Best Restaurants in Aruba

10 Best Aruba Restaurants: For Those Seeking More Than Just Great Food

Arubans love the good life and food plays an important role on this island. There are restaurants, cafes, bistros, snack and sushi bars, and local food trucks everywhere. For the best fine dining experiences in Aruba, there's no need to get disappointed by trying your luck. Avoid the tourist traps and consult the continuously updated list of top ten restaurants reviewed by a 10Best Local Expert. Aruba is growing and quickly becoming a foodies paradise, offering a wide selection of excellent dining options ranging from high-end gourmet to local fare. Looking for an exquisite dinner on the beach? Visit Passions and capture the sunset. A local hotspot with foodie appeal? Taste My Aruba won't disappoint. Gastronomic delicacies, local pinnacles or a combination of both? Try Infini and be amazed. Indulge your culinary passion by exploring the island's culture and diversity through food. Live the good life and Bon Apetit.


Italy In The World
Photo courtesy of Liliana Erasmus

If we're looking for authentic Italian dishes in a unique setting and at reasonable prices, we'd probably end up downtown. Surrounded by historical museums, there's the oldest house in Oranjestad called Huisje Hart (Family Hart's Little House). Italy in the World's owner and chef Mauro De Palma is the proud tenant, ready to welcome and guide his guests through an evening of succulent Italian favorites. Mozzarella and Eggplant Bruschetta and stuffed mini peppers are perfect for sharing and pairing with a glass of Prosecco. It's all about the wines here. Pop open one of De Palma's family-owned wine labels and let it breathe for the next course. The Beef Osso Bucco is perfectly prepared and portioned. The Linguini Frutti Di Mare bursts with color and flavor. Let it all settle down with a warm cup of Cappuccino and round up the Italian evening lifting your glasses of Amaretto. Salute!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Italy in the World has found its home and hearth in Aruba, serving delicious Italian specialties in a charming little monument in downtown Oranjestad.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Italy in The World's mini-store to shop for exquisite wines and Italian delicacies

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Photo courtesy of Liliana Erasmus

Papiamento is the native language of Aruba, and an authentic, Aruban villa built in 1886. Transformed into one of the island's most cherished restaurants and run by the dedicated, local family Ellis. This historical cunucu house, filled with Dutch antiques and hand-carved furniture, is ideal for romantic dinners. For extra sparkle, ask to sit outside by the pool, surrounded by a vibrant tropical garden, fairy lights, candles and the stars above. Caribbean seafood dishes are without compare, especially the fabulous clay pot seafood medley. Try something "on the stone"; steak, lobster or fish served on a super-heated stone for guests to finish cooking at the table. For a typical local delicacy, taste the Keeshi Yena, a "family recipe" consisting of minced tenderloin and chunks of chicken stewed with fresh herbs and spices in a baked Gouda cheese crust. There are plenty of additional and traditional options to say: Bon Apetit!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Papiamento earned its status by being one of the oldest family-run restaurants in Aruba with a consistent quality of fabulous food and friendly service.

Liliana's expert tip: Papiamento's Cas di Binja (Wine Bodega) houses more than 140 excellent wines from around the world and is open to visitors at all times.

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Passions On The Beach
Photo courtesy of Passions On The Beach

One of Aruba's most gorgeous beaches, check. Bare feet in warm sand, check. Soft ocean waves, sun setting, sipping a sweet, sparkling welcome drink, check! If love is in the air, Passions On The Beach sure knows how to reignite it. Dine in the cozy light of flaming torches surrounded by beach sounds and live instrumental music. Even if the menu is focused on seafood, and the coconut grouper is a Passions' favorite… Don't withhold yourself from choosing the Filet Mignon with red wine sauce. Go for the full portion! Smaller appetites can start with the Aruban Seafood Soup, loaded with fresh fish and local flavors, before deciding on the next round: Vegan or 'Seagan'. No matter the stomach sizes, go for dessert, especially when there's chocolate involved (Vanilla ice cream brownies!) Eat in or bag it up. Whatever you need, the Passions team got you covered with a smile.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Passions On The beach truly does justice to its name, offering guests the ultimate romantic evening on one of Aruba's most breathtaking beaches.

Liliana's expert tip: At Passions you can order half and regular portions of the main entrees.

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Aruba offers us the chance to dine in the open air, underneath the star-sparkled skies, and to the tune of locals musicians all year round. Why not grab every opportunity to enjoy the island's most delightful offerings surrounded by a bustling Oranjestad. At Taste My Aruba guests are in for an authentic local treat. Your friendly and knowledgeable host will showcase the freshest catch at your table. Take a sip of one of Taste My Aruba's delicious Martinis while deliberating where to begin. All dishes are exquisitely prepared by young Aruban chef Derwin Tromp. The Ceviche is a beautiful starter, but so are the Aruban Grouper fish cakes. If you can't decide between the freshly caught Amberback and the Seafood Duo, swap the shrimps and keep the lobster, or have it all. Too stuffed for dessert? Try the Cashew Cake anyway. Share it if you must, but don't miss out on this island favorite.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Taste My Aruba is a family-owned local eatery supporting the local fishermen, farmers, artisans, bringing people from allover the planet together at their cozy living room.

Liliana's expert tip: Try Taste My Aruba's lunch menu with clay oven baked sourdough breads and fresh local toppings.

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Bohemian Bar and Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

Step through Bohemian's front gate and enter a lush secret garden. Take a seat under tropical trees, sink into a vintage sofa, or pick a table at the bar. Your evening is going to last longer than expected. This is no 'sit-dine-go' venue. Have a Not-So-Petit cocktail (a Gin Tonic Garden?) to set the mood. Bread is addictive, so be cautious to leave room for some delectable appetizers like the Greek grilled Octopus with cream of potato and rouille sauce. If deciding what to try next is a struggle, ask Bohemian's attentive servers for suggestions. The slowly braised lamb rack is a must-try. Pescatarians will love the spicy Moroccan Mahi-Mahi kebab, a delicious myriad of Middle Eastern flavors. For a lighter dessert, the Pineapple Carpaccio with coconut ice cream is perfect. The night is young, wine choices are endless, and the European cheeses are to melt for. Santé and stay!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Bohemian boasts a cool, hippy vibe in a tropical garden filled with talented artists, delicious food and guests from all over the world.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Bohemian's weekly events to pick out your dining or night-out mood.

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Quinta Del Carmen
Photo courtesy of Ebby Schwengle

Before its current position as a fine dining restaurant, the property served as a physician's practice, a hospital, a clubhouse and a family home. Relive the old lavish days surrounded by revamped Dutch colonial decor and antiques. For al fresco dining, step down into the welcoming courtyard to enjoy a laid back evening under the stars. At Quinta Del Carmen there is a room, a corner, a special spot for every guest; indoors, outdoors or anywhere in between. If you're a gin tonic fan, start with Rosemary's Cucumber Cooler while flipping through the appetizing menu. Or, check out the Specials, which include a couple of creatively prepared (and very flavorful) cocktails and dishes. The Grandma's Favorites offer excellent advice for the indecisive or picky foodies. And if you're up for dessert, oh sweet goodness! There's chocolatey, fruity, nutty, creamy, 'stroopwaffley'… Good luck!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Quinta Del Carmen embraces local and international flavors, old charm and modern practicality, indoor and outdoor dining options, past and present.

Liliana's expert tip: Reserve a special suite inside the villa, a cozy corner in their courtyard, or go for cocktails and smaller dishes in Quinta's Tapas Garden.

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Lima Bistro
Photo courtesy of Liliana Erasmus

With a weekly menu to keep the creative sauces flowing, Chef Teddy Bouroncle and his Lima Bistro team assures their guests seasonal specialties, freshness and passion in supporting the local community. Apart from T2 Pan's freshly baked sour dough bread and foraged greens and blooms, daily catches like the Aruban Djampou (island grouper) and octopus turn into exquisite meals full of bright colors, deep flavors and interesting textures. If you're craving ceviche, head over to the Harbourwalk at Paardenbaai downtown at once. It's the newest area to explore, right behind the wharfside flea market. Found it? Pull up a chair outside on the cozy terrace overlooking the harbour. Or, step inside to enjoy a modern (air-conditioned) ambiance with an open kitchen for sneak peeking. Either way, this Foodie favorite is worth many visits, and tastings. You won't find strawberry bacon nor dried soursop merengue on any menu, except here, if still available. If not, surely there will be new ingredients to get acquainted with. Do make reservations first, this bistro fills up fast.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Lima Bistro's dynamic team of culinary experts is passionate about their art, which translates into everything they serve.

Liliana's expert tip: Lima Bistro offers delicious signature drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Don't know where to start? Try the Surprise Cocktail.

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Brutto Beach House
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

The branded buns with herb crusted truffle butter promise us: "you're in for a special treat!" Handcrafted Carnaby Street and Mai Tai Son cocktails confirm this. So does the first sushi round: an impressive Sashimi Mix and Oso Maki with Osaki crab, phyllo crisps and salmon tartar on top. Wherever you're seated, (at the sushi bar inside, on the lounge deck with live DJ) Brutto's eloquent servers got it all covered. Discover a new version of french onion soup hidden in dumplings. Go bigger, treat yourself a whole Branzino fish, or a Skirt Steak with black truffles puree, paired with the finest Italian, Argentinian, or Californian wine. It's all about sharing, so take a deep breath, and make room for dessert. Sweet Corn Fondant with brownie ice cream and popcorn dust deserves a center spot on your table. Luckily, the table is big enough to accommodate more than one order.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Brutto Beach House guarantees a vibrant evening of fine dining, plate sharing, wine pairing, cocktailing, lounging, and maybe even a little dancing.

Liliana's expert tip: Enjoy Brutto's Sunday Brunch from 10am to 4pm.

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Screaming Eagle Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

Screaming Eagle has transcended from classic French chic to a modern mix of fusion dining, allowing families and friends as well as couples who only have eyes for each other, to have it all. A relaxing atmosphere outdoors on the deck or on the mini beach, a glass of bubbles, surprise shots, an exquisite meal… The simplified menu focuses on the freshest, most flavorful dishes: a creative take on the classics with fine wines to pair. Chef Keith Ternal tempts your taste buds with a tour of his kitchen artistry. Savor succulent shrimp tacos and perfectly blackened King Clip fish with truffle risotto and champagne sauce. Or bring it all to the table. Have your beef tenderloin flambéed. Another show-stopping delight: all-time favorite Crêpes Suzette. Happy hour cocktails on the terrace, alfresco dining on deck, a romantic aperitif on the mini beach, Screaming Eagle welcomes you to its cozy nest.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: The Screaming Eagle puts the spotlight on its cuisine, its friendly and knowlegdeable staff, its open air ambience, and on the charm of modern simplicity.

Liliana's expert tip: Bring your phone to scan the QR code menu for a more paperless dining experience.

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Eagle Beach
Photo courtesy of Infini

Chef Urvin's dynamic team of highly trained Aruban professionals is unstoppable when it comes to revolutionizing fine dining and sourcing local, sustainable produce. Their latest restyled corner offers endless possibilities. Thriving on a more intimate approach, Infini offers seasonal menus, complementing wines, cocktails, mocktails. Start with Latin influenced Street Food: a trio of favorite local snacks, all dressed up to impress. Patacon in spicy avocado, curry lemon crab Pastechi and Pizza with goat cheese. From the streets to an appetizing Garden of bright colors, deep flavors and surprising textures, drizzled in buttermilk Champagne with a dot of Caviar. Time for more than one dessert. The amuse-bouche gives a hint of the versatility of cacao: E Mondi. Explore island wilderness through chocolate! Courses change, the ongoing gastronomic gala remains infinitely impressive, and accommodated to your dietary needs. Seats are limited, so reserve yours for a welcoming evening of Michelin-worthy food art.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Infini is a one-of-a-kind, ultra authentic dégustation experience in Aruba, visitors should get acquainted with.

Liliana's expert tip: Instead of choosing the wine pairing option, try the new cocktail pairing for an enhanced aromatic match.

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