10 Best Restaurants for Waterfront Dining in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires will always be linked to its port activity. The city sits on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata, an estuary that divides Argentina and Uruguay. Its port, which was known for smuggling operations during the Spanish colonial period, is today a major shipping hub in South America that receives large numbers of both cargo and passengers.

Puerto Madero, which became obsolete with the construction of the new port, was redeveloped and revitalized in the 1990s. This gave Buenos Aires a dazzling new waterfront neighborhood. Brick warehouses were refurbished into upscale hotels, houses, offices and art galleries, as well as a number of waterfront restaurants.

Locals and visitors alike come to Puerto Madero to walk along the pedestrianized docks and dine along the water.

Many Italian immigrants came through Buenos Aires’ ports to start new lives in South America. It is only fitting that many of Puerto Madero’s restaurants are great Italian restaurants, like Il Fiume and Sottovoce.

Puerto Madero isn’t all Italian though. Tuck into some great Argentine-style dishes like steak at Cabana Las Lilas or lamb at Chila. The trendy area has a number of international restaurants as well, such as Mexican favorite Lupita and Eastern-inspired Asia de Cuba.  

Puerto Madero


Located beside the water in Puerto Madero, Asia de Cuba is a stylish (and pricey) restaurant and nightclub. Every day of the week diners come to enjoy the slick, Eastern-themed ambiance over sushi and sake as well as Argentine inspired dishes....  Read More

Puerto Madero
Cabaña Las Lilas


It might be a pricey and heavily touristed choice, but Caba�a Las Lilas is still near the top of the league when it comes to serving the very best of Argentina's world-famous beef. Every cut comes from the restaurant's own award-winning...  Read More

Puerto Madero


Sorrento in Puerto Madero is a formal Mediterranean-style restaurant that serves pasta and seafood, including a number of local fish choices. With white tablecloths, adequate lighting and a modern and pleasant interior, Sorrento is a nice place...  Read More

Puerto Madero


Il Fiume is a delightful Italian restaurant located on the Puerto Madero waterfront. The decor is contemporary and comfortable and you can choose to sit inside or outside, both with views of the water. For lunch and dinner Il Fiume serves...  Read More

Puerto Madero


Humberto M is as close to waterfront dining as you can get with their lunchtime cruises. Passengers dine on seafood and international cuisine while enjoying views of the water. You can walk about the ship to enjoy different views as well. Once...  Read More

Puerto Madero


Lupita in Puerto Madero is a riot of color and flavor. The Mexican restaurant's brightly-colored decor includes murals, paper mache skeletons, pinatas, candles and Mexican blankets. Lupita serves salads, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, tacos,...  Read More

Puerto Madero


Sottovoce in Puerto Madero is a traditional-style Italian restaurant that serves pasta, fish, meat and gelato, with the menu changing seasonally. The restaurant's specialty is the Bellini, a drink made with champagne and white peach puree....  Read More



La Parolaccia del Mare has a beautiful view of the Puerto Madero waterfront. Open for lunch and dinner every day, the restaurant serves abundant plates of pasta and seafood in a pleasant, upscale setting. The large fish tank is a nice touch. La...  Read More

Puerto Madero


Opened in 2006 and located in Puerto Madero, Chila is considered one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Chila serves modern Argentine cuisine, including steak from Buenos Aires, trout from Bariloche and vieras from Usuahia, but the menu...  Read More



El Muelle restaurant is a treat. It sits inside the historic Fisherman's Club, a beautiful Buenos Aires landmark, that stands on a pier in the Costanera Norte. The food focuses on Mediterranean-inspired seafood dishes such as garlic-sauteed...  Read More


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