Best Antique Shops in Tucson

10 Best Antique Shops in Tucson: Vintage Furniture, Clothing and More

Tucson is known for its long and rich history as an Old West outpost, so it's no surprise that the city is home to an eclectic selection of antique stores boasting loads of vintage gems.

It's hard to beat the sheer breadth of vintage finds at Copper Country Antiques, a bustling antique mall with over 250 dealers under one roof, along with 32,000 square feet of shopping under one roof and personal shopping services, chances are you'll discover a new favorite treasure at Copper Country Antiques.

Buffalo Trading Post is another great resource for unique finds, especially if you're looking for vintage western wear.

If you're searching for hard to find high-end antique furnishings and architectural elements, head to Designers Craft in Tucson, where you'll find everything from antique doors to turn-of-the-century moldings. Tucson's unique Southwestern history makes this one of the best cities in the country to find quality Native American, Mexican, and Spanish Colonial goods.

Morning Star Traders is one of the city's top dealers in quality antique Southwestern jewelry, American Indian pots, rugs & blankets, baskets and artwork.

Another great resource is Michael D. Higgins & Son Antique Indian Art, one of the city's top dealers in antique Native American and Southwestern art. 

For excellent antique shopping in midtown, check out The Grey House Antiques, a well-organized store brimming with antique furniture, clothes and other treasures. 


Another Man's Treasure specializes in quality used furniture and miscellaneous household items. This Tucson antique store has been family owned and operated since 1975, making it one of the oldest antique stores in town. The secret to this shop's success is the large selection of used furniture and antiques. Need a china hutch, antique sofa, painted coffee table or Tiffany lamp? Another Man's Treasure is a treasure trove of antiques and vintage finds, and chances are you'll find the perfect item to spruce up your home. What if you want to sell your antiques? As the shop's name, your junk just might be somebody else's treasure. Ask the friendly staff to make a bid on your items.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Another Man's Treasure is a family-owned antique shop with a steady incoming stock of quality vintage furniture.

Patricia's expert tip: Excellent source for quality antique furniture.

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This family owned and operated antique shop is a collector's paradise with over 200,000 items in stock on any given day. You'll find toys, Western products, and huge collection of both antique and collectible dolls. Jewelry, art glass, silver, paintings, antique furniture, linens, glassware, classic advertisements, China, clocks, crystal are also well-represented here. With over 50 years in the business, Christine's Antiques is one of the oldest continually run, family-owned antique stores in town, popular for its diverse selection of unique vintage finds with items ranging in price from $1.00 to thousands. The shop is fun to browse and perfect for lovers of vintage goods.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Christine's Antiques has over 200,000 items in stock on any given day, making this a window shopper's paradise.

Patricia's expert tip: Doll-lover's take note: this is one of Tucson's best destinations for collectible and antique dolls.

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22nd Street Antique Mall
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Banke

Prepare to spend at least an hour at the 22nd Street Antique Mall in Tucson. This is one of the bigger antique malls in town, with a diverse array of antique and vintage merchandise. The antique mall is full of booths from independent vendors, so the merchandise is quite eclectic. From Art Deco to Midcentury Modern, you'll find furniture, clothes, accessories, shoes, art, jewelry, books, records and assorted bric and brac. The 22nd Street Antique Mall has also become a destination for unique holiday decorations. Although prices vary from booth to booth, antique hounds in Tucson know that this is one of best places in town to find bargains.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: The 22nd Street Antique Mall is one of Tucson's biggest and most eclectic antique malls.

Patricia's expert tip: Come here for unique holiday decorations.

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Buffalo Trading Post is the sophisticated "older sibling" to Buffalo Exchange, Tucson's popular buy-sell-trade clothing boutique. The store specializes in clothes and fashion accessories for sophisticated women, carrying brands like Coldwater Creek and Chicos. Looking to add a bit of vintage cowboy chic to your wardrobe? You'll find a good selection of fashionable jeans, boots, hats and other cowboy wear. For men, the store carries vintage Hawaiian shirts and Western wear. Mexican imports, cute outdoor furniture and mid-century housewares also make this a destination for the discerning antique shopper. The store is located at the Cat Mountain Station in far west Tucson, which makes it a convenient stopping point if you're on the way to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and Old Tucson Studios.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: The Buffalo Trading Post carries a large selection of unique, vintage Western-themed clothing and decor, with new items stocked daily.

Patricia's expert tip: Come here when you're looking for authentic Western wear.

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North Tucson

The owner of Designers Craft, Michael Midkiff, travels the world in search of finely crafted, visually arresting furniture and architectural elements. He has particularly beautiful items from India, China and Thailand, including moldings and doors. Occasionally, old pieces are crafted into new furniture – an antique pillar may serve as a decorative part of a newly built bookcase, for example. Other finds in the shop include marble fireplace surrounds, wooden pots, tables and benches. Visits are also available by appointment. Come here to find high quality, unique antique furnishings crafted from teak, rosewood, mahogany and satinwood, as well as hard to find architectural elements such as antique pillars, shutters, doors, balcony rails, and windows.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Designers Craft in Tucson is your source for authentic antique furniture, architectural elements and ethnic art.

Patricia's expert tip: Come here for hard-to-find antique furnishings and architectural elements.

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Michael Higgins has an eye for Native American art and antiques, honed over many years and countless travels. As a Charter Member of the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association, Higgins is a top dealer in authentic Southwestern treasures. Some of the treasures you'll find include a circa 1880 beaded Cheyenne pipebag, circa 1910 Hopi katsina doll, and even some pre-Columbian pottery have graced the shelves of his shop. Demand far exceeds supply in this business, but new things turn up frequently, so there's no telling what treasures you'll discover. Higgins also offers an appraisal service for older American Indian items, Pre-Columbian Art, Mexican Antiques, Spanish Colonial items, and early Arizona and Western Paintings. Worth a stop for serious collectors of Native American, Mexican and Spanish Colonial antiques.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Michael Higgins is one of Tucson's top dealers of antique Native American and Southwestern art.

Patricia's expert tip: A great resource for authentic Navajo & Pueblo textiles and antique rugs.

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Morning Star Traders is one of the oldest and well-respected dealers of antique American Indian art and Spanish Colonial furniture in Tucson. Centrally located on Speedway Boulevard, Morning Star Traders carries a huge selection of antique, contemporary Southwestern jewelry, turquoise jewelry, American Indian pots, rugs & blankets, baskets and artwork. Morning Star Traders also carries one of the largest selections of Colonial Spanish furniture in the state. If you're a lover of authentic Southwestern, Mexican and Native American arts and crafts, furniture and artisanal goods, head straight to Morning Star Traders next time you're in Tucson.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Morning Star Traders is one of the oldest and most respected dealers of traditional Southwestern art, crafts and furniture in Tucson.

Patricia's expert tip: Looking for something special? The knowledgeable folks at Morning Star Traders are happy to hunt for your special order.

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Arte de la Vida is a uniquely Tucson vintage and antique art specialty shop specializing in beautiful Mexican and southwestern art, furniture and collectibles. The store is bursting with color and texture, from gorgeous hand-crafted masks to authentic Mexican pottery to sumptuous textiles. Other art objects include folk art, tin and wood pieces, and jewelry. The store boasts the largest collection of vintage Mexican glass in the southwest. You'll also find collectible treasures from well-known Mexican artists. Whether you're new to vintage southwestern and Mexican art, or a serious collector of Mexican antiques, be sure to stop by this unique Tucson shop.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Arte de la Vida is a great source for unique, vintage Mexican art.

Patricia's expert tip: Come here for vintage Mexican collectibles and old-school tourist wares.

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Copper Country Antiques in Tucson is one of the city's largest and most vibrant antique malls featuring 32,000 square feet of shopping. There are plenty of treasures and bargains to be found at Copper Country Antiques in Tucson. Whether you are searching for vintage comic books, western Americana, musical instruments, antique furniture, glassware, crystal, sterling, fine china or 1950s era kitchen accessories, the staff at this venerable Tucson antique mall is knowledgeable, helpful, and always charming. Copper Country antique mall has over 250 antique dealers under one roof, making this a great place to wander, explore and spend the afternoon with a favorite shopping buddy.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: Copper Country Antiques in Tucson features 32,000 square feet of shopping in one of the best locations in town.

Patricia's expert tip: Copper Country Antiques in Tucson offers a personal shopper service. Contact the store for more information.

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The Tucson shopping scene is brimming with antique malls and cool vintage specialty shops. One the city's most consistently well-stocked antique stores is The Grey House Antiques, located one block south of Fort Lowell on Campbell Avenue in midtown. The store is located in a sprawling antique store and features several rooms of beautifully arranged vintage showrooms. You'll find everything from midcentury modern desks to antique Italian paintings to authentic Navajo art. Part of the allure of shopping here is the variety and nicely organized rooms, which lend themselves to leisurely browsing. Can't find what you need? Ask the helpful staff for help, and they will help you unearth a new favorite treasure.

Recommended for Antique Shops because: The Grey House Antiques is a well-stocked and beautifully organized antique store, conveniently located in midtown Tucson.

Patricia's expert tip: Check out the store's Facebook page for pictures of the latest inventory.

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