Best Christmas Shopping in Aruba

Best Christmas Shopping in Aruba, 2013

The whole idea of celebrating the holidays in Aruba is either to discover the island’s festive nature, or to repeat this joyful season surrounded by the bluest skies, clearest waters and happiest faces. There just isn’t a single way to be merry and bright here. Because of the island’s multicultural community, local traditions have become a potpourri of native, Dutch, South and North American, Asian and other integrated traditions. Visitors will encounter snow-sprayed Christmas trees, sleighs bells, reindeer and Santa Clauses as well as the Latin American Gaita musical groups, Nativity Cribs, illuminated villages, Dutch “oliebollen” (a fried pastry covered with powdered sugar) at Superfood, Chinese fireworks everywhere... The Christmas spirit is all around during your vacation, bringing not only peace and happiness, but everything that is needed to make your holiday in Aruba, the most unforgettable time ever. Get your sunniest Season Greeting cards at De Wit & Van Dorp, decorate your resort room with stylish ornaments and scented candles from Flora and get the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Whether it’s the finest jewelery at renowned jewelers like Gandelman, local hand-crafted accessories, the latest toys or a prestigious bottle of Champagne to welcome the new year, this top ten list of shopping options might come in handy. Happy Holidays!       


L.G.Smith Boulevard

Top1Toys; a large family company with affiliates in The Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba and Curaçao; is one of the smallest and newest toy stores on the island. Old time favorites like LEGO, PLAYMOBIL and BARBIE are always a hit, but for a unique gift, Top1Toys has a couple of special treats like the NIJNTJE collection by Dick Bruna, Holland's most famous character for the little ones. Endless family fun can be accomplished with one or more board games by JUMBO or MB. There's is an extensive arts and crafts department, a section of sports and a silly stuff and games corner. Browse around at Top1Toys... smiles are guaranteed.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Top1Toys is not the largest toy store on the island, but it offers brand names, new toys and old favorites at great prices.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Top1Toys' Facebook page for season specials and events.

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With more than 60 years of expertise and dedication in the field of reading pleasure, De Wit & Van Dorp Stores has built and nourished a growing clientele of locals and tourists, offering a varied collection of multilingual books, magazines, greeting cards and postcards, a wide assortment of quality toys and games, art supplies, office furniture and products. Unique island souvenirs like Aruba's flag, traditional music, Papiamento dictionaries, photo calendars and road maps, are all available at one of the twenty affiliates located all around the island. If they don't have what you're looking for, just ask one of De Wit & Van Dorp's friendly employees, they're always happy to help.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: De Wit & Van Dorp Stores are well-known for their quality merchandise and impeccable service.

Liliana's expert tip: De Wit & Van Dorp Stores are located in most of Aruba's resorts, in main street Oranjestad and San Nicolas, in Dakota and at the airport.

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Super Food Plaza
Photo courtesy of Liliana Erasmus

"Super Food, every day better!" is the promise this dynamic team of retailers are living up to. From grocery store filled with fresh produce and Dutch brands to the ever growing Super Food Plaza shopping complex in Bubali. Customers can do their daily groceries, have a delicious lunch at Jack's Cafe, pick out the finest wines and liquors at Cheers, buy the freshest fish and seafood at Daily Fish, shop for home appliances and decor at Casa, browse for top quality toys at Intertoys, or get an eye exam and new glasses at Aruba Vision Center. This is not a supermarket, it's Super Food Plaza!

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Super Food Plaza has a world of convenience under one roof, not to forget the Dutch cheeses, chocolates, pastries and other imported specialties, like salted herring.

Liliana's expert tip: Pull out a hot snack from The Wall outside, it's a very Dutch thing to do. Just make sure to have a couple of Aruban Florins, it's coins only.

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Boolchand's Digital World
Photo courtesy of Albert Braamskamp

Mr. Doulatram Boolchand Nandwani started this incredible journey called Boolchand's more than eighty years ago. Today, the Boolchand's family is conquering the Caribbean with their primary focus: the happiness of their customers. At Boolchand's Digital World in Havenstraat, the street right behind the Royal Plaza Mall, high quality cameras, electronics, computers and watches are the main draw. The experts at this specialized retailer are ready to assist customers with any information on the latest technology and gadgets like Apple iPods, Bose theater systems or top rated video game consoles. Boolchand's reasonable prices top off their great service and top product lines.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Boolchand's is known for its quality products, great service and good reputation.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Boolchand's Facebook page for special discounts.

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Palm Beach
Photo courtesy of Maggy's

Maggy Abrahams started her first beauty salon at the age of 18, this is how Maggy's was born - one of Aruba's first beauty emporiums with two store branches on the island, up till now. As a local favorite, Maggy's not only specializes in the retail of duty free perfumes & cosmetics, but houses full service salons in most of her stores and is an active promoter of many beauty events on the island. Maggy's salons offer a variety of services including hair, nail, reflexology, waxing, bridal, facial, and massage services. Customers can even have their hair product orders ready for pick at Maggy's, upon arrival.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Maggy's stores and salons stand for quality and expertise since 1955.

Liliana's expert tip: Shop at Maggy's online store with free delivery.

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For anyone living on this planet, who's never heard of the German brand Birkenstock... we're talking about sandals here. And not just any sandals, but probably one of the most comfortable footgear on earth. Okay, fine, don't believe it, but do your feet a big favor and visit one of the three Foot Fit stores to see what they have in stock. The Finn Comfort shoes and sandals for ladies and gentlemen are ideal for a more elegant look, while the Clarks collection is all about alleviation in style. Whatever is preferred, - liberated toes or covered ones - at Foot Fit there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Foot Fit offers comfort and relief for the happiest feet in Aruba, and back home.

Liliana's expert tip: For extensive foot care, visit the Foot Fit Backstage Wellness Spa for a restorative Footlogix Pedicure.

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Celebrating 50 years of elegant European fashion in Aruba and Curaçao, and in the newly renovated Caya Betico Croes (main street), Wulfsen & Wulfsen remains steady as a rock throughout all these years. Still occupying the same corner as always, - right in the heart of downtown Oranjestad - this trendy boutique with Made-To-Measure service and the latest European designs, has never lost its passion to dress up the ladies and button up the gents. From classic to trendy, from chic to casual, from small to plus sizes, from head to toe, from Gant to Dutch Diva, at Wulfsen & Wulfsen there's no reason to be stressed about getting dressed.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Wulfsen & Wulfsen is known for its fine quality of menswear and ladies clothing, plus its friendly, professional staff.

Liliana's expert tip: For specials and discounts, visit Wulfsen & wulfsen's website and Facebook page.

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Especially for those who are far away from home during the holidays, Flora Home and Garden Decorations is more than happy to assist in bringing that special season of joy wherever it's needed. With a spectacular Christmas showcase that presents an impressive collection of tree decorations, lights, candles, gifts and arts, shoppers can get a real taste of the festivities and prepare for any of those wonderful times of the year here in Aruba, or take it all back home. Whether it's Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's or Home-Improvement Day. Get in the mood, get inspired by visiting one of Aruba's favorites: Flora.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Flora Home and Garden Decorations is the perfect place to shop for any ambiance, wherever you are - at home or on a holiday.

Liliana's expert tip: Visit Flora's annual Christmas Show and shop for super special items till December 31st.

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This family business has been infusing Aruba with luxury since 1931. As one of the renowned jewelers, official Rolex retailer and sole representative of the only Cartier Boutique on the island, Gandelman features a diverse showroom of exclusive timepieces, designer jewelry and the finest accessories at attractive, duty free prices. World famous brands such as Patek Philippe, David Yurman and Bulgari are just a few of the brilliant gems that crown Gandelman's distinctive collection. Christmas present, engagement ring, New Year's resolution or another year to celebrate? Let every season be the season of giving by visiting one of the Gandelman stores at the Renaissance Mall, Hyatt Regency or Marriott Resort.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Gandelman offers after-sales professionals and customer service representatives to attend the individual needs of each customer.

Liliana's expert tip: Check out Gandelman's special holiday guides for some gift inspiration.

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Everyone's invited to Foundation ArUBA's second Crafty Hands Holiday Shopping Spree at Fort Zoutman Historical Museum on the 6th and 7th of December, from 5 PM to 10 PM. Step out of the ordinary and experience this authentic holiday shopping event where only the finest Made In Aruba arts and crafts will be displayed. Shop for exclusive driftwood art, fun mosaic creations, impressive fused glass jewelry and upcycled designs. There are plenty qualified artisans with a nationally recognized trade certificate to choose from.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: To provide opportunities for local artists and artisans to improve, showcase and sell their work while creating awareness, appreciation of the Aruban culture among visitors.

Local Expert tip: Look for the “Seyo Nacional pa Artesania Aruba” certificate, awarded to authentic, originally designed art and crafts, 100% handmade in Aruba by local craftsmen.

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