Restaurants with the Best Value in Phoenix

10 Places to Eat Well in Phoenix On a Budget

What makes a restaurant a great value? A few things: uncompromising flavor, consistently high quality and the ability to eat out without breaking the bank.

For a nice breakfast or lunch in central Phoenix, check out Duza's Kitchen in the historic central Phoenix neighborhood of Coronado. The menu features surprisingly refined takes on breakfast and lunch staples, and the ambiance is friendly and cozy. 

If you want fresh fare without paying a bundle, Pita Jungle delivers both in spades. This regional chain a favorite with health-conscious diners seeking flavor and fresh ingredients with a Mediterranean flair.

Tacos Chiwas in central Phoenix proves you don't have to be well-heeled to eat well. This small, Chihuahua-inspired Mexican restaurant has become a local favorite for its well-crafted tacos, gorditas and other fare.

For down-home Mexican home cooking that was made for take-out, there's Carolina's Mexican Food. This long-time favorite is busy from open to close. One taste of the restaurant's popular machaca, beans and pillowy, homemade tortillas and you'll know why.

Finally, if you want stylish ambiance without having to spring for a huge tab, The Dressing Room in Roosevelt Row might be your cup of tea. This neighborhood spot offers a delicious selection of casual fare – think gourmet burgers, tacos and salads – at budget-friendly prices. 


The Original Carolina's Mexican Food

This South Phoenix institution has been dishing out some of the best home-style Mexican food for decades. Don't be fooled by the humble exterior and lackluster dining area: the food is hot, tasty, and top-notch. Tacos, burros, flautas, chimichangas, tostadas, and tamales: all your favorites are here, made to order. As if that wasn't enough, you can eat well here with the spare change in your pocket. Perfect for a quick and affordable meal on the go, Carolina's continues to draw regulars craving down-home, no-nonsense Mexican food. Great for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don't forget to sample the famous tortillas.

Recommended for Best Value because: Carolina's Mexican Food is the local go-to destination for affordable yet tasty Mexican food.

Patricia's expert tip: The hot, pillowy flour tortillas at Carolina are legendary.

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Chris Bianco, the well-known chef and restaurateur, started Pane Bianco as an offshoot of Pizzeria Bianco, the award-winning Phoenix pizzeria that gained him national attention. Pane Bianco is a tiny sandwich shop with an even smaller menu. The menu consists of a few sandwiches and salads, but the results are extraordinary. All the breads are baked on site in the cafe's wood-fired oven, and the mozzarella could only be fresher if you made it yourself. (The mozzarella is in fact made in the restaurant). The focaccia and caprese salad are both outstanding. This is a popular take-out lunch spot, and it's easy to see why.

Recommended for Best Value because: For simple yet refined fare on a budget, stop by for lunch at Pane Bianco in central Phoenix.

Patricia's expert tip: The market sandwich, the special sandwich daily, is a pretty safe bet for lunch.

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Since its debut in the spring of 2016, Tacos Chiwas has become the darling of the local Phoenix Mexican food scene. You can thank the restaurant's tight, focused menu, which specializes in the soulful cooking of the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. Come here for tacos built on freshly-pressed tortillas. Highlights here include the Lengua (tongue) and tripas (tripe) tacos. You'll also want to try the homemade gorditas, especially stuffed with something like rajas, the restaurants medley of fire-roasted peppers, which are blended with melted queso asadero and a smear of refried beans. Speaking of beans, don't miss the restaurant's homemade bean stew, served with sliced-up hot dogs and perfumed with cilantro.

Recommended for Best Value because: Taco Chiwas is a reliable spot for well-crafted, Chihuahua-inspired Mexican food, and it definitely won't break the bank.

Patricia's expert tip: Check out Cafe Chiwas next door, which specializes in fresh tamales, pastries and coffee.

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This neighborhood pizza joint has been serving up gooey pizza delights, fresh subs, salads, calzones and wings, salads and classic Italian entrees since 1999. The pizza menu includes unique specialty pies featuring the freshest meats and cheeses. For a savory and unforgettable pie, try The Barbey, made with chicken breast, bbq sauce, red onion, cheddar, jack, and mozzarella. The Greek is another favorite, featuring artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, banana pepper, red onion, feta, all drenched in mozzarella, and garlic olive oil. There is also a menu of specialty salads and homemade Italian dinners, including lasagna, baked ziti and manicotti. Don't miss the homemade meatballs, either.

Recommended for Best Value because: High quality pizza, subs and Italian dinners offer a good value at Stumpy's, a favorite neighborhood pizza joint.

Patricia's expert tip: Try the 10" pizza crisp, made with Stumpy's mouth-watering garlic butter, mozzarella, romano, and served with your choice of marinara or ranch dipping sauce.

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There are a lot of places to find good Mexican food in Phoenix, but Ta'carbon is a Mexican grill that stands out with a menu full of mouth-watering grilled meats cooked over mesquite. You'll find a delicious assortment of Sonoran-style tacos, burritos and quesadillas, including carne asada and specialty cuts like beef lengua (tongue), cabeza (head meat) and tripitas (beef intestines). Try the Taco Hazz, a green chile beef taco spilling over with carne asada blanketed in white cheese. There are two locations on the westside. Not surprisingly, both are generally crowded, but it's worth queuing up for these tacos.

Recommended for Best Value because: You can eat like royalty for less than $10 at Ta'Carbon, which dishes top-notch Sonoran-style mesquite-grilled steak tacos.

Patricia's expert tip: For a large group, try the "paquete familiar," or family size selection of grilled meats.

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Savor the joys of an authentic Cornish pasty (pronounced pass-tee) without even having to jet off across the pond. The Cornish pasty is a traditional English comfort food featuring a variety of meats, veggies and cheeses, all stuffed into a pastry pocket. The pasty gets a twist at the Cornish Pasty Company, where diners can choose from an extensive menu of signature, premium, and vegetarian pasties. Try the Oggie, the traditional Cornish pasty made with steak, potatoes, onion, rutabaga, and served with a side of red wine gravy or ketchup. Pasty lovers will enjoy exploring the diverse menu, which also features Mexican, Italian, Greek, and Indian variations on this English classic. The large veggie pasty menu has made this a favorite stopping point for vegetarian foodies.

Recommended for Best Value because: Cornish Pasty Co., with five locations around the Valley, dishes out endless variations on the classic pub pastry without breaking your dinner budget.

Patricia's expert tip: Did you know that Cornish Pasty Co. ships most pasties to almost any location in the U.S.? The restaurant ships Mondays through Wednesdays. Contact the restaurant for details.

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Goodfellas Grill offers an enticing menu of Mediterranean and Greek favorites. Fresh ingredients and great execution results in above-average menu items, such as the kafta, two skewers of seasoned ground beef, charbroiled and served with rice, pita bread, and fresh slices of tomatoes and onions. Another house favorite is the falafel, grounded chickpeas and fava beans perfectly mixed with fresh herbs and spices, deep-fried and served with pita bread and homemade tahini sauce. Of course, there is always the gyro plate, slices of rotisserie gyro meat, served with fresh slices of tomato, onion and a generous helping of cool, creamy tzatziki sauce.

Recommended for Best Value because: Goodfellas Grill is one of north Phoenix's favorite spots for authentic and budget-friendly Greek and Mediterranean food.

Patricia's expert tip: Looking for fresh-made hummus? You found it at Good Fellas Grill.

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This regional chain is a favorite with local foodies and health-conscious enthusiasts. The large, eclectic menu features wraps, salads, burgers, wood fired pizzas, and several delectable sides, as well as a small but very satisfying dessert menu. Try the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for starters, a house favorite, or dive right into the wraps menu, which features hot and cold selections, including Mediterranean Roasted Chicken, Broiled Chicken Pita, Gyros, Falafels, and even a Philly Steak Pita. Seasonal specials include the Wood-Fired Fresh Salmon, Wood-Fired Chicken, Mahi Mahi with Pita Chips, Chicken Del Sol, and Chicken Tikka Masala. There is also a drink menu featuring beer and wine.

Recommended for Best Value because: Pita Jungle in Phoenix offers an eclectic selection of tasty yet health-conscious fare that won't break your dining budget.

Patricia's expert tip: A huge menu makes this a good spot for groups and diners with dietary restrictions.

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The Living Room is a relatively new addition to downtown Phoenix's Roosevelt Row food scene, but don't be fooled by its limited square footage. This "micro-restaurant" features a small but satisfying menu that's described as "food from streets, beaches, carts, and trucks." This translates to casual and creative globally inspired fare that includes burgers, tacos, and salads. The house RoRo Burger, a saucy, well-cooked burger squeezed into an English muffin, is deliciously dressed in a sweet-spicy Russian sauce. The Peruvian ceviche salad, meanwhile, is texture-rich and delicious. Don't leave without trying the restaurant's signature dessert, a churro ice cream sandwich featuring vanilla ice cream cemented between two freshly fried churros.

Recommended for Best Value because: Nice ambiance meets great value at this small but stylish Roosevelt Row restaurant.

Patricia's expert tip: The house dessert, a freshly fried churro ice cream sandwich, is very good.

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Duza's Kitchen is a small breakfast and lunch spot that's tucked away in a section of a repurposed home in the historic Coronado neighborhood of central Phoenix. It's a lovely spot, full of wooden tables, fresh flowers on the tables and local art on the walls. In the back, there's a sprawling patio that's become a popular destination for weekend brunch. The menu is New American, with touches of Southwestern inspiration. You'll find a range of breakfast and brunch options, including wholesome plates like apple crisp hot cereal, as well as more hearty items like the Mexican breakfast torta. Omelets, breakfast sandwiches, crepes, hashes, and an assortment of pastry items round out the eclectic menu, which offers something for just about everyone.

Recommended for Best Value because: Duza's Kitchen is a charming neighborhood spot where you can eat well without spending a lot of money.

Patricia's expert tip: Pretty much everything is good on the Duza's Kitchen menu, but consider the crab benedict, which features a unique chipotle Hollandaise sauce.

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