Aruba's Tasty, Affordable Eats and Treats from around the World

All You Can Eat buffets and combo meals of wildly popular fast food chains are not the only alternatives for saving money while getting the most value out of your meals. Aruba’s budget-friendly offerings include cozy a la carte restaurants, casual oceanfront eateries, modern cafes, pancake houses... Much more than one single 10Best list is able to showcase.

Focusing on the whole package deal instead of the menu prices only, creates a more diverse selection of smart eating out options. For vacationers who would love to taste as much of the island’s culture as possible, great local eateries like Zeerover serve fresh-caught seafood with authentic Aruban side dishes, everyone can afford.

Because Aruba is part of the Kingdom Of The Netherlands, its Dutch roots are not only visible, audible and tangible throughout the island. This land of tulips and cheese offers an array of delicacies to engage all the senses. At Diana’s Pancake Place, situated right next to an old and authentic windmill, guests can enjoy a real Dutch breakfast or lunch surrounded by cows, clogs and canals (painted ones, but nevertheless).

All time favorites such as The West Deck are always worth a look. Especially at sunset, while sampling a couple of refreshing cocktails, succulent chicken wings, a surprisingly varied menu and live music by local artists.
For lunch or dinner, an old faithful that never disappoints is local Chinese restaurant Kowloon. Keep all your cravings satiated with these money-saving suggestions.

There is absolutely no shortage of pizza places in Aruba. From international chains to local eateries, from deep dish to thin crust, and whether the pizza gets delivered, picked up or eaten in. To figure out which one takes the cake, is nearly...  Read More

For some, this little Dutch cafe tucked into the storefront of Superfood Plaza, has become a daily coffee stop, a regular meeting point or a favorite lunch break spot. The bright orange design chairs, clean background and sleek decor are not the...  Read More

The name Red Fish is inspired by Aruba's world famous Pisca Cora (Red Snapper) - a favorite catch of the day on the island. Good thing is, snappers are not the only bites available at this fairly new eatery in the recently opened Orange Plaza....  Read More

Diana's Pancakes Place
Photo courtesy of Diana's Pancakes House

What could be more Dutch than an authentic windmill from Holland? The answer: a Dutch pancake house right next to it, owned by a lovely Dutch lady called Diana. Her pancakes are the real deal; thinner than American pancakes, a little thicker...  Read More


Zeerover means Sea Pirate, but for locals it's synonymous with ice cold beer and seafood at reasonable prices. With fresh off-the-boat fare, a laid-back atmosphere where you order from a window and take home or eat outside, this cozy seafood...  Read More

This lovely, authentic Aruban house is indeed The Sugar Garden (De Suikertuin) of downtown Oranjestad. Wherever you choose to take a seat, - inside, in the cozy, air-conditioned home-style cafe or outside, under a tropical tree or in the shady...  Read More

The traditional German 'Biergarten' started out with family-style outdoor seating, plenty of fresh beer from the barrel, but no food at all. Because brewers weren't allowed to sell anything to eat, guests would bring their own picnic baskets...  Read More

What used to be the soul of Costa Riba Restaurant is still alive and cooking in the revamped venue called Kamini's Kitchen. There's this colorful building on your way to or from the beaches in Sero Colorado. Legendary couple, Kamini and her...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

This spot serves elegant Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. The two red and black decorated dining rooms feature lacquered woods and lamps with paper shades. The chef is skilled at most Chinese cooking styles including Hunan, Szechwan,...  Read More

L.G.Smith Boulevard

This family-owned beach bar and grill is situated on one of the gorgeous beaches along the L.G. Smith Boulevard, called Governor's Bay " the Governor's house is right across the street. Being part of Aruba's buzzing Linear Park, The West Deck...  Read More


Meet Liliana Erasmus

Born and raised in Aruba, Liliana moved to the Netherlands to continue her college education in Marketing. Since 1998 she’s been back on her beloved island, where she is working as a...  More About Liliana