Light, Heavy, Quick, Laid-Back Lunches and Munchies in Aruba

Aruba wants real food in the midst of a busy day - even if they have to skip the traditional siesta (the afternoon nap) in order to digest it all. The siesta probably began in Spain, and then spread to many Latin American countries and the Caribbean. The heat of the midday sun, as well as a midday meal would both contribute to its popularity. Here in Aruba, people used to take their lunch-and-siesta seriously. The sleepy, steamy, three-hour calm between coffee-hopping mornings and after-work happy hours is excellent proof of the symbiotic relationship between food and human biological rhythms. Lunch was (and still is) the biggest and hottest meal of the day for the Aruban people. Take away the plates heaped with glistening white rice, the bowls of goat stew, the Creole soups chunky with pumpkin and sweet potato, the swinging hammocks and Aruba afternoons are suddenly bustling with appointments, conference calls, traffic jams, Sushi To Gos, Chinese Take Outs or Quick and Healthy Bites. Although modern life seems to have overtaken this part of the world as well, favorite lunch spots like The Queen's Traditional Kitchen and Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant still connect the locals to past traditions, excluding the afternoon snooze, unfortunately – unless you’re on vacation.  



Bread Boutique is a charming little lunchroom in Oranjestad, tucked away in the Sun Plaza building across from Ling & Sons Super Center. A worthwhile visit for anyone who appreciates the waft of freshly baked bread and the richness of...  Read More

Boca Prins Bar & Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp


Have a drink, a meal, a snack, a real taste of the island's outdoor life by taking in the arid landscapes and beautiful coastal views at Boca Prins Bar and Restaurant. It's centrally located near the Boca Prins sand dunes and bay, and the...  Read More



This lovely, authentic Aruban house is indeed The Sugar Garden (De Suikertuin) of downtown Oranjestad. Wherever you choose to take a seat, - inside, in the cozy, air-conditioned home-style cafe or outside, under a tropical tree or in the shady...  Read More

L.G.Smith Boulevard


The reason this small and cozy sushi spot tends to get overlooked by both tourists and locals, has probably to do with its location. Hidden away on one of L.G. Smith Boulevard's quiet back street corners, Tatami Sushi Bar keeps on pleasing its...  Read More

Charlie's Bar & Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp


This bar, founded by Dutch couple Charles and Marie Brouns, has been an island legend for more than 70 years. Many people visit just out of curiosity or to study the outrageous decor: banners, pennants, posters, stickers and bric-a-brac cover...  Read More

Daily Fish
Photo courtesy of Liliana Erasmus


As much as some of us need our daily bread, there are quite a few who can't get through the week (or even the day) without a good portion of freshly caught fish, or seafood. Daily Fish, located in the Super Food Plaza, is happy to oblige with a...  Read More



This picturesque restaurant was built in 1914 as the home for the California Lighthouse-keeper and apart from the panoramic views of the island, La Trattoria El Faro Blanco's menu features many Italian favorites with a special emphasis on...  Read More



There was a collective sigh of relief when hospitable owner Varella Inocencia and her mom, chef Luisa (The Queen!) found a new home for The Queen's. Though significantly different in style from the restaurant's original downtown location, the...  Read More



Casa Tua is a family restaurant, known for its deliciously thin and crispy crust (the Nataf family's secret recipe), serving as base for its Margarita, Quattro Staggioni, Siciliana, and other popular pies. With several locations on the island,...  Read More

L.G.Smith Boulevard


This family-owned beach bar and grill is situated on one of the gorgeous beaches along the L.G. Smith Boulevard, called Governor's Bay – the Governor's house is right across the street. Being part of Aruba's buzzing Linear Park, The West Deck...  Read More


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Born and raised in Aruba, Liliana moved to the Netherlands to continue her college education in Marketing. Since 1998 she’s been back on her beloved island, where she is working as a...  More About Liliana