Aruba has grown considerably since tourism became the island's primary source of income in 1986. What started out with a hotel downtown called Talk Of The Town and the Aruba Caribbean Hotel in Palm Beach, - the island’s first luxury resort - has quickly blossomed into a mecca for travelers from all over the world. Meanwhile, the choice of venues and resorts continues to grow, bringing an array of accommodations to fit every budget and preference.

For visitors in search of beach and tranquility and freedom to come and go as one pleases, the seaside apartments like Coral Reef Beach in Savaneta or Aruba Bed & Beach in Pos Chikito are ideal. The island is small, so driving around from anywhere is just a couples of minutes away.

While Club Arias is one of the first bed & breakfast facilities on the island and are still among the top rated stays, there are a couple of newcomers. Wonders Boutique Hotel is becoming a hot spot for uptown guests and Villa Punta Salina in Noord offers personal attention to beach lovers that want to stay close to the best beaches, but away from the high rise crowds. Paradera Park is uniquely located in the center of the island, surrounded by tropical gardens and close to natural attractions like Casibari and Ayo Rock Formations. Another traditional island experience can be discovered in one of the cozy guesthouses of My Aruban Home, including local friendliness and the Hadicurari beach life.

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Enter the gate of Arubiana Inn and submerge yourself in a relaxing Caribbean atmosphere. The swimming pool is ideal for a refreshing dive after a busy day of touring and the palm trees in the courtyard provide plenty of shade to wind down and cool off. Add spacious, colonial style rooms and friendly staff, and Arubiana Inn becomes a smart choice for guests looking for comfort and ways to spend the cash they've saved while staying at this no-frills hotel. Shopping facilities, beaches, restaurants, churches and chapels and other popular attractions in the Noord district, are just a minutes drive away.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Arubiana Inn provides all the hotel services and amenities that visitors need at reasonable prices.

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Airport - Aua

My Aruban Home gives travelers the chance to get a real taste of Aruba. The homes are perfectly located in Bakval, allowing guests to be just minutes away from the major tourist scenes and beaches, while still experiencing the local vibe and comfort of a residential area. This Aruban family has prided itself in being the perfect tourist guide for those who want to get to know the island from inside out. The apartments truly reflect that sense of belonging which is only felt at home. Live the Caribbean life in authentic island surroundings and discover the treasures, sights and experiences that locals love most.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: My Aruban Home keeps the Caribbean dream vacation promise at friendly prices.

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The Paradera Park is a tranquil and private island hideaway conveniently located close to many popular attractions like Casibari and Ayo Rock Formations, the Bushiribana gold smelter ruins and also downtown Oranjestad. Shops, nature and hiking trails are just within walking distance. The accommodations at the Paradera Park range from deluxe studios to one and two bedroom suites, including all the facilities and services of a quality hotel, but without the high rates and hustle and bustle of chain resorts. Paradera Park offers lush tropical gardens, a large swimming pool, spacious pool decks with cushioned lounge chairs and personal attention.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Paradera Park has a collection of Travelers' Choice Awards and that's no coincidence.

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Aruba Bed & Beach offers breakfast, too! This is a perfect place to stay away from the tourist crowds, if peace and tranquility is required. Guests can rest assured with these cabanas that are comfortable, clean and complete with all the necessary amenities. The clear and refreshing blue waters of Spanish Lagoon are within walking distance and ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving and kayaking. Visit Mangel Halto across the street and discover the secluded beaches between Aruba's mangroves. For visitors who want to take the road less traveled, Aruba Bed & Beach is a terrific starting point. Pos Chikito has a lot of island history and natural treasures to share.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Aruba Bed & Beach is a unique concept at a unique location.

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Close your eyes and imagine a tropical oasis tucked away within the serene, peaceful area of Savaneta. Now open your eyes and discover Club Arias Bed & Breakfast - plus one of the best pizzerias on the island: G&G Pizza Company. This popular bed & breakfast with a knowledgeable and trilingual staff of five, offers lush gardens that surround three crystal clear pools; one with a swim-up bar and giant waterfall. Outdoor private showers encased in beautiful tile provide guests with an invigorating shower after a refreshing pool experience. Feel quenched at Club Arias because of the free-flowing, gratuitous lemonade throughout the day. Should guests ever want to leave this paradise, Club Arias offers quad tours to the most scenic areas of Aruba.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Club Arias B&B offers a complete package to provide guests with a happy home away from home.

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Lounge poolside with your laptop and catch up on social media with Aruba Beach Villas' available wireless internet connection. The guests can sit down and rest in the calming recreational area of these private villas while enjoying spectacular beach and sunset views. Fort Zoutman is within a 20 minute drive from the apartment complex. Guests have access to a peaceful courtyard and Jacuzzi. The apartments at the Aruba Beach Villas include kitchenettes, cable TV, free wifi, a cellphone and more free extras like kayak and snorkeling equipment. Noord town centre is within a 10 minute drive. California Lighthouse is under 10 minutes away by car. And to relax, there is no need to go anywhere.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Aruba Beach Villas has a prime location close to the beach and a lot of wonderful freebies.

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This lovely bed and breakfast is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and offers a tranquil corner to sit and relax. Hidden Eden proudly comes with a pets welcome policy and is an active promoter of the local culture, nature and history. Discover Aruba's highlights and attractions in downtown Oranjestad, less than a 10 minutes drive away, or go straight to the best beaches on the island. Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are right around the corner. And so are many water sports activities, great restaurants and shopping facilities. The only difference is the affordability... and Hidden Eden's warm personality, of course.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Hidden Eden's attentive hosts - a native Aruban couple - want to introduce guests to their island in a whole new way.

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Visitors have their own personal tastes, needs and budgets, and Wonders Boutique Hotel is happy to oblige, offering the luxury and pampering of a high end resort, but without the stress and commotion of waiting lines, jam-packed restaurants, crowded pools and loud casinos. This adult-only resort is well-known for its intimate setting, personalized services and luxurious facilities, like an in-house masseur, yoga and meditation classes, special arrangements for honeymooners (or romantic couples) and a varity of unique island experiences and activities. Wonders Boutique Hotel is ideally located in Oranjestad, at walking distance from the downtown area and close to the beaches.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Wonders Boutique Hotel is a perfect getaway with luscious gardens, a relaxing pool, tastefully decorated rooms, and a host who knows how to pamper guests.

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An intimately unique all-suite small hotel with 14 spacious and beautifully decorated apartments referred to as casitas. The word casita means small house in Papiamento, the native language of Aruba. The property is located right across from the Marriott Resort just a five minute walk from Aruba's best swimming, sunbathing and water sports area; the Palm Beach. The casitas are spread out amidst tropical gardens providing a lot of privacy for each unit. Guests of Boardwalk enjoy free use of facilities at the nearby Aruba Racquet Club and Moomba Beach Club with their VIP cards, free internet PC at the reception and high speed WiFi internet access in rooms. Boardwalk casitas are true homes away from home, private, peaceful and within walking distance of the high rise strip.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: Boardwalk Small Hotel is voted favorite place to stay by many return guests who frequent the island of Aruba.

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When a taxi driver takes stranded tourists sightseeing all around Aruba and then invites them to celebrate New Years' Eve with his family, know you're on a tourist-friendly island. And when the staff and management of The Mill Resort & Suites work around the clock to find accommodations for unscheduled arrivals and make them comfortable, know you're at a tourist-friendly resort. The Mill's front desk, concierge, housekeeping, and administrative staffs orchestrate an enjoyable and carefree vacation for international clientele, reflecting the perfect blending of efficient Dutch management and Caribbean flair. The beach is just across the street, so guests can enjoy a wide array of water sports, from swimming and snorkeling to sailing and windsurfing.

Recommended for Budget Hotels because: The Mill Resort and Suites Aruba offers affordable accommodations, gracious Dutch hospitality, and easy access to one of the island's most famous beaches.

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