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Caution: Remember that you're at altitude in a dry climate; make sure to drink plenty of water and wear a hat if you're out.

Avoid: Hiking in the heat of the day.

Hot Tips: Ask your property if they offer any discounts on local guides.

Hot Tips: Request a room with a landscape view.

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Caution: You're in the Southwest, and the chile can be hot. Request chile sauce on the side if you're unsure about its heat.

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Caution: At almost 5,000 feet above sea level, the affects of alcohol are increased for some.

Hot Tips: Plan your evening to include a glass of wine with a view.

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Hot Tips: You can find excellent deals at the Sedona Art Center, as well as classes to make your own art.

Best Local Souvenir: Miniature paintings capture memories of Sedona without breaking your budget.

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Sedona is known for...

Five of Sedona's most unique features and characteristics.

1. Red Rocks:

Sedona's famous red rock buttes and spires represent one of the most compelling and beautiful landscapes of the American West. Hikers, road trippers, New Agers, nature-lovers, and travelers of all stripes converge on Sedona every year just to get a glimpse of the city's gorgeous scenery. Who can blame them? The allure of red rock sandstone cliffs rising above juniper and pinon trees into clear blue Sedona skies beckons over four million visitors annually, who come to experience first-hand the city's fanciful yet rugged high-desert beauty.

2. Hiking:

No doubt about it, Sedona is visually stunning. Red rock mountains, sculpted canyons, sweeping mesas, and natural arches make this one of the most scenic cities in the Southwest, as well as one of the top hiking destinations in Arizona. The rugged yet extraordinarily scenic topography, along with a large and diverse selection of well-established trails, means that hikers of all skill levels can explore Sedona's red rock wilderness on foot. The mild Sedona climate makes it possible to enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities all year round, so whether you're venturing out for a day hike or a week in the wilderness, the varied terrain makes this an ideal destination for all hikers.

3. Vortexes:

Sedona is famous for its New Age vibes, best exemplified by the scattering of vortex sites spread around town. What exactly is a vortex? Vortex sites are described as enhanced energy spots that are believed to facilitate healing, prayer, meditation, and other forms of mind/body exploration. Whether you believe that the red hills of Sedona contain life-transforming powers, or you think vortexes are just bunch of mumbo jumbo nonsense, there's no debating that Sedona has earned a worldwide reputation as a spiritual mecca for all kinds of artists, healers, and spiritual guides. Stop by one of Sedona's New Age stores for a map and see for yourself what vortexes are all about.





4. Art:

Sedona began to establish itself as one of Arizona's premier art colonies back in the 1950s when a small but dedicated group of local artists founded the Art Barn, now the Sedona Arts Center. Since then, the city has flourished into one of the state's major hubs of artistic activity, hosting the popular annual Sedona Arts Festival and home to over 60 art galleries and working studios. Uptown Sedona has an abundance of upscale art galleries, selling fine jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and Native American crafts.

5. Resort Spas:

With perfect weather, gorgeous red rock vistas, and a reputation as a spiritual and metaphysical mecca, it’s no surprise that Sedona is home to several top resort spas. Enchantment Resort, home to the highly-regarded Mii Amo Spa, sits in the shadows of magnificent Boynton Canyon and houses guests in over 60 adobe-style casitas that blend graciously with the surrounding red sandstone mountain range. For a slightly more intimate resort experience, head to Amara Resort, which sits along the peaceful and scenic Oak Creek and features award-winning dining and spa amenities. No matter where you stay, the Sedona resort spa experience offers a unique and winning combination of fantastic scenery and world-class spa amenities.