10 Best Southwestern Restaurants in Scottsdale to Taste the Southwest

If you love the flavors of traditional Southwestern cuisine, Scottsdale is your kind of town. There are more than 600 restaurants in Scottsdale, with many of them adopting the flavors and ingredients of Mexican, Native American and European flavors, all coming together in the Southwest kitchen.

For a refined dining experience that pays homage to classic Southwestern tradition, nothing beats a meal at Lon's at the Hermosa, the house restaurant at the historic Hermosa Inn. The kitchen artfully blends traditional Southwestern ingredients with European influences, with extraordinary results.

Even casual fans of Southwestern cooking will enjoy dining at SWB Southwest Bistro at the Scottsdale Hyatt Regency, where guests can enjoy scenic views of the McDowell Mountains on the comfortable outdoor patio. Foodies will want to grab a stool inside the bistro, where they can watch the skilled chefs behind the counter create wood-fired specialties with distinctly Southwest panache. 

For a quirky, delicious and refined menu that riffs on Southwestern ingredients and flavors, check out Weft & Warp Kitchen + Art bar at the Andaz Resort in Scottsdale. The dining room might be beautifully chic, but the real attraction is the menu, which dabbles in southwestern flavors and ingredients in new and unexpected ways. 

Los Sombreros


Fun, festive decor creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy heaping portions of Mexican favorites. If you're famished, an appetizer of beef gorditas will more than tide you over until the main course arrives. Blue corn crab enchiladas,...  Read More



Blue Adobe Grille is the brainchild of Chef and Owner Jose Leyva, who brings traditional "New" Mexican cuisine to Scottsdale with his unique take on such regional favorites as chimichangas, enchiladas and rellenos. The menu branches out into...  Read More



This pleasant hotel restaurant offers views of the surrounding McDowell Mountains from indoor and open-air dining areas, not to mention superb service and casual, relaxed atmosphere. Pan-seared maple-glazed salmon and a roasted rib-eye with...  Read More



This family-owned restaurant, tucked into a shopping center in far north Scottsdale, offers an accessible menu of regional Mexican specialties. You'll find everything from nachos to Yucatan-style cochinita pibil. Regional dishes from Mexico...  Read More

The Mission


If ever there was a place to enjoy a sophisticated dinner amid the flicker of candlelight, The Mission in Scottsdale is it. This casual upscale restaurant specializes in "modern Latin cuisine" skillfully prepared by Chef Matt Carter using a...  Read More

Roaring Fork


The wood fired cooking and classic American cuisine of the Roaring Fork makes this a favorite gathering spot for the Scottsdale lunch crowd. Inspired by the history and essence of the Old West, the Roaring Fork seeks to recapture and celebrate...  Read More



This small, unassuming south Scottsdale cafe dishes out delicious Mexican food. The Blind Pig may not sound like your typical Mexican restaurant, but the plates are brimming with traditional flavors. For starters, try the guacamole, made fresh...  Read More

Lon's at the Hermosa


Lon's pays homage to Arizona's rustic Southwestern cowboy history in the most elegant of ways; the ambiance is strikingly different from what you would expect. The decor suggests cowboy, but the menu and staff dress it up and give the whole...  Read More

Fuego Bistro


Fuego Bistro is a staple of Phoenix's uptown dining scene, bringing southwestern and Latin American-inspired panache to a strong menu. This cozy bistro is tucked away inside Fountain Court Plaza, and features a small but comfortable dining room,...  Read More



Weft & Warp brings southwest-inspired flavors, ingredients and panache to what might otherwise be a stale hotel restaurant. Instead, this art-inspired restaurant offers sleek design and a creative, well-composed menu. The dining room is...  Read More


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