Discover Buenos Aires' Best Shopping: From Cosmopolitan Elegance to Cowboy Fun

While Buenos Aires prices can change as frequently as people change their clothes, with some items ridiculously cheap and others bewilderingly expensive, shopping in Buenos Aires is a constant temptation. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new set of clothes, something interesting to take home with you or simply an experience to remember, Buenos Aires has what it is you are looking for.

For something uniquely Argentine, try stocking up on alfajores at Havanna, wines at Lo de Joaquin Alberdi and tango shoes at Neo Tango. Otherwise, look out for the leather goods Argentina is known for as well as the characteristic mate gourd with a metal bombilla straw. If you get the chance, do ask a local to show you how to prepare some mate so you’ll be sipping like a pro in no time. Or you can get a book on that at the theatre turned bookshop Ateneo Grand Splendid. For a new wardrobe, head to Alto Palermo or Galerias Pacifico. But for a home makeover, Buenos Aires Design will be your kind of heaven. And for more of an experience while you shop, try Buenos Aires’ unique weekend markets like Feria de San Pedro Telmo and cowboy themed Feria de Mataderos.



This iconic Argentinian biscuit maker (turned cafe chain) specializes in the "alfajor," the local sweet of choice: dulce de leche (a milky caramel-like spread) that is sandwiched between two shortbread biscuits. Don't leave Argentina without...  Read More

Galerías Pací­fico


Housed in a wonderful, frescoed building dating back to the turn of the 20th century, this upmarket mall, located on Calle Florida, the city's pedestrian shopping street, is a one stop shop for international fashion names like Dior and Cacherel,...  Read More



From their quiet shop on Sarmiento street, Neo Tango sells both men's and women's tango shoes for beginning to advanced dancers. Though the styles tend to be bright and showy, you can find something more understated too, if that's what you're...  Read More



Libros del Pasaje is a delightful bookstore and cafe located in Palermo. There the tall wood panelled shelves contain a great selection of books in Spanish. If you're looking for Argentine literature and history titles, this is a good place to...  Read More



If you're looking for a bottle of Argentine wine, head directly to Lo de Joaquin Alberdi. This Palermo Soho wine shop specializes in bottles from Argentine wineries like Kaiken, Del Fin del Mundo, El Esteco and De Angeles. While Argentina's...  Read More

Ateneo Grand Splendid


You don't need to be looking for a specific book to enjoy a trip to South America's largest book store – and one of the world's most beautiful. Housed in a splendid old theatre, the Ateneo Grand Splendid has been carefully restored to retain...  Read More



Like a queen of retro glamour, Casa Cavia is an eminently elegant place to eat and shop. This breathtakingly refurbished 1920s home with exquisitely designed interiors houses a publishing house (Ediciones Ampersand), a bookshop, a restaurant...  Read More

Outlying areas


While Buenos Aires often likes to take pride in its worldliness and cosmopolitan side, the Feria de Mataderos is like a cowboy theme park that is fiercely proud of its rural Argentine roots and its home-grown cowboys, the gauchos. At the Feria...  Read More



Located in Buenos Aires' Recoleta neighborhood, Buenos Aires Design is a cool, upscale mall dedicated to home design. It sells everything you'd want to renovate or decorate your home. From faucet fittings and Jacuzzis to couches and vases,...  Read More



Begun in 1970, the Feria de San Pedro Telmo is an antiques fair that takes place every Sunday around Plaza Dorrego in Buenos Aires' historic San Telmo neighborhood. An estimated 20,000 people - a mix of Argentines and foreign tourists - descend...  Read More


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