Oviedo is hands down one of Buenos Aires' best restaurants.

Sarah's expert tip: Head here for the seafood, but stay for the wine. The extensive list offers choices from Argentina and around the world, as well as sparkling wines and liquors. Ask for recommendations if you feel overwhelmed.

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Thanks to the large waves of Italian immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, pizza is everywhere in Buenos Aires, but the quality is known to vary widely. However, Güerrín, opened in 1932, is one of the best of the old classics concentrated on Avenida Corrientes and is considered an institution of good Buenos Aires pizza. Here the pizza comes Argentinian style: thick, pie-like wedges with lashings of cheese. Stand for a slice at the counter at the front for a quick bite or settle in for a feast and a bottle of moscato (sweet wine) in the back. Prices are low.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Güerrín is responsible for some of Buenos Aires' best pizza.

Sarah's expert tip: Find yourself in the area for the theatre? Güerrín makes for a great, quick and cheap meal before or after a show. Pay at the counter first.

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Palermo's most popular upmarket parrilla, La Cabrera's crisp white table cloths and black and white floors give it the feel of a classy French bistro, but the menu is certainly 100% Argentinian. Portions of juicy steak are giant-sized (big enough to share), and all are served with an array of delicious and unusual sides. Prices have hiked since it became the toast of the tourists, but you still won't be disappointed. If possible, sit outside on the delightful sidewalk tables and be sure to book in advance. Due to demand they expanded into a second location, which is equally a find.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: The restaurant La Cabrera fuses classic Argentine steak with Palermo cool.

Sarah's expert tip: If you're got your heart set on their meat and sweetbreads, make a reservation a few days in advance at La Cabrera or La Cabrera Norte.

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Buenos Aires' legendary mega parrilla El Trapiche was serving up grilled bifes de lomo and matambritos (thin cut of pork) long before the area in which it is located became known as "Palermo Hollywood" (because of the number of film companies setting up) and the cool gang moved into its leafy, cobbled streets. Thankfully, El Trapiche continues to do what it does best: generous portions of tender grilled meats, pasta, wine and a bustling but relaxed Argentinian atmosphere. No need to dress up; come as you are and be prepared to eat. For dessert, you can't go wrong with some Argentine ice cream.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: You can sink your teeth into some of Buenos Aires' best grilled meat here.

Sarah's expert tip: Come hungry and ready for a real Argentine, meat-eating experience: plenty of beef and pork tempered with pasta, bold red wine and sweet ice cream.

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Located off the tourist trail in leafy and residential Belgrano (which is a bizarrely low-key address for such a high-concept restaurant), Sucre is at the cutting-edge of modern Argentine cuisine. Though there are plenty of fusion accents and foams and frills, the innovation invariably works; the chef stops well short of frivolity and always uses the finest ingredients (with an emphasis on seasonal and local). A fantastic wine list, creative cocktails and an impressive industrial-chic interior design make this one of Buenos Aires' top tables. Top off a meal with one of their coffee drinks. You can make reservations online at least 24 hours in advance.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Sucre is one of Buenos Aires' staples of fine dining.

Sarah's expert tip: While Sucre shines at dinner time, it's also a great place for a tasty and stylish lunch. But if you need to keep in touch, use the wi-fi.

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Named after a famous Parisian bar, the Buenos Aires version of Bar du March� is a small but exceedingly charming French-style restaurant. Open all day and specializing in wine and cheese, Bar du March� is as good an excuse as any to while away the afternoon over a great bottle of wine and some fantastic food. If you don't feel like a full meal (even though their multi-course meals are quite excellent), try their cheese and charcuterie plates. When the weather is nice, you can sit at one of the French-style caf� tables outside. Bar du March� also does a nice brunch.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Bar du Marché is an elegant yet relaxed place for fantastic food.

Sarah's expert tip: Though Bar du March� is a great stop for refined French food in Buenos Aires, you'll also find another great refined cuisine here, as it inexplicably has a sushi bar upstairs.

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El Muelle restaurant is a treat. It sits inside the historic Fisherman's Club, a beautiful Buenos Aires landmark, that stands on a pier in the Costanera Norte. The food focuses on Mediterranean-inspired seafood dishes such as garlic-sauteed shrimp, prawn salad, smoked salmon, octopus and seafood paellas. Local fish choices include pacu and surubi. Otherwise, there are meat dishes and pastas; a couple of the pastas are suitable for vegetarians. A word of warning: the desserts can be too tempting to pass up. At El Muelle you can choose to sit outside on the terrace or inside with views of the water.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: The elegant El Muelle has great seafood dishes and waterfront views.

Sarah's expert tip: The Fisherman's Club (Club de Pescadores in Spanish) is still active today. They put on a number of fishing and social activities for members and their families.

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While traditional-style parrillas offer much to love, when you want a change from the rough and ready decor and barbecue fumes, the minimalist but stylish Minga, located in pole position on the plaza in trendy Palermo Viejo, fits the bill quite nicely. The interior is all clean lines and subdued colors (beiges, pale wood and exposed concrete), and the restaurant experience is up a dozen notches from the average parrilla joint. The meat comes in on cutting boards accompanied by little dishes of sauce. You'll find that their salads and sides have a lot more oomph than your standard parrilla fries.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Minga serves high quality food in a relaxed atmosphere opposite Plaza Armenia.

Sarah's expert tip: Everything on the menu is consistently good. Minga opens at noon so come to enjoy a leisurely lunch or a good dinner before partying in Palermo Viejo.

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This Palermo Soho steakhouse stalwart hasn't been much swayed by the trendification of the neighborhood and continues to serve choice cuts without gimmicks in a comfortable, traditional space. Think rustic style but still charming. Service at this Buenos Aires steakhouse is always warm and knowledgeable; this is the perfect place to acquaint yourself with the happy marriage of Argentinian beef and wine. Let the waiters at Don Julio help you if you find yourself overwhelmed with the large wine list. As could be expected, they specialize in Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Try to sit outside when the weather is nice.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Don Julio does meat like it should be done in BA.

Sarah's expert tip: Come to Don Julio for the grilled cuts of meat copiously washed down with bottles of Argentine wine, but stay for the flambéed figs with ice cream.

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Frequently cited as the city's best restaurant, Osaka, part of a six-location chain that began in Lima, specializes in Peruvian-Japanese fusion of the highest order. (In fact, this was their first one outside of Peru.) Here you can expect exquisite presentation and execution – the philosophy of cooking as art. The menu emphasizes both ceviche and sushi, but you'll also find dishes like ishiyaki, spicy sour shrimp, udon and seaweed salad. The décor at Osaka is sleek and chic and destined to impress. Advance booking is essential. Besides the Palermo location, you can get another helping of Osaka in Puerto Madero.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Dining at Osaka is regularly considered one of Buenos Aires' best culinary experiences.

Sarah's expert tip: If you have a small party, try dining at the beautiful bar. Of course, once you're there, it will be impossible to resist a cocktail with your sushi.

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