Shopping Malls and Centers


As with many cities, Sedona's uptown district is the locus of much retail and social activity. Although it doesn't feature the town's most upscale venues, the district is worth browsing for souvenirs and gifts. Along with establishments catering to tourists, the area also offers restaurants, art galleries, Western clothing shops, and stores that market the heritage of the Southwest.

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Its name tells you all about this shopping center's location, which greets shoppers with fabulous red rock views all around. Upscale shops and galleries comprise the bulk of the businesses, along with a few restaurants, jewelry shops, and clothing boutiques. The complex hosts special events regularly, and while you're not browsing, you can appreciate Hillside's art and water features too.

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Established in Sedona in 2005, Sedona Outdoors is a provider of active apparel and footwear that's as functional as it is fashionable. Surrounded by opportunities for outdoor activities, you may find yourself in need of some gear. If so, this shop has you covered with all of the accessories and apparel you'd find necessary for a day spent exploring the wilds of the West (or some comfortable clothes and shoes just for exploring the streets of Sedona).

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An expansive collection of diverse items, Son Silver West Galleries, has plenty to offer shoppers of the most discriminating tastes. As it's located in Sedona, much of the inventory has a Southwestern theme or is handcrafted by Native Americans - something to keep in mind when shopping for souvenirs. Some of their products include chilis, pottery, rugs, items for your garden, antique firearms and random gifts. As you make your way there, just keep an eye out for a huge rooster by the roadside; that means you're in the right place.

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Oak Creek Canyon

As one of the biggest fine art galleries on the planet, Exposures International has become a leader in the art world. With 20,000 square feet of space to fill, Exposures has created an expansive collection of diverse works including oil and acrylic paintings, glass art, sculptures and fine art jewelry. Although the space is large and the names are big, this family-owned business has been able to maintain a warm, personal feel. You'll feel right at home while you browse the many creations on display.

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Situated in Tlaquepaque Village, Cucina Sedona provides items specifically for your kitchen and tabletop. Dealing in ceramic dinnerware, table linens, serveware and other items for your table, one stop here and you'll be the host or hostess with the most/mostest! You could even bring your cooking to the next level by taking advantage of their inventory of cookbooks. If you're looking to spice up your next dinner party or give your kitchen some extra flavor, this shop cannot be missed.

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Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village
Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

Named for a Guadalajara, Mexico suburb, this shopping center is Sedona's most elegant and sophisticated. Its architecture relies on Spanish Colonial precedents, and many items were brought from Mexico expressly for the complex. The place's charm is evident in graceful trees, pleasant courtyards, trickling fountains, and a small chapel. Most of the retailers deal in fine art, although some are dedicated to clothing, jewelry, and specialty items. A handful of successful restaurants also operates on the grounds, which are worthy for a look on their own merit. Although Tlaquepaque was built in the early '70s, it's ambience is age-old.

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Garland's Indian Jewlery
Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

One of the most popular destinations in country for Native American art and jewelry, Garland's offers authentic Native American goods. The artists responsible for many of the creations up for sale visit from the nearby reservations to show off their most recent works of art in the form of baskets, jewelry, pottery and more. As the products are created locally by many different artists, they run the gamut from quaint and inexpensive to extremely high-quality, so you're sure to find something in your price range.

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Clear Creek Trading Company
Photo courtesy of D.J. Henson

Home to thousands of products including Native American crafts, feathers, furs and hides, musical instruments, literature, herbs and animal skulls, Clear Creek Trading is the source for Native American goods in Sedona. Ideal for those with an interest in the local culture, there is plenty to browse and learn about in this haven of Native American artifacts and products.

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Goldenstein Gallery
Photo courtesy of Mindy Mendelsohn

Founded by Linda Goldenstein, who is referred to as the 'Art Maven of Sedona,' the Goldenstein Gallery has a unique collection of works created by local and regional artists whose specialties span different media as well as styles. Though the gallery has worked with museums and large exhibitions in the past, it's now concentrating on the exhibitions of its own many artists. With so much love, care and dedication put into the experience, this gallery is not to be missed.

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