10 Best Places for Breakfast in Buenos Aires

The morning meal is generally a simple but delicious affair in Buenos Aires with a small dose of caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates. Porteños get going with a milky coffee and a couple of sweet medialunas (Argentine-style croissants) at a neighborhood cafe or confiteria. Or at home they might opt for a mate (yerba mate tea) and slices of toast spread with soft white cheese and fruit jam. Cafes in Buenos Aires are usually open throughout the day, so coffee and medialunas are always available for breakfast as well as an afternoon pick me up. You can try them plain and sweet, savory, stuffed with ham and cheese, or spread with Argentina’s ubiquitous dulce de leche.

If you are craving something heartier; however, then just wait for the weekend. A number of Buenos Aires restaurants and cafes have joined the trend of serving ample brunches where you will find foods like scrambled eggs, french toast, salmon and pastries served with coffee, tea and cocktails.    

For a good cup of coffee, head to Coffee Town or Birkin Coffee Bar. But for a local Buenos Aires experience, try Las Violetas or Cafe del Botanico. When it is time for brunch, head to Oui Oui or Cocu for some French inspiration, or read on for more suggestions.    

Named after a famous Parisian bar, the Buenos Aires version of Bar du March� is a small but exceedingly charming French-style restaurant. Open all day and specializing in wine and cheese, Bar du March� is as good an excuse as any...  Read More

Casual but upmarket, Tiendas Naturales is an organic cafe and restaurant located in the Palermo neighborhood. Tiendas Naturales is open throughout the day (in fact, every day from 8 am to midnight) and serves baked goods, sandwiches, salads,...  Read More


This bakery and cafe serves exquisite French-style pastries and breads as well as sandwiches, salads and quiches in a casual dining environment. Prices are in the mid-range for the neighborhood. Cocu's menu is written in white on a large black...  Read More

Birkin Coffee Bar is a good place to get your caffeine fix in Palermo Botanico. While how you like your coffee can be highly personal, many rate Birkin's coffee as among the neighborhood's best. (Their lattes also often sport frothy hearts on...  Read More

Located in Palermo adjacent Villa Crespo, Malvon is a great cafe and coffee house with a New York meets Buenos Aires vibe. The large bakery case inevitably holds your attention as you walk in the door with its mix of fresh croissants, scones,...  Read More


Vita is a charming, informal restaurant tucked a block away from the Plaza de Mayo. It provides respite if you need a break from BA's giant steaks and artery-clogging pizza. Vita focuses on healthier alternatives, like vegan, natural and organic...  Read More


As one of the first brunch places in the city, the French-inspired cafe Oui Oui has a simple but successful formula: regularly serve up good, abundant brunches and delicious pastries. In fact, the breakfast and brunch specials are served all day...  Read More

San Telmo

Coffee Town caters to people who enjoy and know about coffee, offering a variety of specialty coffees and fair trade coffee blends from places like Guatemala, India and Ethiopia. However, Coffee Town is actually a small stall located inside the...  Read More

Located on the corner across the street from Buenos Aires' Botanical Gardens, the traditional Argentine style Cafe del Botanico makes for a great breakfast stop before or after visiting the gardens. While the cafe-restaurant is open all day,...  Read More

A grand slice of old Buenos Aires, Las Violetas is a beautiful and historic place to have breakfast or tea and cake. Opened in 1884 and remodeled a couple of times since then, the cafe and confiteria is a vision of Italian marble, stained glass...  Read More


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