Aruba Is Home To Many Cultures And Comfort Cuisines

Authentic Aruban cuisine can be divided into several categories: land or sea, elegant or casual, traditional or modern - the same goes for all the other international eateries on the island. But if the focus is on home-style cooking, local restaurants serve fresh Caribbean catches accompanied by the island’s typical side dishes such as funchi (polenta), fried plantain and pan bati (hearty pancakes). Zeerover in Savaneta is a good example of a fishermen’s shack that serves local finger food on a pier by the sea. Other laid-back alternatives are Cafe 080 in Noord, offering Dutch specialties, cold beers and great value. For a bit more ambiance and menu options, there’s The Old Cunucu House in Palm Beach, where visitors can experience a real island feast in an old Aruban home. If the taste buds are ready for some bold latin flavors, Delimar prepares a couple of unforgettable Peruvian favorites. Never been to Portugal? Start with the most delightful Portuguese palates at the friendly family restaurant Gostoso. Have no regrets and pull up a chair at as many tables as possible during your stay, just make sure they all are comforting and welcoming like the ones listed on this 10 best Aruba home-style restaurants.   



This cozy cafe on the corner is a true hot spot in the already buzzing Noord district of Aruba. The secret of Cafe 080 may have to do with the Dutch owners' idea of combining authentic Dutch specialties like kroket (deep fried beef croquettes),...  Read More



Zeerover means Sea Pirate, but for locals it's synonymous with ice cold beer and seafood at reasonable prices. With fresh off-the-boat fare, a laid-back atmosphere where you order from a window and eat outside, this cozy seafood shack in the...  Read More

Gasparito Restaurant


This cozy little restaurant is in an old Aruban house with the works of local artists decorating the walls. Sit outside for a light snack and enjoy the live music, or stay inside for a full meal. Caribbean specialties rule the day here. Try...  Read More



The Peruvian kitchen is known for its large variety and taste, blending distinct traditions and cultures like Spanish, Incan, African and Asian cuisines. For beginners, the curious, the hungry, or the more seasoned foodies: the only authentic...  Read More



A visit to downtown Oranjestad just isn't complete without a rendezvous with The Old Fisherman, which focuses on local seafood and Aruban dishes, but also includes international options like US Black Angus Tenderloin and Seafood Linguini with...  Read More



In a small, yet smart space in the busy Oranjestad neighborhood, chef and owner Jose Do Nascimento returns to his Portuguese roots and serves up a fresh and flavorful menu. Gostoso, which translates to "palatable" in Portuguese, gives meaning to...  Read More



The doors are always open at Casa Vieja, welcoming and spoiling locals and tourists with the most authentic Colombian cuisine at the lowest prices. This little old house on the outskirts of Oranjestad not only provides friendly service (in...  Read More

Cuba's Cookin'
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This casual Cuban eatery is a favorite among island visitors and locals. Munch on fried plantain chips and salsa as you peruse the menu. The Confusion de Empanadas is a treat; a sampler platter of meat pies are filled with seasoned beef, chicken...  Read More



The colorful building on the corner, right on your way to or from the beaches in Sero Colorado, has been sold. But the soul of Costa Riba Restaurant is still alive and cooking. Legendary couple Kamini and her husband Pete have temporarily moved...  Read More



Cunucu means "countryside" or "small plantation" in Papiamento, and although that's not where this traditional Aruban house is situated nowadays (due to the island's progressive urbanization), the original thick plaster walls and tile floors...  Read More


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