10 Best Sydney Cafes: Great Places to Start the Day

Cafes stand for many different things to many different people. Whether you are truly passionate about a well brewed coffee, simply love to find new places to catch up with friends or love to try new and innovative ideas, you won't have a problem finding the perfect spot for you in Sydney. If you dont have the time to try out every new or established cafe in the city, 10 Best has you covered. We take a look through some of the cities newest, best loved and most unique cafes that will be sure to keep you coming back.

Most of Sydney's best cafes are found scattered throughout the the Eastern-Suburbs and Inner-West. These areas have become home to many new and unique cafes which are continually popping up, each as interesting and unique as the last. Enjoy the wonderful meals at Reuben Hills or relax by the ocean at Grind Espresso. The smaller suburbs help create a communal and local vibe while you enjoy your freshly brewed coffee and homemade meals. Cafes such as Four Ate Five with its unassuming cafe front, Campos Coffee's constant stream of coffee and customers and Mecca Espresso's passionately brewed filtered coffee each create a truly one of a kind experience while being as passionate about food, coffee and community as you are.


Coffee Alchemy

If you think you are obsessed with coffee then wait until you meet those at Coffee Alchemy. Tucked away in the quaint streets of Marrickville, Coffee Alchemy is working hard to deliver the very best blends from around the world. The self professed alchemists live and breath their coffee, bringing some of the best flavours and blends to your cup. Freshness, origin, specialty blends and high grade beans, the alchemists deliver the goods to their strong local following, but if you are after something to snack on while you drink your coffee, you are all out of luck, coffee is the only item on the menu. However, if you are feeling bold you can try their specialty coffee which uses a cold-filter drip method and a soda siphon to make it fizzy.

Local Expert tip: Don't expect to be served a meal at Coffee Alchemy, but do come prepared some truly innovative blends and concoctions.

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Surry Hills
Le Monde Cafe

It is always nice to know that your coffee hasn't just been churned out, the staff at Le Monde make sure to bring the best to the table. With so many cafes to choose from in Sydney it can be difficult to find a favourite, but Le Monde offers that certain wow factor that many others don't. Le Monde offers a comfortable open setting with a flurry of hands whipping up perfect coffee one after another. Le Monde aims to bring the best possible quality with carefully selected beans and blends from around the world. If you want to be a little adventurous, Le Monde's baristas are known for their unique concoctions and innovative ideas and you can always experiment with their many origin beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Bolivia, Costa Rica, PNG, and Brazil.

Local Expert tip: If coffee isn't for you, Le Monde also knows their way around a large number of teas.

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Grind Espresso

Located just minutes away from Cronulla, one of Sydneys best loved beach towns, lies Grind Espresso. Tucked away in a beautiful lane-way location, Grind Espresso has been a local favourite for years. You are just as likely to see surf boards propped up by the doors as business suit wearing professionals sipping their morning coffee. Mismatched stools and antique coffee contraptions adorn the interior while the sun and surf make up the outside view. If you are looking for a comfortable cafe to wake up in the morning or a chilled out atmosphere to meet with friends, then Grind Espresso ticks all the right boxes.

Local Expert tip: Grind offers a Bean of the Day option to help you explore some new coffee drinking avenues.

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East Sydney
Kitchen By Mike

Kitchen by Mike finds itself nestled in with design warehouse Koskela. After entering through a discreet side door you will find yourself standing in a giant warehouse with one side dedicated to furniture, and the other buzzing with the sounds and aromas of a busy cafe. Kitchen by Mike operates differently to most restaurants, lunchtimes will have you lining up canteen style and pointing at all the delicious, fresh options while the chef serves them onto a plate for you. Communal seating, the smell of fresh breads and coffee and the hand crafted wooden furniture all housed in a large warehouse create a interesting and unique expirience unlike any other in Sydney.

Local Expert tip: Treat yourself to some homemade cakes and coffee.

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Campos Coffee

This cramped and bustling cafe in Newtown has become one of the cities best loved and busiest coffee shops in the area. Campos coffee knows coffee and continually aims to bring the best to the table. While the baristas arms are whirling away and the background jazz creates a buzz, locals are filing in as fast as they are out. Campos' aim is to bring the best baristas, machines and coffee from around the world and experiment with every variation of bean from every corner of the earth to create the best possible coffee experience. Campos also offers a range of baked cakes and sweets if the coffee just isn't enough.

Local Expert tip: Try the Obama Blend - A delicate blend of African and American beans that create a bold flavour.

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Mecca Espresso Ultimo

In Australia, when we talk about an espresso we mean a quickly brewed shot of coffee straight into our hand, however, at Mecca, they take a different approach. We Sydney-siders know nothing of the traditional American diner filtered coffee, we get our coffee made to order not poured from a jug. Mecca aims to create a new coffee experience in Sydney, one where filtered coffee is king and top-ups are plenty. By brewing their coffee carefully through slow filtration times and carefully selected beans, Mecca creates a new way to fully enjoy our morning cup of joe, where the coffee itself reigns over the rushed takeaway cup.

Local Expert tip: If you are passionate about your coffee, Mecca holds weekly classes and talks to educate you in the ways of the brew.

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Surry Hills
Single Origin

Surry Hills, where Sydney's funkiest people and cafes can be found, is home to one of Sydney's best little cafe. Single Origin is able to combine all the charm and funky nature of the areas locals into this tiny coffee house. Although small, Single Origin brings the goods, offering some of the best brewed coffees in the area and a chilled out local vibe. When you visit Single Origin you can expect two things, delicious blends and passionate baristas. These baristas know coffee and seem to truly care about what you are receiving. While here you might visit the scrumptious selection of muffins and cakes which go down a treat with the house special blend, a mix of Ethiopian, Indian and Mexican beans.

Local Expert tip: Although small, Single Origin still makes for a comfortable little space to enjoy your morning coffee.

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Surry Hills
Reuben Hills

A Doggs Breakfast, a Salt Caramel Milkshake and a Brothel Sandwich, where else could you find delicious coffee alongside such a colourful menu. Reuben Hills is still a relatively new cafe on the scene but has already created a roaring local buzz in the Sydney cafe scene. Reuben Hills offers a chilled, open planned space that is made all the better by the wafting smell of fresh coffee. Although Surry Hills really doesn't need another cafe, Reuben Hills is able to stand out from the rest. How can you lose when you are offering great coffee, friendly wait staff and one of the more bizarre menu's in the area.

Local Expert tip: You can't go past an ice-cream sandwich for breakfast, appropriately named the Doggs Breakfast.

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Wedge Espresso

Large windows opening onto the street, high benches and stools, potted herbs, cushions on milk crates and of course some of the best coffee in the area, The Wedge Espresso has sprouted out of nowhere and has quickly become a contender for the best cafe in the famous Glebe cafe strip. Owner Toby Wilson has designed Wedge from the ground up, the coffee, the menu and the cafe itself showing that that he is one passionate cafe owner. If coffee is not your style, stay for the delicious menu made up of Pulled pork sandwichs with locally baked bread and the toasted roast beef sandwich with homemade chutneys and cheese.

Local Expert tip: Come for the coffee, stay for the lunch.

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Surry Hills
Four Ate Five

With so many great cafes lining the streets of happening Surry Hills, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Four Ate Five has a fairly unassuming shop front but has managed to become one of the areas favourite coffee and lunchtime destinations. Not only does Four Ate Five do exceptional coffee with single origin beans, but they also offer fresh juices, delicious meals and some more herbal and small estate options. With its open plan cafe, Four Ate Five immediately creates a comfortable and local vibe. While you enjoy your coffee, sit down and enjoy some of the best and messiest sandwich creations you will ever find, like the delicious roast beef sandwich with Polish pickled cucumbers, thick chunks of tomato, Dijon mustard, cos lettuce with onion relish which melts in your mouth and your hands.

Local Expert tip: Dont leave until you have experienced the pulled pork sandwich with homemade apple chutney and sweet onion.

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