Aruba says: "Bon Bini!" in native tongue Papiamento. This means "Welcome!" And if someone is asking "unda?" this person's wants to know "where", as in "where to go?" Even if the people of Aruba are able to communicate in four different languages, including Dutch and Spanish, the question "What is there?" will remain a challenge for visitors from anywhere in the world. With all of the things to do and see on an island, deciding how to spend your time in the Caribbean can be quite an agonizing decision. 10best has narrowed all of the available attractions in Aruba to a list of the most appealing and reputable, to aide in your decision making. You can rest easy knowing that any choice you make from our list is sure to please. Whether it's secluded coves, sand dunes, underground caves, mysterious rock formations, natural bridges or adorable donkeys, we've got it all covered. Stay up-to-date with the latest top attractions and activities to help make your vacation a truly memorable one – action-packed or mellow, or filled with romance, relaxation and fun. Know that you are among friends who will do everything to make it just perfect... the way a visit to this happy island should be!   

Two of Aruba's most exciting sites are the Quadirikiri and Fontein caves. Both are part of National Park Arikok. And while Fontein cave is exceptional for its broad collection of ancient Indian paintings, Quadirikiri provides wonderful...  Read More

Northeast Coast

Ayo Rock Formations is located to the northeast of Hooiberg and just a couple of minutes away from Aruba's Donkey Sanctuary and Casibari – another popular but more crowded spot to explore the island's unique collection of massive diorite...  Read More

Northeast Coast

Maybe it's those big gentle eyes. Or the wacky grin and the ridiculous noise they make. Whatever it is, donkeys have a certain something that many people find completely endearing. The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary takes in injured and sick wild...  Read More

Constructed in 1798, as a means of defense against pirates, this old Dutch fortress now houses the Historical Museum of Aruba. The restoration of Fort Zoutman took place in 1974 and in 1983 the Willem III Tower was finished, enabling Aruba a...  Read More

Northeast Coast

The Aruba Ostrich Farm fits in perfectly with the island's rigid landscape and dry climate, offering locals and visitors of all ages a wide variety of activities and facilities to enjoy. With a guided tour as main attraction, everyone can learn...  Read More

This natural pool the locals call "Conchi" (Bowl) is the hidden gem of National Park Arikok. The rocky, volcanic environment of one of Aruba's most secluded areas makes the site inaccessible by car. But, for the intrepid travelers, there will be...  Read More

Northeast Coast
Alto Vista Chapel
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

Established more than 250 years ago by the Indians and the Spanish, Alto Vista is often called the Pilgrim's Church, but is known officially as Our Lady of Alto Vista. The chapel was the island's first Roman Catholic Church, built in 1750 and...  Read More

Philip Merryweather started out with a neighbor's boa constrictor that he took under his care, then he found an ocelot in need of a suitable home. Before he knew it, this young zookeeper was collecting not only abused and abandoned animals, but...  Read More

This wildlife park encompasses roughly 20% of the entire island and is dedicated to the conservation of Aruba's natural environment, and cultural-historical heritage. The visitor center at the entrance to the park provides many facilities,...  Read More


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