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Best Nightlife in Aruba

Where's The Party In Aruba At Night?

Out of all the nightlife venues on an island, 10Best narrows the options to those places with the most appeal and the best reputations. We offer a carefully vetted selection to let you explore Aruba’s nightlife on your own and with a local touch in mind. If time is really tight, though, and you don't have the leisure to look through all our offerings, we present our Aruba Best Nightlife list. Here, we distill the best nights out down to a special selection of ten. These hot spots promise a stellar experience and a taste of the island that every visitor should take back home as a cherished souvenir. Whether it’s Salsa lessons to dance like a star at Aruba Salsa, local beer at local prices at Saloon Bar, the longest-running show in town or a the craziest karaoke ride in Aruba, with just a few clicks of your mouse, we can help you find what you’re looking for or what you didn’t even realize you’d be interested in. Aruba is more than just the high rise area, let us at 10Best help you keep up with the locals and be prepared to see the sun come back up again with a big smile.


Aruba Sinatra Shows
Photo courtesy of Aruba Sinatra Shows - Fred de Jong

Matching up authentic Aruban atmosphere with Sinatra's swinging sounds for a romantic evening out has been a fixed feature for several years now. The Old Cunucu House team is part of it, hosting these shows since 2012. Top impersonator and live performer Fred de Jong knows how to pay tribute to this incredible legacy, mimicking Sinatra's smooth vocal tones and moves beautifully. A perfect dinner show opportunity for anyone on the lookout for a pleasant surprise: Sinatra's Caribbean Nights. Enjoy timeless hits and good old times with tropical flair and typical Aruban flavors. These tickets are the best buys in town!

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Aruba Sinatra Shows is one of the island's longest-running live shows available, and for good reasons.

Liliana's expert tip: Aruba Sinatra Shows can be booked for special occasions, private parties and events.

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Casibari Cafe
Photo courtesy of Casibari Cafe

Casibari Cafe started out small; a couple of drinks, snacks, souvenirs ... Tourists browsing around the premises, climbing the stairs, taking photos with huge volcanic rocks. And then, this place brought in local bands and began to host music events, drawing in more and more nightlife-seeking crowds. Their schedule is filled with Reggae festivals, Salsa nights, jam sessions and whatever they can come up with to please their fans. There's always something happening at Casibari Cafe, so if you're looking for a quiet spot to meditate, check out the events calender to know at what time to arrive and depart. The ones who are in for a feast, take a seat and own those happy hours.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Casibari Cafe, surrounded by Aruba's incredible rock formations and country ambience, has become one of the favorite hangouts of locals and tourists.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Casibari Cafe's barbecue specials, they're famous attractors.

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The Wine Room
Photo courtesy of The Wine Room

What better way to enjoy good company and great food than with a perfect glass (or bottle) of wine. Uncork and unwind at The Wine Room, situated just around the corner of the Antraco building on L.G. Smith Boulevard. The wine list covers an exquisite range of labels from different regions to a variety of bodies and bouquets. To pair with mouth-watering tapas, or for sipping the night away. There's a nice selection of German craft beer for the beerdrinkers. And if there's still 'room' left for dessert, try The Wine Room's sweet treats, special coffees or a premium digestif.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: The Wine Room is a lovely, elegant venue to enjoy a more laid-back or romantic night out.

Liliana's expert tip: For special requests, contact The Wine Room directly.

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Karaoke Party Bus Aruba
Photo courtesy of Karaoke Party Bus Aruba

What is even better than a night of Karaoke singing? Karaoke Party Bus Aruba has the answer. A party bus tour with Karaoke, maracas, bar hopping and dancing on and off the road all night. It's a party bus times ten, so prep accordingly. Have a nourishing meal, clear those throats and stretch those hips for a bumpsy ride. Enjoy free shots, snacks and entertainment along the way while discovering a couple of fun local hangouts to revisit during your stay. With tour guide Giovanni Trim and his crew, pick-ups and drop-offs are planned accordingly, making this night out in Aruba, a very wild and very worry-free one.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Karaoke Party Bus Aruba offers a lively and unforgettable addition to Aruba's nightlife entertainment options.

Liliana's expert tip: Karaoke Party Bus Aruba also offers private group tours for special occasions like birthdays or bachelor nights.

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Aruba Salsa Dance Company
Photo courtesy of Aruba Salsa Dance Company

Aruba Salsa Dance Company offers complimentary Salsa workshops to tourists from all ages and from every corner of the world, at several locations throughout the island. Learning how to move your hips the Latin way has never been this spicy. With more than 23 levels of Salsa moves, lessons in Merengue, Kizomba, Bacahata and many more Latin dances available, no one should become a wallflower. Grab your dance shoes, hit the floor and put your trust in these awarded dance academy's hands. There will be no regrets, only the best times ever. 'Échale ganas' (Pour all you got into it!)

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Aruba Salsa is one of the best and friendliest Latin dance schools around, offering a wide variety of moves.

Liliana's expert tip: Take a free Salsa class to get a feel before committing to private lessons.

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Tan Bueno Bar and Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Tan Bueno Bar & Kitchen

Tan Bueno means So Good in Spanish, and that's exactly what this welcoming bar and kitchen promises from as early as 8 a.m. and until the latest hours. Tan Bueno brings the best Latin American and Caribbean flavors and ambiance together with a finishing touch of European flair. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night munchies? At Tan Bueno, every bite is packed with freshness and flavor, leaving all guests Tan satisfied. Enjoy the biggest cocktails at the smallest prices, live music and dancing, delicious food and such good times at Tan Bueno Bar and Kitchen, located at the Paseo Herencia Mall.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Tan Bueno Bar and Kitchen not only makes the nights out in Aruba memorable, but also very affordable for locals and tourists alike.

Liliana's expert tip: Beer-lovers can take advantage of Tan Bueno's daily $20 bucket of Caribbean beer.

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Fireson Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of Fireson Brewing Company

Fireson Brewing Company is a cozy family owned and operated microbrewery, bar and restaurant in one. Head brewer and owner Tony van Vuurden (Vuur meaning Fire in Dutch) sure knows how to turn (n)ice cold beer into the hottest item on the menu. And what a menu! Fireson's Aruba-inspired beers are not only free of preservatives and as fresh as beer on tap can be, but they also come in amazing flavors. Brews like the popular Bao Palo (Under the Tree) and Preto di Wowo (Apple of My Eye) Stout taste even better with local tapas like Funchi cu Keshi (fried polenta fries with cheese) or Wings with hot Papaya sauce. Mix and match away!

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Fireson Brewing Company is the only craft beer brewery on the island and serves quality craft beer and wonderful dishes for pairing.

Liliana's expert tip: Fireson Brewing Company also serves delicious cocktails and wines for non-beer drinkers.

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Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill
Photo courtesy of Chubby Photography Aruba

Looking for a hot place to be cool or a cool place to be hot? Stroll along the postcard perfect Palm Beach and step onto the deck of Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill at De Palm Pier. It's never a must, only helpful advice: a Caribbean vacation isn't an authentic Caribbean vacation without the happy hours, the dancing, the mingling, the savoring and celebration-ing. That's why Aruba offers the most gorgeous beaches, the sunniest weather and memorable spots like Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill to welcome its visitors. Colorful cocktails, live entertainment, breathtaking sunsets, perfectly grilled catches and many hours of happiness await you here.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill has the looks, charming personality and perfect location for sipping, savoring and swinging the night away.

Liliana's expert tip: Every Wednesday night, there's a Free Salsa and Merengue Workshop from 7:30 till 8:30pm and a live band for dance couples to show off their hot new moves.

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South Beach Mall has a great-to-know bar scene happening, and the Saloon Bar is a welcoming addition to the Palm Beach nightlife strip. This Wild West Country hub might not conjure Old West gun fights, gambling and outlaws - thank goodness! - but it surely can stir up your party instincts and dance moves. A dive bar to enjoy friendly priced drinks and beers, music to take anyone on a trip down memory lane, and just plain ol' good times together. Attention nightlife hunters: bar-hoppers wanted! Alive and singing... So saddle up and get ready for a long night of hoedowning at the Saloon.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Saloon Bar Aruba has a unique country style atmosphere and very affordable beers and cocktails.

Liliana's expert tip: On Fridays live music till 3 am and happy hours from 9pm till 11pm.

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Palm Beach
Photo courtesy of Gusto Night Club Aruba

Mucho gusto means "it's a pleasure", and Gusto will do its utmost to make everyone's night as pleasurable as possible. That's why they serve more than just drinks. A welcoming atmosphere, skilled bartenders who craft amazing cocktails, the hottest DJs on the island... If it's going to be dancing all night, chilling on a cozy terrace, or just socializing and toasting with friends, Gusto is an excellent choice for a long and delightful night out. Attention: Happy Hours are from 9 pm till 11 pm, so get ready to party like a star, and have your photographs taken as proof.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Gusto bar is one of the few nightlife spots in Aruba that offers all the excitement of a stylish nightclub in a relaxing ambiance.

Liliana's expert tip: Age limit is 21+.

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