Best Shopping in Aruba

Shopping in Aruba Gets Even Better with a Touch of Local Color

It’s shopping time and you’re in Aruba. What luck! Shoppers staying in the high rise area have a couple of Aruba’s best malls to choose from. World-renowned brands, specialty shops and designer boutiques are surrounded by the finest restaurants, liveliest crowds and entertainment in Palm Beach. For a more historic and local ambiance, head off to Aruba’s capital. Downtown Oranjestad offers a couple of high end malls and uber-exclusive labels as well as locally favorited stores like Maggy’s and Boolchand’s. Value-oriented retailers of all sorts can be found in and around the Caya Betico Croes. Explore further to discover authentic island creations at Trash By Ronchi or Tangerine. For souvenir shopping and bargaining, stroll through the flea markets along the L.G. Smith Boulevard for anything you need or might be needing. But before catching a cab or hopping on the bus, check out these local picks.   


Paper Sisters
Photo courtesy of Julissa Ras

Once there were two sisters with a passion for everything that had to do with writing and office materials. Before they knew it, their creative spark turned into a brand new (ad)venture called Paper Sisters. Nowadays, they're not only brightening up their own work space. The uplifting messages of self-empowerment that they love, reach many homes and offices via note books, calendars, planners, stickers and pencils - not only in English, but especially in native language Papiamento. By collaborating with other creatives like Words in Papiamento, Letras by E and Natyletters, the catchy sisterhood vibe keeps expanding and inspiring new talents and customers from all over the world.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Paper Sisters wants to encourage the art of self-love with unique and exclusive stationery and gifts made by local creatives.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Paper Sisters' Pop-up store collaborations throughout the year.

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Boolchand's Digital World
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

Mr. Doulatram Boolchand Nandwani started this incredible journey called Boolchand's more than eighty years ago. Today, the Boolchand's family is conquering the Caribbean with their primary focus: the happiness of their customers. At Boolchand's Digital World in Havenstraat, the street right behind the Royal Plaza Mall, high quality cameras, electronics, computers and watches are the main draw. The experts at this specialized retailer are ready to assist customers with any information on the latest technology and gadgets like Apple iPods, Bose theater systems or top rated video game consoles. Boolchand's reasonable prices top off their great service and top product lines.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Boolchand's is known for its quality products, great service and good reputation.

Liliana's expert tip: Boolchand's is known for its quality and good reputation.

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Palm Beach
The Atelier
Photo courtesy of Wendy Op De Weegh

When beautiful souls with great ideas work together, the whole world prospers, and in Aruba it's no different. Authentic local art and crafts showcase culture and community in vivid colors and a diversity of shapes, materials and styles. Meet the initiators of The Atelier art gallery and working studio: a group of well-known artists and artisans specialized in Murano glass art (Aruba's Hands by Gaby, Babbels Aruba), photography art (MesArt), world map art (DCB Art), driftwood creations, hand-painted fashion items (Maja Lepsanovic) and pottery (Kimaterra). Located right underneath the escalators at Paseo Herencia Mall, The Atelier brings creativity to the people - as buyable gifts, or as inspiration to create.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: The Atelier supports local artists and artisans offering its customers authentic local gifts.

Liliana's expert tip: Buy local at The Atelier and support the creative community.

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For anyone living on this planet, who's never heard of the German brand Birkenstock... we're talking about sandals here. And not just any sandals, but probably one of the most comfortable footgear on earth. Okay, fine, don't believe it, but do your feet a big favor and visit one of the three Foot Fit stores to see what they have in stock. The Finn Comfort shoes and sandals for ladies and gentlemen are ideal for a more elegant look, while the Clarks collection is all about alleviation in style. Whatever is preferred, - liberated toes or covered ones - at Foot Fit there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Foot Fit offers comfort and relief for the happiest feet in Aruba – and back home.

Liliana's expert tip: For extensive foot care, visit the Foot Fit Backstage Wellness Spa for a restorative Footlogix Pedicure.

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Although its name suggests otherwise, Trash By Ronchi is a one-of-a-kind fashion and lifestyle boutique that specializes in trendy island wear for the young and the young at heart. Local fashion designer Ronchi De Cuba's mission to provide all ethnicities, body shapes, sizes and gender with the latest styles at irresistible prices, is accomplished. With a mixed collection of imported brands and local creations, this young guru of style and image has been dressing up the famed and the infamous in Aruba. Models, misses, moms, ma'ams and misters... everybody can trash the old look and show off a bold, new style.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Trash By Ronchi makes fashion accessible for as many as possible by combining the latest fashion, the lowest prices and the most diverse collection.

Liliana's expert tip: For the newest and previous collections, follow Ronchi De Cuba's boards on Pinterest.

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Super Food Plaza
Photo courtesy of Liliana Erasmus

"Super Food, every day better!" is the promise this dynamic team of retailers are living up to. From grocery store filled with fresh produce and Dutch brands to the ever growing Super Food Plaza shopping complex in Bubali. Customers can do their daily groceries, have a delicious lunch at Jack's Cafe, pick out the finest wines and liquors at Cheers, buy the freshest fish and seafood at Daily Fish, shop for home appliances and decor at Casa, browse for top quality toys at Intertoys, or get an eye exam and new glasses at Aruba Vision Center. This is not a supermarket, it's Super Food Plaza!

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Super Food Plaza has a world of convenience under one roof, not to forget Dutch cheeses, chocolates, pastries and other imported specialties, like salted herring.

Liliana's expert tip: There is a Benu pharmacy on the left front of the building and a Bliss beauty and health store at the main entrance.

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This museum, factory and store in one, is a must-visit for everyone interested in Aruba's history as world's largest exporter of the aloe vera. By taking a fifteen minute tour, visitors will learn about the island's aloe industry past and present, the production process of this natural remedy and the many health benefits that can be achieved by using aloe vera preparations, both orally or topically. Shop for your own personal line of aloe products or purchase some typical island gifts. But don't leave before finding out everything there is to know about Aruba's aloe background. Tour guides are available in English, Dutch, Spanish and native language Papiamento. Dig deeper into the island's soil and feel the heal.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Aruba Aloe Factory, Museum and Store is a popular attraction, an interesting tour and a perfect gift shopping spot in one.

Liliana's expert tip: Take the introductory tour to learn more about Aruba's aloe vera industry and history. It's free!

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Palm Beach
Photo courtesy of Maggy's

Maggy Abrahams started her first beauty salon at the age of 18, this is how Maggy's was born - one of Aruba's first beauty emporiums with two store branches on the island, up till now. As a local favorite, Maggy's not only specializes in the retail of duty free perfumes & cosmetics, but houses full service salons in most of her stores and is an active promoter of many beauty events on the island. Maggy's salons offer a variety of services including hair, nail, reflexology, waxing, bridal, facial, and massage services. Customers can even have their hair product orders ready for pick at Maggy's, upon arrival.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Maggy's stores and salons stand for quality and expertise since 1955.

Liliana's expert tip: Shop at Maggy's online store with free delivery.

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Photo courtesy of Tangerine

Local designer and canvas craftsman Ashlin Ahlip grew up sewing his own pants, just like his grandmother taught him. His love for traditional canvas work encouraged him to get his work out there and launch his own brand of nautical-themed and Aruba-inspired products. Nowadays, he manages Tangerine, a cooperative of two local designers and makers crafting unique quality canvas bags and accessories, a matching tile collection and We The Beach People clothing. Known for their pop-up-event appearances, customers can now find all their handmade in Aruba creations at the Tangerine atelier store in the Royal Plaza Mall.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Tangerine products are handmade in Aruba, unique, of high quality and designed by locals.

Liliana's expert tip: Let Tangerine gift-wrap your purchased items. They do it beautifully.

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Raw Modern Apothecary
Photo courtesy of Holistika Labs

The concept behind Raw Modern Apothecary was born during the pandemic with a creative new line of Raw Soap by Holistika Labs. The instant success was a catalyst for the growing chain of boho chic shops with its newest addition: Raw The Shoppe at Casa Del Mar Beach Resort. It will take customers many rounds of browsing before finding (or discovering) what is needed. The stores are stylishly packed with attractive handmade soaps and bijoux, self-care gift boxes, "eye-catching" bags, curiosa, delicious guilt-free snacks and too many gift-ideas for one occasion. Treat yourself some healing goodies and authentic local buys.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Raw Modern Apothecary's eco-friendly products and mindful approach to shopping helps support a better quality of life.

Liliana's expert tip: Raw Modern Apothecary ships worldwide.

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