Buenos Aires' 10 Best Places to Have Lunch

Around the world, lunch as a meal is often underrated. And between Buenos Aires’ sweet medialuna pastries for breakfast and ample steak dinners, you might just accidentally forget about lunch altogether, but that’s a big mistake. There are many great restaurants to choose from and enjoy a well-deserved break from sightseeing or shopping. Lunch in Buenos Aires can have serious charms of its own, like people watching over a nice glass of wine.

If you’re feeling casual, try the more informal route for lunch, with paper napkins and sturdy benches, but be warned that informal doesn’t mean uninspiring. Oh no. Bring your appetite and feast your eyes on the creative sandwiches and wraps at El Banco Rojo, the golden pizza at Güerrín and the plethora of Mexican sauces at Che Taco. You’ll be happy and full, and your wallet will still be too.

Otherwise, if you’re looking forward to a nice restaurant experience in Buenos Aires, lunch will not disappoint. Go for some Argentine steak at Don Julio or Miranda, or take lunch to a new level with fine dining at Sucre or Bar du Marché.

Are you ready to eat yet? Read on for Buenos Aires’ 10 best places to have lunch.



Comfortable Juana M is not your typical parrilla. The restaurant is located in a spacious basement with contemporary art covering the walls and candles set on all the white tables. The menu consists of barbequed meats as well as pastas. The...  Read More



For a hip, subtly innovative take on the traditional parrilla, look no further than Miranda, an industrial-chic steakhouse located on a corner of two cobbled streets in Palermo Viejo. Settle in on one of their wooden bench-seats and prepare to...  Read More



Thanks to the large waves of Italian immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, pizza is everywhere in Buenos Aires, but the quality is known to vary widely. However, Güerrín, opened in 1932, is one of the best of the old classics...  Read More

Don Julio


This Palermo Soho steakhouse stalwart hasn't been much swayed by the trendification of the neighborhood and continues to serve choice cuts without gimmicks in a comfortable, traditional space. Think rustic style but still charming. Service at...  Read More



Casual but upmarket, Tiendas Naturales is an organic cafe and restaurant located in the Palermo neighborhood. Tiendas Naturales is open throughout the day (in fact, every day from 8 am to midnight) and serves baked goods, sandwiches, salads,...  Read More

San Telmo


Ask the locals and the expats: they will all tell you that Che Taco is the best Mexican food restaurant in Buenos Aires. You'll find lots of taco, burrito, quesadilla, nacho and sandwich choices, as well as different sauces (including habanero)...  Read More



Named after a famous Parisian bar, the Buenos Aires version of Bar du Marché is a small but exceedingly charming French-style restaurant. Open all day and specializing in wine and cheese, Bar du Marché is as good an excuse as any to while away...  Read More

San Telmo


If you want good and fast with a side of cool, El Banco Rojo is your place in Buenos Aires. And as its name suggests, you'll know you're at the right place when you see the red bench outside. This small San Telmo restaurant offers up different...  Read More



While the Buenos Aires dining scene is often dominated by steak, pizza and pasta, there is more to Buenos Aires and Argentina, and 1810 Cocina Regional is a good example of that. There you will find traditional Argentine fare like meat and...  Read More



While traditional-style parrillas offer much to love, when you want a change from the rough and ready decor and barbecue fumes, the minimalist but stylish Minga, located in pole position on the plaza in trendy Palermo Viejo, fits the bill quite...  Read More


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