Buenos Aires' 10 Best Restaurants near the Cruise Port

While there are some convenient dining options inside the Buenos Aires cruise port, if you have the time to venture out further, then take the opportunity to eat alongside the locals and sample some of the foods and experiences the city has to offer. Admittedly, choices immediately surrounding the cruise port are slim, but there is a wealth of dining options in the neighborhoods that ring around it like Retiro, Recoleta and Puerto Madero. There restaurants serve everything from traditional Argentine cuisine like barbequed meat, pasta and pizza to different ethnic cuisines like Peruvian and Mexican.

If you crave an upscale meal you won’t easily forget, head directly to one of Buenos Aires’ best restaurants, Osaka, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant located in Puerto Madero. But if you want to try some of that Buenos Aires pizza you may have heard so much about, head to the informal, local favorite Güerrín for some of the city’s best pizza.



Comfortable Juana M is not your typical parrilla. The restaurant is located in a spacious basement with contemporary art covering the walls and candles set on all the white tables. The menu consists of barbequed meats as well as pastas. The salad bar, which is free when you order a main dish, is great and can also be ordered by itself if you are looking for a healthier meal. For lunch, Juana M opens earlier than most places in the area do, at noon, although most diners roll in around 2 pm. It is a good place to bring a group.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Juana M is a nice place to eat in Retiro.

Sarah's expert tip: Juana M is a good option if you have a group with disparate tastes or requirements. You will find choices on the menu for carnivores, vegetarians, carb lovers, dieters, celiacs, etc.

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Puerto Madero
Cabaña Las Lilas

It might be a pricey and heavily touristed choice, but Cabana Las Lilas is still near the top of the league when it comes to serving the very best of Argentina's world-famous beef. Every cut comes from the restaurant's own award-winning ranch, which specializes in five types of beef, including black Angus. Cabana Las Lilas occupies an upmarket, dockside location in Buenos Aires' redeveloped Puerto Madero district and offers up correspondingly classy service and aesthetics. Here you'll find exposed red brick walls and steel beams framed with good lighting and comfortable tables and chairs. Start your meal off right with a glass of wine.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: The restaurant is an upscale experience in Argentine steak in Puerto Madero.

Sarah's expert tip: Take full advantage of the location. Go for a stroll along the waterfront before or after you eat, preferably when there's still light out; it's nicest at sunset.

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San Telmo

Ask the locals and the expats: they will all tell you that Che Taco is the best Mexican food restaurant in Buenos Aires. You'll find lots of taco, burrito, quesadilla, nacho and sandwich choices, as well as different sauces (including habanero) if you want to kick the spice up a notch or three. Just don't skip the guacamole. Then to drink, choose from Mexican aguas frescas, beers and cocktails. This informal San Telmo restaurant is decorated with lots of bright colors as well as touches like festive pinatas and Mexican blankets. Pictures of Frida Kahlo and Cheech Marin decorate the walls.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Che Taco is a simple restaurant with fantastic Mexican food.

Sarah's expert tip: The food is great and the drinks are big; it's a recipe for wanting to stay a long time. If you come at night though, know that Che Taco closes relatively early for Buenos Aires.

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Hip hangouts seem to come and go at a dizzying pace in South America's most trend-conscious city, but this Microcentro-based, Italian restaurant, with its modern art flourishes, seems to be perennially in fashion – and incredibly popular. Patrons come for house-made fresh pastas, a thin-crust (read: non-Argentine style) pizza list that reaches three figures (baked in the huge wood-fired oven) and the upbeat atmosphere. Filo tends to be loud and fun, making it a good choice to come with friends. However, the restaurant is an especially popular choice at lunch time, when the surrounding office workers descend on the place.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Filo is one of the Italian restaurants worth stopping for in Buenos Aires.

Sarah's expert tip: There are some who say that no meal is complete without dessert, but at Filo, it happens to be true: don't leave without some tiramisu.

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San Telmo

If you want good and fast with a side of cool, El Banco Rojo is your place in Buenos Aires. As its name suggests, you'll know you're at the right place when you see the red bench outside. This small San Telmo restaurant offers up different types of wraps and kebabs with home-made potato chips. (You'll probably never want to look at a bag of Lay's again.) Take a seat on one of the stools in the informal dining area or ask for your food to go. The spartan food-themed decor is silly and fun; as an English speaker you'll probably notice the words "Bite Me" on the wall.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: El Banco Rojo makes a tasty, inexpensive dining spot in San Telmo.

Sarah's expert tip: El Banco Rojo is vegetarian friendly, which is not always the case in BA. There is plenty for meat eaters, but vegetarians have some options too.

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A strong contender for the city's best modern Argentinian restaurant and continuously one of Latin America's highest-rated dining establishments, Tomo I has achieved long-standing success by sourcing high-quality ingredients and showing a healthy disregard for food fashion. But it's not outdated: after a complete overhaul of the interior, you can expect the look of a modern classic with creamy white cushioned walls, thick brown curtains and impeccable lighting. The restaurant is located inside the Hotel Panamericano and overlooks the world's widest street, the Avenida 9 de Julio. If you're looking for a wonderful culinary experience, try the nine course tasting menu.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: While located in a hotel, Tomo I is still a great restaurant choice in the area.

Sarah's expert tip: Unlike some of Buenos Aires' other top tables, reservations aren't required to eat at Tomo I; however, making a reservation is simply a good idea.

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Thanks to the large waves of Italian immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, pizza is everywhere in Buenos Aires, but the quality is known to vary widely. Güerrín, however, opened in 1932, is one of the best of the old classics concentrated on Avenida Corrientes and is considered an institution of good Buenos Aires pizza. Here the pizza comes Argentinian style: thick, pie-like wedges with lashings of cheese. Stand for a slice at the counter at the front for a quick bite or settle in for a feast and a bottle of moscato (sweet wine) in the back. Prices are low.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Here you will find lots of good, quick and cheap local-style pizza.

Sarah's expert tip: Whether you're staying in the area or just passing through to go to the theater, Güerrín makes for a great, quick and cheap meal. Pay at the counter first.

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With a distinctly New York feel, Basa Basement Bar & Restaurant is a cool upmarket place for a meal and a drink in Recoleta. The music tends to be fast and furious with lots of drum and bass and the gourmet food – think tapas, pastas, grilled meats and heavenly desserts – skews Mediterranean. Though their cocktails are good and the wine list is extensive, you can find many types of liquor that other places in Buenos Aires lack. Once you descend the steps you'll find a dining area towards the front, seating with low couches in the middle and the bar towards the back; this is one basement you won't want to leave.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Basa is a sleek place to have dinner in Recoleta.

Sarah's expert tip: Basa can get packed on weekend nights, but as long as you have a seat, it's all good. Dinner reservations are generally recommended; however, they are essential on weekends.

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Again and again Osaka is cited as the city's best restaurant. Part of a seven-location chain that began in Lima, Peru, Osaka specializes in Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine of the highest order. Here you can expect exquisite presentation and execution – the philosophy of cooking as art. The menu emphasizes both ceviche and sushi, but you will also find dishes like ishiyaki, spicy sour shrimp, udon and seaweed salad. The décor at Osaka is sleek and chic and destined to impress. Advance booking is essential. Besides the location in Puerto Madero, you can get another helping of Osaka in cool Palermo.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Dining at Osaka is regularly considered one of Buenos Aires' best culinary experiences.

Sarah's expert tip: If you have a small party, try dining at the beautiful bar. Of course, once you're there, it will be impossible to resist a cocktail with your sushi.

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Puerto Madero

Opened in 2006 and located in Puerto Madero, Chila is considered one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Chila serves modern Argentine cuisine, including steak from Buenos Aires, trout from Bariloche and vieras from Ushuaia, but the menu changes each season, incorporating different local products. Many of the dishes are beautifully presented. The restaurant's décor is modern and upscale; it is not minimalist per se but they keep it simple and classy, paying attention to textures. Ask to sit by the window to enjoy a view of the water. While Chila is only open for dinner, it is open every day.

Recommended for Restaurants near Cruise Port because: Chila is a great place to experience modern Argentine cuisine in Puerto Madero.

Sarah's expert tip: For a special occasion or if cash isn't a problem, try Chila's three or seven course tasting menus. They also do a grand New Year's Eve dinner.

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