10 Best Cheese Steak Shops in Phoenix: Philly Flavors in the Desert

The best cheese steaks, of course, are in Philadelphia. At least that's what the purists will tell you. But what if you could find a hot, tasty cheese steak made from high-quality rib-eye steak in Phoenix?

That's what you'll find at Forefathers Gourmet Cheese steaks & Fries, hot and juicy sandwiches with quality deli meats and classic cheese wiz. It's the next best thing to hopping on a flight bound for the East Coast. Save your plane fare money and head here instead. 

Another worthy contender is the Bomb Steak sandwich at Best of Philly, a long-time favorite eatery in z. The Bomb Steak is stuffed with peppers, onions, cheese, and a whole lot of meat.

Over at Corleone's, the cheese steak sandwich is at the heart of the menu. At Corleone's, you only have one important decision to make: wit whiz or not? That's cheese whiz, the famous canned condiment that, in some eyes, makes a grilled steak sandwich taste more like the real thing. 

So, whether you're seeking an authentic take on the Philly cheese steak, or ready to take a bite out of a Southwestern-inspired version, Phoenix turns out not to be such a bad place after all for good eating.



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Uncle Sam's


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Best of Philly


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Defalco's Italian Grocery


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Forefathers Gourmet Cheesesteaks & Fries
Photo courtesy of Daniel Argaez


Forefathers Gourmet Cheesesteaks & Fries is the closest thing you'll get to an authentic Philly cheese steak without having to hop on a flight back East. All the cheese steaks here are made from high quality thinly sliced steak and served on...  Read More


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