Best Sydney Attractions

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    Sydney Tower Centrepoint

    Sydney Tower's observation deck offers the highest vantage point from a building in the southern hemisphere and measuring in at over 1000 feet, the tower...

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    Sydney Harbour Bridge and Pylon Lookout

    Sydney's most iconic landmark, the Sydney Harbour Bridge (known to locals as "The Coat Hanger") spans 1605 feet and allows for eight lanes of traffic and...

    Photo courtesy of Renate Ruge
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    Museum of Contemporary Art

    The Museum of Contemporary Art is the home to Sydney's artistic community. Drawing in as many locals as tourists every year, the 7000 piece collection...

    Photo courtesy of Renate Ruge
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    Australian Museum

    For those as interested in Sydney's past and present, take a visit to Australia's oldest museum. This unique and diverse institution devotes itself to the...

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    Powerhouse Museum

    Harness your inner geek, child or science enthusiast and let loose in the Sydney Powerhouse's twenty five unique and educational exhibits. Whether it be...


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